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The castles of England: pictures, names, history

Zamki Anglii: foto i nazvaniya

England is a very mysterious country. This state has a long history, and it is known all over the world, traditional tea ceremony, detectives, ghosts inhabiting castles and architectural masterpieces.

English castles have a special place in the life of the Kingdom. From the time of the Vikings they are witnesses of the heroic events alive with secrets and remember many famous historical figures.


Rochester castle

This building was one of the first castles in England built of stone. Its height reaches 40 meters, and it is included in the list of the tallest buildings in the country.

Located on the castle on the East Bank of the river Medway in Rochester, which is located in the County of Kent.

Today the building still retains two Norman towers in their original form. The most interesting part-building is its chapel, where visitors can see the original model of the castle of the 14th century.

The journey from London to Rochester by car on the road the A2 takes only one hour. By train from Victoria station takes about 45 minutes on any train stopping in the capital of the County. The castle is open for visits daily.

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Dover castle

Dover castle is one of the largest English medieval buildings. It is located on the shore of the Strait of Pas-de-Calais, connecting England and France, in County of Kent.

This castle historic times finds the "key country" due to its strategic location.

Dover was built about 2 thousand years ago, and its walls saw many military conflicts during the middle ages. And during the Second world war, the castle became the command center of England.

Interesting castle to visit because of the stronghold has been preserved almost in their original form and are an example of the art of building fortifications.

Today Dover castle turned into a Museum, offering guided tours throughout the building, and preserved the underground tunnels.

To get to Dover from Central London from Victoria coach station. The journey time is 2 hours and 45 minutes.

The train from the capital of great Britain departs from London Victoria and Charing Cross. In hour 4 train departs. Journey time - 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Warwick castle (Warwick Castle), England

Warwick castle

Warwick castle was built in 1068 on the banks of the river Avon. It was built by the English king William the Conqueror. Castle with 1088 years owned by the family of Greville, which afterwards received the title of counts.

The castle is situated in the North-Western part of London at a distance of 150 km in the ceremonial County of Yorkshir.

This feudal fortress was built to protect the territory from enemy invasion and has always been a symbol of power. Fortress many times changed its owners, rebuilt and changed the layout.

Today the castle every day for visitors events:

  • the show of eagles and vultures;
  • competition archers;
  • jousting.

From Central London to the County can be reached by bus in just 2 hours. In addition, from London to the County can be reached by suburban train from the airport of Birmingham to get to the castle just 40 minutes.

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The Palace of Westminster

The Palace of Westminster is the building of the British Parliament, located on the banks of the Thames. The Palace was built for king Edward in 1042 and remained a Royal residence for several centuries. From the mid-13th century the Palace was turned into the British Parliament.

In 1834 during a fire the building of the Palace was destroyed. Survived only Westminster hall, representing the great hall and the oldest part of the Palace. The Castle was rebuilt in 1888. During the Second world war, it was partially destroyed by bombing.

The castle has an unusual layout that was created around Westminster Hall. In the Palace of 1,100 rooms, connected betweenmany staircases and passages. The entire castle is riddled with corridor length of 3 km.

Inside the castle there are 11 courtyards. The sides of the building is decorated with two towers, Victoria and St. Stephen. On the last set of the world famous clock big Ben.

Palace more the time of year is closed for tourists. Doors for tours open during recess from 7 August to 16 September.

The Palace is located near the underground stations Westminster and Victoria. In addition, the Parliament can be reached by bus, which goes to Parliament or Trafalgar square.

Windsor castle

Windsor castle is the residence of Queen Elizabeth II. This castle is a symbol of royalty and power. Royal residence is located in the eponymous town in the County of Berkshire in the West side of London.

The Windsor castle is in this place for several millennia. From the name of this town and of the Palace was formed by the House Vendorov, which is the present ruling dynasty of great Britain.

To get into the castle when the Queen is not at home. Therefore, choose the day to visit is quite difficult, and before the visit it is better to call to the castle to check opening times.

From London to Windsor can be reached from Paddington station, changing at Slough station.

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Fotheringay Castle

Fotheringay castle was built in Normandy on the banks of the Nan river. It was built by the Earl of Northampton around 1100. This historic castle was executed by Queen Mary Stuart for treason. The last night of her life she spent in prayer in the chapel of the castle.

Despite its historical significance, the castle fell into disrepair in the second half of the reign of Queen Elizabeth. And in 1627, who ascended the throne the grandson of Mary Scottish completely destroyed the castle.

At the moment, the Kingdom is planning restoration work. On the site of Fotheringay castle there is nothing but remnants of the Foundation.

To reach the castle from London by car via the highways A1 and A1M. The journey time is 2 hours.

Pontefract Castle

Pontefract castle is located in the County of Yorkshire. It is hard to believe that this structure was one of the most powerful stone of the ancient buildings of England. It was mentioned by Shakespeare in his works.

Pontefract was considered the darkest place, since its dungeons were closed, thousands of soldiers who were killed. There was a prison where prisoners were kept for months in their cells.

In the 20th century, the city Council made the decision on preservation of the ruins of the castle, and Pontefract is now a city landmark, visited by up to 50 thousand tourists per year. Visitors have the opportunity to walk not only through the ruins of buildings, but also to descend into the dark dungeons.

From London to Pontefract is accessible via highway M1 for 3 hours and 30 minutes or by suburban train departing from King's Cross station. Journey time is from 3 to 4 hours.

Durham castle

Durham castle is located in the capital of the County is in the North of England. The castle is well preserved to the present day. In the 17th century it was rebuilt in the Gothic style, preserving the ancient architecture and interiors.

The citadel is one of the historical and architectural complex. The oldest of its construction, the Cathedral and castle dominating over the city due to its location. The fortress was built on a rocky hill the Bank of the river wear.

Today the castle is a hostel of the University. Self-guided tour of the castle is prohibited. Visit possible only within the framework of organized excursions.

During the holidays the castle operates as a hotel and is open for conferences with guests of the event.

From London to Durham can be reached by car. The journey time is up to 5 hours. The commuter train also takes you to Durham from King's Cross railway station for 2.5-3 hours.

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Bodiam Castle

Bodiam castle is located in the County of Sussex and is a residential building. He is considered one of the youngest castles of England. It was built in 1385 on the banks of the picturesque river Rother.

This beautiful castle is decorated with a small artificial lake, which in the middle ages served as a protective moat. Today it is the decoration of the castle. The surface of the lake decorated with water lilies, and it seems that the castle floats on water.

In 1925, the last owner of the castle Lord Curzon gave it to the organization dedicated to preserving architectural monuments in the UK.

To Bodiam from London via the A21 highway can be reached in 2 hours.

Castles of England – it's not just masterpieces of architecture. These locks originated English tradition, lived lords and members of the Royal family and the great monarchs.

In these sanctuaries important decisions were taken,affecting not only the destiny of the country. It was the scene of uprising and built the conspiracy.

Do not miss the opportunity to visit each of these castlesto explore prehistory.