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What can you buy from Hungary (Budapest) of the Souvenirs in the gift?

CHto privezti iz Vengrii?

Going on a trip, we look forward to the delight of the kaleidoscope of experiences awaiting us. And with it the joy brought as a gift to yourself and loved ones different amazing things.

Because they usually reflect the uniqueness of the visited places and the unique cultural features of people living there.

It is not surprising that on the way back the Luggage significantly increases in volume.

The Hungarian miracle Hungaricum

A small European country on the banks of the Danube, Hungary after all of the invasions of invaders kept the identity of Finno-Ugric culture and said of himself:

  • composer F. Liszt, I. Kalman;
  • recognized star soccer F. Pushkaram;
  • bath thermosource — Gellert;
  • the first ballpoint pen;
  • underground tram;
  • wines from Tokaj valley;
  • a puzzle for intellectuals — the Rubik's Cube.

The capital of Hungary — in the past a fortress, now a resort, because of the nature and beauty of its architecture has received unofficial recognition as "the little Paris".

It is a Museum city and a great place for shopping: shopping mega-Mall with an area of 50 hectares, crowded markets, specialty stores and shops, boutiques brand brands.

The working day of local shopping starts on-different — food from 7 in the morning, shops of clothes, 10 but they all close at 18.00 (weekends 13.00). And only trading network "Tesco" is open around the clock.

Vengerskoe chudo — Hungarikum

Souvenirs from Hungary - what to bring?

What can you buy in Hungary? Of course, have to follow the money you have available, and preference in the range, otherwise, do not shake the desire to buy everything.

Alcoholic beverages

In the country of the vine and popular wines that have won recognition in the world, it is wise to go to a specialized Department of a large storeto select something from the suggested items:

  • Tokaj wine — "Furmint, Yellow Muscat", "Zeta", "Native", "ACS" (wine of kings);
  • sparkling wine — "Torley." and "Khungari";
  • blended wine "Bull's blood";
  • apricot (cherry) liqueur — "Palinka";
  • Frech — a refreshing drink of soda and wine, in the proportion 1/2.

You can take 1 litre of wine and 1 liter spirits.

Cosmetics and perfume

Hungary since the 17th century has been declared Europe's capital of perfume, and now in her perfume stores you can find samples licensed brands. But the most popular among tourists bought:

  • local cosmetics based on medicinal mud, mineral salts and natural oils brand Helia-D and S pandhys rathany calming and hydrating;
  • cosmetic products for children companies "Camilla" and "Gabi";
  • shampoos, conditioners, masks firms Kallos;
  • cosmetics for makeup cosmetics firms Kiray;
  • European perfume of excellent quality at affordable prices.

What to buy and to bring from Budapest? Feature of cosmetic industry of Hungary is lavender soap.

Kosmetika i parfumeriya


"Made in Hungary" — labeling-support of the many drugs known to our countrymen. Reliable and efficient, certain dosage forms do not descend from the shelves of pharmacies decades.

The difficulty in their acquisition can only be that in Hungary prescriptions are required even on those medicines that are sold in the public domain.

Extremely popular in the country and abroad, created 200 years ago, herbal balm of the 40 herbs from different continents. Distinctive sign — red cross on a pot-bellied bottle, and the name of the liqueur Unicum.

In hévíz you can buy pumpkin seed oil, which we do not, with exceptionally curative properties for a large list of diseases.

Therapeutic mud of hévíz (thermal lake hévíz) sell in packages of different volumes: in the pasty and dry; it can make a mud on the recommendations of the doctor.

Mud therapy in Hungary — is a common servicespecialized health resorts, mud baths and hotels.

Foods and spices

Hungary is a country of gourmetshere love and know how to eat. And the unforgettable taste of national dishes creates a bouquet of spices and local brand — paprika (red pepper).

From what you carry in the suitcase of a tourist:

  • bags different, including gift, packaging, spices and paprika;
  • the famous "Salami" with ginger and pepper factory RSK;
  • the mangalica sausage (a local breed of pigs);
  • cheese Tihany;
  • Hungarian Foie Gras;
  • honey (acacia, mint or cinnamon);
  • marzipan (candies and figurines).

Produkty i specii

Clothes and shoes

Once in Hungary (Budapest) has been a leading provider of Country Councils on consumer goods — clothes and shoes.

But specialization in the EU has changed the landmarks in the economy, and quality clothes and shoes can only be found in the boutiques of well-known European brands "Gucci", "Louis Vuitton", "Gucci".

What to bring from Budapest to wear? Really worthwhile purchase will be:

  • athletic clothing and Shoe company Tisza Cipő;
  • men's shirts of cotton;
  • baby knitted clothes;
  • underwear, socks;
  • bathrobes made of cotton;
  • clothing hand made from tapestry fabrics.


The country is widely represented crafts, who have not lost their relevance among modern goods:

  • hand-embroidered table and bed linen, clothes, baby stuff. Panels, valances, towels. Floral ornament of the 27 color combinations has a long tradition. Center embroidery skills — the city Kalach;
  • the porcelain production in Herend decorated elite products serving the European Royal houses; sets and single copies of Hungarian porcelain is a luxury gift to a significant event;
  • crystal from Harenda;
  • leather key holders, purses, wallets, gloves, handbags, embossed and inlaid, embroidery and decorative accessories;
  • scarves and shawls of pashmina (cashmere goats fluff) with a complex color print is a work of weaving art;
  • the interest of tourists garden and black ceramic "Zsolnay" and "Nadudvar";
  • jewelry made of glass mosaic Kokrtt and grenades in silver.

Vsyakaya vsyachina


Lovers of Antiques only in Budapest can satisfy your thirst for the search, a stroll down Falk Miksa marketwhere there are an abundance of unique rarities and material witnesses of antiquity:

  • etchings and engravings on wood: no decoration, Passepartout, in a stylish frame;
  • decorative elements of the interior of the Austro-Hungarian Empire;
  • porcelain, silver;
  • vintage cookery books (even in Russian!);
  • carved wooden box;
  • dolls;
  • lace umbrellas and whatnot from the vine;
  • albums with samples of Magyar art;
  • old coins and banknotes from the early 20th century.


Nationwide spread chain of stores Folda Collection, where an anxious tourist offer to take in a wide range of very different souvenir products:

  • the decoration of the kitchen (curtains, napkins, pot holders, coasters);
  • mugs mineral water with a secret;
  • keychains and thematic booklets;
  • woodcarving;
  • dolls in national costumes;
  • Rubik's cube (all versions);
  • decorative pieces filled with dried lavender;
  • leather haberdashery;
  • t-shirts with the autograph of F. Puskas and national symbols;
  • mini model cars "Trabant";
  • magnets depicting recognizable memorable places in Hungary.

What to bring as a gift?


If the surprise is a man, then it is worth considering his age and Hobbies.

And a young man and a middle-aged man will appreciate a gift bottle of fruity vodka "Palinka" or a brandy from the cherries.

And if he is a principled teetotaler, then surely he'll be interested in sneakers firm Tisza Cipő, or collectible mini-car models.

The older the age the stronger sex are more suitable balm "Unique", high-quality shirt made of pure cotton, leather gloves or wallets.

Any of them will impress sausage company Pick, effectively packaged in the colors of the national flag.

CHto privezti v podarok?

The woman

With a choice of gift for women (girls) are easier: they fit all characterized by beauty of design and originality of the form:

  • embroidered embroidered blouse;
  • shawls from goat down;
  • jewelry;
  • porcelain or crystal products;
  • bags made of thick leather with the nationalcolor;
  • sweets from marzipan.


The child can bring a lovely marzipan figuresthat are fun to play, and when the game get bored — they can eat.

National dollwill delight girls and boys will love to ride the mini car models.

The older child will benefit educational toy — the Rubik's cube in any model, or a soccer ball with the initials of Puskas. By the way, this gift will be appropriate for an adult.

What would you bring back from Hungary , it will always be good memories of a beautiful Sunny country with folk traditions, preserving centuries-old cultural identity.

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