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Sights of Hungary: a photo and description of what to see in Budapest?

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For the Russian people, Hungary is associated first of all with the things of everyday, prosaic: buses "Ikarus" goulash, Rubik's cube, canned green peas, and nothing more. Meanwhile, Hungary is a beautiful countrylocated in the heart of Europe on the river Danube.

Beautiful nature, exquisite architecture, ancient castles, thermal springs, lake Balaton, nicknamed the Hungarian sea - that's what attracts today a large number of tourists from all corners of the globe. Attractions in Hungary are many. To tell about all in detail would require more than one day, so focus on the most popular.

The most popular places of the country

  1. The castle of visegrád (Visegrad fortress). This castle, located in the valley near the Hungarian town of Visegrad (high town), famous as the prison of Vlad Tepes, better known as count Dracula.

    In the tower Chalamont he spent 12 long years of life, paying for their brutal acts. The fortress itself has repeatedly attacked the Turkish invaders and was destroyed almost to the ground.

    Restoration work began only in the mid-19th century and continues to this day. Many rooms (in the castle over 300) restored to original appearance. Visiting the castle tourists can enjoy the incredible beauty of the interior of the Palace and the majestic atmosphere that prevailed in it during the reign of kings.

  2. The Danube. Local residents believe the Danube is the main attraction of their country. The river flows through Hungary from North to South, and divides the capital Budapest into two parts (old Buda and commercial pest), which have become a single entity only in the late 19th century.
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  4. Bath Section. The largest swimming complex not only in Hungary but throughout Europe. Located in the city of bath in Budapest is supplied with thermal water from the well of St. Stephen. The complex consists of three external and fifteen indoor pools. In bath there are different types of therapy, including balneology (mineral water treatment).
  5. Tokai. Visit this Hungarian town, who visited twice the capital of the country, is to taste the famous wine of the same name.
  6. Tokaj "drink of kings" is produced from special varieties of grapes grown on the hills located between the two rivers Tisza and Bodrogom. Noble white wine with a delicate taste is considered the national pride of the Hungarians, and even mentioned in the national anthem.

  7. Aggteleki Park. Located to the North of the capital of Hungary is Budapest and is unofficially considered one of the wonders of the world. On its territory there are more than 700 stalactite caves Dating back millions of years. The largest cave in the Park Baradla has a length of 17 kilometers.

What to see in the winter?

Many travelling like the winter Hungary. Winter in these parts is not harsh, comfortable, and Christmas Budapest, shimmering lights is really fantastic.

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Along with the usual winter activities - ice skating, traditional Christmas tree on the square, Alpine skiing, gorgeous new year's fireworks over the Danube river, tourists have the opportunity to visit the thermal baths of széchenyi in the heart of the city Park of Budapest. Tell me, where else can you swim in the warm healing waters in the middle of winter?

National cuisine

The main national dish of Hungary is the goulash or as they call it themselves Hungarians "the Royal peasant soup". In Gyula is a restaurant Academy of goulash, where you can taste this extraordinary delicious, made as many as 30 different recipes. Truly, this place is a real Paradise for gourmets!

No less famous culinary delights is "Hungarian strudel" - sweet layer cake with all sorts of toppings :apples, nuts, cherries, poppy seeds, pear.

For the soul you can treat yourself Tokay wine - fragrant Golden beverage with a unique spicy flavor.

The main cities of the state

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Tourists should definitely visit:

  • National gallery. The collection of this famous gallery has more than 100 thousand works of art and occupy three wings of the RoyalPalace;
  • the gellért thermal bath and the cross-section. Budapest - the Spa town famous in the first place unique thermal springs. Baths represent a real creation of architecture and is considered one of the most beautiful buildings in the city;
  • the Vajdahunyad castle. Located in the heart of Budapest, in Városliget Park. Its the appearance of the castle is obliged to celebration of the Millennium of the country in 1896. On its territory there are museums, exhibitions, national celebrations;
  • the Cathedral of St. Matthias. A magnificent building made in the Gothic style. It was in this Cathedral was the coronation of the last Hungarian monarchs. The main asset of the Cathedral are the wall frescoes and stained glass;
  • chain bridge cross-section. The bridge connects the two banks of the Danube river and respectively the two parts of Budapest. opened in the mid nineteenth century;
  • statue fairies Tunde. Is a symbol of happiness for the Hungarians. A sculpture in the Royal Palace.

City tour of Budapest - in the following video:


Located just a few kilometers from the Hungarian capital Budapest. Here worth a look:

  • the Palace Grassalkovich. One of the largest Palace complexes in Europe, the second largest after Versailles. Built in the Baroque style;
  • For the luxury and pomp is comparable only to the palaces of France, famous for its magnificent decoration.

  • the town Museum. The Museum expositions tell about the history of gödöllő and the life of his benefactor Antal of Grassalkovich.

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Is an hour drive from Budapest. The sights of the city:

  • The castle of Eger. Famous for the fact that resisted the siege of the Turks in the 16th century. Numerous towers of this historic building located in the centre of the city;
  • Eger Basilica. This beautiful Cathedral is known for interior decorations and beautiful statues of the Holy apostles to the work of the Italian sculptor Marco Casagrande;
  • Park of Archbishop esterházy. was created on the territory of hunting grounds. Since the reign of Archbishop in the Park is preserved in its original form wrought iron gates and part of the walls enclosing it;
  • valley of beauty. Popular with tourists due to a large number of wine cellars, preserved since ancient times, wine tasting. Locals say that in this Paradise lived the most beautiful women in Hungary.

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  • bath, Miskolctapolca. Located in the ecologically clean area of Hungary - the resort area of Miskolc, and is located in caves, washed the thermal waters in the rocks. To the pool belongs and the open lake with a tributary of warm mineral springs;
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  • river Sinva. Despite the small length is known for a huge number of bridges that connect its shores and waterfall, the highest in Hungary;
  • Calvinist Church. Its construction began in the 13th century. The Church has repeatedly undergone many reconstructions and improvements.
  • Now this is a great example of Gothic architecture, made of wood. A special treasure of the Church is an organ constructed by the famous master Joseph Angstrom.

This is only a small part of all the amazing charms of the tiny country of Hungary. Be sure that after visiting it once, you will want to go back again and again.