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Philippines on the world map is the best place for self-guided tours: sights, weather by months.

Filippiny na karte mira

If you want to relax and spend your time, then you should pay attention to such a beautiful country like the Philippines. Those people who have been there, without hesitation I will say that it's Paradise on the planet.

Find Philippines on the world map you can in the Western Pacific ocean. This country located near the equator and consists of about 7,100 Islands, located inthe vicinity of the island of Indochina.

There are all conditions for recreation. The excellent climate, beautiful coastline, many Islands, clean sand and blue waves can give a lot of pleasure and relaxation.

Among Asian countries the Philippines have the longest coastline. Their total area is 300 thousand square meters. The state is washed by the sea.

The highest point was the volcano of APO Volcano. Islands in the Philippines have their own unique name, but their population is less than half of the total number of existing Islands.

dostoprimechatelnosti Filippin

When visiting the Philippines, you can not only relax, but also get acquainted with the interesting sights, namely:

  1. The Mayon Volcano. This volcano is considered one of the most popular in the world. It has a conical shape, and from its summit constantly emanate smoke. The volcano is active and erupts periodically. According to scientists for the last 400 l. the volcano woke up and erupted magma is about 50 p. the Mayon volcano and the adjacent area is a national nature reserve. To get to it tourists can only by air or water.
  2. Boracay. Visiting the Philippines, which attractions are amazing, you can take a dip and chill out in the island life. Boracay beach is white beach, consisting of fine white sand. Here you will find many bars, restaurants, disco-clubs and souvenir shops.
  3. Villa Escudero. The mansion, in which you can get acquainted with the life of past centuries the people of the Philippines.
  4. National Museum of the Philippines. Here tourists can see paintings, sculptures by famous artists and architects. To get acquainted with the archaeological artifacts of the stone age.
  5. Underground river Puerto Princesa. One of the most popular attractions in the country. The river has an unusual location and takes place in the cave.
  6. Church Of Miagao. If you chose a standalone vacation in the Philippines, be sure to visit this oldest temple. It was built in the late XVIII century and well preserved until today. The temple is notable for its unusual architecture, rooms, guard towers, and strong walls, extending into the ground more than six feet.

Features of the Philippine Islands

The Philippine Islands, which stretch from Taiwan to Borneo, have many different beaches and scenic places (Palawan, Luzon, etc.).

Lovers of mountain tourism can discover all the splendor of the spur of Diwata, located on the island of Mindanao. In this country located islets. Their number is about 5000.

If you ponder the question, should I go to the Philippines and where better to relax, then the answer is obvious. The picturesque nature and the waters of the Pacific will give you many unforgettable impressions. A large number of hotels to allow fully enjoy the rest and beauty of this fabulous country.

Prior to planning your trip to Philippines, weather by months will give the opportunity to choose a good period to stay. On the basis of geographical characteristics of this country has warm and humid climate, with a rainy season. The average temperature is 27°.

Usually the weather in the Philippines is predictable: the whole year hot and humid.

Even during the rainy season come the Sunny and hot days. At this time the street is beautiful weather, so you can enjoy walking around the city, sunbathing on the beach and climb mountains.

The difference of temperature in winter and summer months is about 3°. That is why this country has become a popular world resort, which is all year round tourists come.