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Where better to relax in Spain in August: weather and water temperature in Barcelona and Madrid

Gde luchshe otdohnut v Ispanii v avguste?

While in Sunny Spain, August is one of the hot months, wishing to relax there is always a lot, because it is peak season, but prices are lower compared to July.

You just have to know where to relax in Spain in Augustwhich resort to choose.

For example, a great vacation awaits tourists in Catalonia, especially in the Costa Dorada or Costa Brava. The only caveat for families with kids it is not the right month, as the beaches are too hot and crowded.

Better to either go with them in September, or to stop the choice on the Islands, such as Tenerife, where the temperature rarely exceeds 27 degrees.

Resorts Spain

Holidays in mainland Spain and the Islands is markedly different, and it is difficult to determine which is better. Spain is a country very diverse, and it is best to visit a few resorts to meet her inside, love with all my heart.

Kakaya pogoda i temperatura vody v Barselone i Madride v avguste?

A great vacation awaits tourists on the Islands:

  • Ibiza – a kind of Spanish Hollywood the world-famous vacation spot for young people, life here goes on around the clock, there is noise and fun, and the main attractions – Nightclubs, discos and restaurants where holidaymakers spend all their free time. August just is considered the season of discos, so there are lots of people who wish to unwind. The island is suitable for who prefer to spend a quiet vacation or guests with small children. Travelers should definitely visit the famous hippy market, and historical sites.
  • Mallorca is the largest island in the Balearic archipelago, a kind of continent in miniature. It's a great place for an exciting holiday with children, because there's even built a "Disneyland". The island's capital – Palma de Mallorca – surprisingly combines a unique old and modern trendy shops, island tranquility and the Spanish expression, amazes tourists. In addition, the island has its own attractions: the giant cave, the sea life Park, a natural Park.
  • Canary Islands – Tenerife, La Palma, Gran Canaria in the Atlantic ocean – the perfect place for people, bad transfers heat, here is a great holiday not only in summer, in August, but at any time of the year. The island are gorgeous.

Holidays in mainland Spain allows you to enjoy all features of Spain, its peculiar atmosphere and see many sights, even the weather in Madrid in August will not stop wanting to see its beauty.

  • Costa del Sol is probably the best place for beach lovers who come to swim, sunbathe on sandy beaches, because here they are almost 300 kilometers. Differs from other resorts in Spain, because a large influence on the development of this part of Spain has provided the Arabs, so that in the Costa del Sol was an interesting mix of cultures of civilized Europe and the exotic East. Hotels are mainly 4 and 5 star.
  • The Costa Dorada. It is ideal for young people and for all families with children, with the most suitable area of La Pineda, rich hotels and entertainment facilities, among which are 2 popular Park, disco. Aventura Park - it is situated in Salou in Costa Dorada. Is one of the largest and most popular parks Europeana life here right rages, so for companies active young people is one of the most favorite places. The weather in Costa Blanca in August is great, so many vacationers choose this resort.
  • Costa Brava – great for couples and families with kids and for those who do not want to spend time on the beaches and want to take this opportunity to enjoy the excursion program, because before , Barcelona is only an hour away. Costa Brava is also known for its magnificent coastal scenery, there are spacious beaches alternate with impressive rocky massifs, entirely covered with evergreen trees. Given that the resort is on the North of the country, there is no sweltering heat like in other places.
  • Costa Blanca is one of the most scenic resorts, there are plenty of cozy coves, lots of greenery, beautiful beaches stretching for almost 200 km.

Watch a video about the weather in Costa Blanca in August:

Why it is profitable to vacation in August?

Prices in August are already much lower than in other summer months, both for accommodation and entertainment, but it is still not September, when children and students are sent for training, it is therefore holidaymakers in Spain, especially in August.


In August in this country the peak of the heat, about 30-35 degrees (night 26), but the sea is always warm, because the temperature of the waterin Spain in August – 24-26 degrees. This is not a good month for long trips.

Northern Spain weather in August is variable, the sky is often overcast, it could be even showers, retreat from the heat. To the South is hotter, but on the shores of the Mediterranean sea heat are easier to bear because of the proximity of water, and the rains are here, vacationers will not get any this month.

A little cooler on the Islands – Tenerife, Mallorca, the weather is more constant and predictable, without sudden changes and unexpected showers and storms.

Tours in Spain

As the history of Spain is rich with events, most of which is embodied in the architecture, there's something to see, so you will not be bored.

You should definitely go on trips to local attractions, because each of them is a real masterpiece. The country is rich in monuments of history and art, and in addition, here tourists can see many interesting circuses, bullfighting or flamenco dance is fiery and passionate.

Hurry up to visit the corrida, as the authorities are going to ban it (in Catalonia it is already banned in Mallorca – on the verge).

Resting in the mainland, be sure to see the sights of Barcelona, Seville, Madrid, Granada and so on.

Tour operators offer special packages in which the guided tour, a bit tiring in August because of the heat, combined with the rest of the sea, so tourists will not get tired of exploring local beauties, you'll be able to enjoy the beaches of Spain.

Barcelona is one of the most beautiful cities of Spain, here are the unique architecture of many centuries, for example:

  • the Gothic quarter;
  • cathedrals;
  • for art lovers the Museum will be interesting Pablo Picasso;
  • you can also visit the bullfight in Plaza de Toros.

If the weather in Barcelona in August is favorable, in the Central square of the city to feed the pigeons. In the evening be sure to see the singing fountains, for which tourists come here all over the world.

Worth a visit is the Montserrat monastery, built on top of a mountain in the XI century, the Salvador Dali Museum in Figueres, the Medes Islands – a real marine reserve 6 scenic rocky Islands. This place especially lovers of diving, besides, here is one of the best water parks in Spain.

In southern Spain you should definitely go to Seville – birthplace of flamenco, Cordoba with its main attraction – the mosque Mesquita.

 Kakaya pogoda i temperatura voly v avguste v Ispanii?


Even high temperature in Spain in August can not stop to visit museums, of which there are many.

One of the most famous is the Prado in Madrid. Here is a huge collection of paintings of famous Spanish painters: El Greco, Goya, Velazquez, Titian, etc., as well as sculptures and various creations of applied art.

There, in Madrid, is the striking luxury of the Palace of the Escorial, former residence of king Philip II. Also presented here:

  • the collection of works of art;
  • Greek sculpture;
  • ancient books;
  • manuscripts, including the gospel in Golden pages.

Entertainment in August

Given that last month of summer – the height of the season and the weather in August in Spain pleases, at this time there is lot of festivals and different holiday celebrations.

In Bilbao for 9 days is a Great week with dozens of circus, music and theater performances, and themes are different every year.

In Bunyola in the last week of August residents say goodbye to summer and spend the world-famous tomato fight, which involved all present. Thousands of tourists come to admire, how in a moment of carefree adults turn into children and throw each other ripe tomatoes.

You should definitely visit local restaurantsto sample Spanish cuisine. Tourists impress with delicious wine, great seafood, rice, vegetables.

In General, in Spain in August just fine, everyone will find here something to his liking, will relax and will love this colorful country.