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Where to rest in Thailand with children?

Gde luchshe otdyhat v Tajlande s detmi?

A long time dream to go on a journey together with your children? If you decide to visit this country, then you are probably interested in the question: where to rest in Thailand with children? To deal with this you will find the recommendations given in the article.

Thailand – a fascinating, exotic country with a warm tropical climate, friendly and welcoming locals, unique natural and historical monuments, Sunny beaches and gentle sea.

Many tend to rest in Thailand with children. For this country all conditions are created. Also there is a very well-developed infrastructure, accessible and quality medical care (in cities), pretty reasonable prices.

Travelling with children, adults, as a rule, the priorities of the visit of the monuments of history and culture change on entertainment and fun activities. Most resorts in Thailand are adapted to tourists from Europe, since they bring the largest portion of annual profits in the tourism sector.

  • Hotels often offer children free of charge or on preferential terms.
  • Family hotels are equipped with children's animation and have a whole range of services targeting tourists at a younger age.
  • In many hotels the menu is made taking into account the European preferences of the customers to the food, so baby food almost no problems.
  • Children's pools, beaches, water parks, often hotels offer entertainment and these young tourists.

With all the amenities, infrastructure, availability of attractions the availability of medical services, pharmacies and stores, you can make a conventional ranking of the most ideal places where to rest in Thailand with children it is best!


This metropolis is the capital of Thailand and the largest and most populated it city. We can say that this is the most popular destination among tourists, including and travelling with children.

gde otdyhat v Tajlande s detmi

What to do in Bangkok?

Children will remember visiting the Children's Museum of Travel, Krungsri Imax theatre and Ocean in the World, located in one of the largest shopping centers of Bangkok, under the name of "Siam Center".

You can go with the kids to the Dusit zoo with a unique selection of exotic rare animals.

And the famous canals of Bangkok! Be sure to take a tour of the city these channels!

Well, shopping... without him in the capital of Thailand? The markets of Bangkok's largest shopping centres are at your service. Buy Souvenirs for themselves and their children.


This beautiful island is one of the most desirable places for vacation with children. There are many interesting places that are definitely worth a visit. If you don't like to relax in too crowded places, then go to Phuket in the period February-the month of April, as from December to January there are very much crowded, and the rest of the year possible heavy rains.

Things to do in Phuket?

Best Phuket beaches – Patong, Kata and Paron. You will be able not only to fit here in the pleasant sea, but scuba diving. The diversity of marine life will surprise you.

Want to go fishing? Please. It is possible to do even with children. The most productive locations for fishing close to Islands and the waters here are usually calm. Services fishing here provide the company with Coral Seekers and Dive Supply. They will do everything to ensure that this fishing is most memorable to you forever.

Resting on Phuket then visit Dino Park Mini Golf is a popular mini – Golf. It is located in the heart of Karon beach. This club is considered one of the best not only in Thailand but throughout the region. Children will enjoy the unique colorful entourage in the style of the cartoon "the Flintstones little Family".

kuda poehat s detmi v tajlande

Chiang Mai

A city of contrasts in the North of Thailand that combines the energy of a large metropolis and picturesque small villages. It offers young tourists traveling with their parents, a big zoo with animals collected from all over the world. For adults its fun: extreme rafting. And the best time for this is from September to January-February.

What else offers you and your children in Chiang Mai?

Of course, the elephant riding will make children a fountain of emotions! The route passes through the jungle, the trip lasts about an hour. It's worth it to go to Chiang Mai with children. A visit to the zoo will also contribute to the overall picture of your rest. But, it will not be absolutely complete, if you have the whole family visit cooking courses, which are famous in Chiang Mai! They will appeal not only to children but also for adults.

A real night Safari among wild lions, tigers, crocodiles?! This incredible adventure! For children there is a more relaxed but no less exciting entertainment: horseback riding, hot air ballooning, river cruises.


Huge island in the Eastern coast of Thailand. Perfect for outdoor activities. Over the last few decades the islandtransformed from an isolated stretch of land in one of the most promising and popular destinations in tourism. There is a well-developed infrastructure. A lot of settlements, cultural beaches. To visit the island is best from December to April. This time of year here the weather is excellent.

How to have fun in Samui?

You are given the best Koh Samui beaches: Mae Nam, Chaweng, Bohput. Don't miss your chance to visit the National Marine Park of Thailand – picturesque place with a unique nature, pristine beaches and limestone cliffs along the coast.

On Samui you can too with the children to ride on elephants. You can even go to the Waterfalls Muang!

Try sea fishing, diving and kayaking! Do not deny yourself this pleasure.

Hua hin

Amazing sea resort. Is a couple of hours drive from Bangkok the capital of Thailand. He's still not very famous among tourists from Europe, but extremely popular among the Thais. It is a beautiful scenic distant from the hustle and bustle of the big city place. No wonder he preferred himself Rama IX, king of Thailand, making Hua hin the residence!

Hua hin is waiting for its guests all year round. There almost always is quiet, warm and calm weather. The exception may be August, September and October. In these months in Hua hin, the possible precipitation in the form of rain.

Where to go, what to see in Hua hin?

The obvious advantage of Hua hin is its beaches. The best of them is directly opposite the Sofitel. A very popular beach and Cha Am, but it is about 10 kilometers from Hua hin.

If you love the game of Golf can be proud of: in Hua hin you will have a chance to visit the Golf club, founded by Rama IX.

40 kilometers from Hua hin, in a southerly direction, is the national Park called Khao Sam Roi Yot. An incredible variety of exotic wildlife, caves, beaches, cliffs of limestone... All this can excite even the most heated imagination and will not leave you indifferent to what he saw. This Park is difficult to reach independently by public transport. It is better to rent a car and hire a driver with experience who can not only take you to the destination, but also to talk, to explain, if you have any questions (and they will).

gde luchshe otdohnut v Tajlande s rebenkom

Monkey mountain, for sure, will leave your children the most vivid impressions! It is situated 6 km South from Hua hin. An amazing ancient temple, beautiful scenery and swarms of monkeys that inhabit there is anything and everything – so you can characterize this wonderful place. By the way, the children can not only "communicate" with monkeys and consider them, and even feed primates bananas and play with them (of course, under adult supervision). This is incredible!

So we tried to figure out where to rest in Thailand with the child, and described the advantages of each destination. The choice is yours, dear travelers!