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Where is mount Ararat on the map?

Gde nahoditsya gora Ararat

Sacred to Armenians, the mountain is clearly visible in good weather from many parts of this southern country. It is depicted on the state emblem of Armenia, its money, however, the towering 32 kilometers from the state border, and to climb on her slopes need the permission of another state. Where is mount Ararat? Why the national symbol of the country is abroad? The answer to this question must be sought in the mists of time.

gde nahoditsya gora ararat na karte

A bit of history

Ararat is a mountain massif consists of two extinct volcano cones located at the distance of eleven kilometers from each other. Researchers believe that the last eruption was five thousand years ago, and the last activity of the volcano in 1840 caused a strong earthquake. As a result, it was destroyed village or nearby the monastery of St. James. Since local residents left it on the slopes, settling in the distance. Height is lesser Ararat 3896 meters, Large - 5137 meters. Tops hiding in the clouds and covered with a white veil, under which the optimists of the year I hope to find the remains of Noah's ark. After all, it is here, as evidenced by the old Testament, brought his ship the great man.

Long for the Armenian people, the mountain is sacred, although in different years it belonged to other countries. Officially Ararat was part of Armenia only a year, in 1921, he was transferred to Turkey in accordance with the contract concluded between the Soviet Union and Turkey on the division of the Armenian Republic.

The new owners have given the volcanic massif its name - Agra-Dag, which means "mountain of suffering". However Ararat has remained on the state emblem of Armenia, which constantly annoys legal owners. So the question "Where is mount Ararat?" there is a definite answer in Turkey.

gde nahoditsya ararat

Attempts to ascent

For a long time it was believed that climbing the mountain is inaccessible to ordinary mortals and not God, although there was a lot of wishing to find Noah's ark. The first conqueror of mount Ararat is considered to Professor Friedrich Parrot, leader of the Swedish expedition, which in 1829 made a successful ascent. At that time, the mountain belonged to the Russian Empire, and the scientists had quite a long time to obtain from officials the permission to conduct research activities on an extinct volcano.

In 1876, the Britisher James Bryce single-handedly conquered the impregnable top of, and in 1970 the Turkish mountaineer Baskota Ergeron was made the first winter ascent. At the end of the last century, due to the unstable political situation, attempts to conquer the snowy peaks was not possible. Now to subjugate the highest in Turkey mountain top might try for any tourist, however, after certain difficulties.

How to conquer Ararat

If you try to understand where is mount Ararat on the map, you can see the proximity of the Armenian border and the absence of large settlements in the area. Due to the strained relations between the neighboring countries, it is better to choose a longer route and enter Turkey through Georgia. If the purpose of the trip is climbing, you will need to obtain a special permit visa from the Turkish authorities.

To the foot of the mountain can be reached by bus or taxi from van or Kars, you can also rent a car. The small village of Dogubeyazit is a gathering place for all who want to conquer the mountain top, it attracts organized groups of climbers and lone. Tourists drop to the level of 2,300 metres on a truck, followed by to travel 900 meters left to the base camp. Next stop is the camp located at an altitude of 4 400 meters above the glacier starts.

gde nahoditsya gora ararat na karte

For the safe passage of the glacier fields have the necessary equipment and mountaineering experience, although a gradual ascent on the Northern side makes the climb quite affordable. Breathtaking view from the mountain top three surrounding countries, and the incomparable happiness from conquering the legendary mount Ararat will be a reward for honor to overcome difficulties.

In search of the ark

Now, knowing, where is Ararat, it's time to think about the existence of the ark in which righteous Noah so successfully managed to escape. The belief that he is under the centuries-old layer of snow, did not leave representatives of many generations. Found small wreckage of the ship, the locals were presented as proof of the reality of the events.

In the early twentieth century, in the summer of 1916, in the ice of a mountain lake on top of mount Ararat was discovered the mythical ark. Found him Lieutenant of the Russian army Roskovitsky. Carefully removing the dimensions and photographing the ship, making their drawings, the researcher was convinced that the clue to a centuries-old mystery close. However, camerevolution, in the stormy days which documents the expedition was lost, and the question of the existence of the ark was again left open.

Almost sixty years later, in 1974, American researchers were the results of aerial photography, which are clearly visible contours of the object, like the ship of Noah. For fifteen years prior to this event, in 1959, looks like outlines and dimensions required on the ship the object was discovered thirty kilometers from Ararat. He could be Noah's ark, but still a legendary vehicle of the righteous is not found, which leaves hope for a great discovery descendants.

A little sad for the Armenian people, who, considering the mountain of his sanctuary, forced to admire it only from afar. But is it really important, who really belongs and where is mount Ararat. Most importantly, currently not so difficult and financially available to take advantage of the offers of travel companies and visit this unique place. In the presence of desire and certain skills, you can try to touch the mystery, disturbing the minds and the hearts of many generations throughout the centuries. Who knows, maybe the legendary ark not so deeply hidden in the thickness of the ice, and under certain conditions, seem to the eyes of the insistent seeker? Anyway, to try, definitely worth it. May fortune smile on the resolute and persistent.

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