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Where is mount Elbrus in Russia?

Gde nahoditsya gora Elbrus?

Elbrus – the most famous mountain in the world. It is the object of everyone's attention, a dream for people who prefer extreme, an object of admiration for tourists. Almost every traveller knows about where is mount Elbrus, and therefore wants to go to a distant and unexplored Caucasus.

For many it was the Caucasus is an area where you should visit. Because we all know that this is where you can experience complete freedom from the rush and fully enjoy the truly incredible scenery. Long ago, he thought it was the place on Earth that could be called "Paradise". Nature has given the area an extraordinarily beautiful terrain and variety of flora. The air here is clean and clear, which is the main feature of this area.

gde nahoditsya gora elbrus na karte rossii

The Caucasus is a mountainous region of Eurasia, which has a whole lot of amazing places, but perhaps the most famous of them is the Elbrus. This mountain has become a "business card" area, as it collects near a lot of tourists. It is worth noting that the country is divided into two parts – southern and Northern, conventionally, they are called two polimerami. Of course bring together two parts of common traditions and culture, but tourist traffic is different.

What is a famous mountain?

The formation of this point began more than 218 thousand years ago. With a long and forgotten time lava and tuff erupted 15 times. A lot or a little can not say, but they have given mankind such a wonderful gift.

Elbrus – stratovolcano in the Caucasus, it is called the highest point of Russia. He is in the Great seven of the world's most famous peaks. Its location is unique because it is on the border of the republics of Kabardino-Balkaria and Karachay-Cherkessia. Outwardly, he is a bimodal cone-shaped volcano that has not erupted in a very long while (the last eruption dates back to 50 BC).

Each nation mountain-a volcano has its name, which, increasingly, means – "height", "hill", "the highest point". Such definitions are not random, because they are built on the basis of the coordinates, height above sea level. By the way, for the first time the exact height of the mountain was identified back in 1883. Did is a well-known academician and scientist V. K. Vishnevsky. He pointed out and recorded data, which is mount Elbrus has a height of 5421 m. These figures are unchanged, because the changes in the volcano were observed. Until that time accurate data simply did not exist.

It should be noted that the mountain has long remained a subject of research, every new ascent gave all the new information that was recorded in the necessary documentation. Today this place is interesting for different reasons, so let's find out where is mount Elbrus in Russia and how to find the standard traveler?

The correct coordinates

Of course, this place is known to locals, and you'll be able to find a treasured mountain. But not to worry, better before the trip to learn about all the details. We first need to find General information about a particular place, then to analyze the site and note necessary information.

Many travelers have developed a scheme, which is based on data from cartographic sources. Of them you will know that Elbrus is in the Caucasus, exactly 130 kilometers West of the city of Nalchik, in the Northern part of the Main Caucasian Ridge. To find where is Elbrus on the map special knowledge and skills not necessary, as shared there is a very detailed map and well-known routes. You will not have difficulties to find the object, it is much harder to conquer it, and therefore we will continue our preparation.

gde nahoditsya elbrus na karte

About ways of movement

Depending on what you are going to travel to choose the right entrance to the mountain. Because the place is specific and not close to civilization, better than the car means to move there. Next, the route will be on foot, and involves active rest. There is another option – to travel by bus, but it is acceptable only for large tour groups. If you are a small company of like-minded people, it is appropriate all the same car.

How to start climbing?

Of course, each has its own rules and principles to stay, but when we are talking about Elbrus – the first point of departure is the village of Azau. Experts recommend to acclimatize and spend some time (1-2 days) and then hit the road.

Remember that to get to the mountain in summer, when on the way there will be obstacles. The period from June to September is unique in every sense of the time and it is suitable for every tourist in the best way.

As for July and August need to say that this is the optimal period for the reason that the weather is incredibly warm and stable, no humidity, rain and anynoticeable temperature changes. But sometimes, there are surprises, and therefore in advance to be ready for anything, because the Caucasian and the weather is often unpredictable, remember this. For this reason, when planning a route, always factor in an extra day. Winter climbing is likely, but the weather is against you, as at this time of year can be very cold, down to -40 at the top.

Many come back at other times of the year, after the first ascent, to appreciate beauty in other contrasts. Others to come here in the winter becomes a test, because low temperature is a barrier. It is important to note that here is always beautiful, just in a different way. Different times gives the opportunity to see the unique features that will be invisible in another season. Also remember that there is always a lot of tourists, so you won't be alone.

The coordinates of a mountain:

43.3469353 North latitude

42.4528694 East longitude.

gde nahoditsya elbrus na karte


There is one main question when Elbrus will Wake up and this will happen in the future, scientists the answer is not given. So, climbing it will be a long time is possible, so it's time to launch their fees in such a wonderful place in our planet. After all, if the eruption will take place, then the danger will be incredible. Firstly, happen a plume of ash, lava,and will increase the possibility of unprecedented flooding from melting glaciers.