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Where is the island of Cyprus on the world map?

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I dream to visit the ruins of the city of Salamis, to visit Olympus or meet these chameleons? Then you need to go to Cyprus. For many years, Cyprus does not cease to be among the most popular tourist Islands. But not all travelers represent the location of this magnificent island. Where is the island of Cyprus? To find it on the map will not be easy, since Cyprus is located on the third place among the largest Islands in the Mediterranean sea. Its area - 9521 sq km, with the length of 240 km and a width of about 100 km.

The island of Cyprus is located in the North-Eastern part of the Mediterranean sea, which geographically dominates Asia. However, the island has close economic, historical and cultural ties with Europe, member of EU and Schengen area.

Island on the world map

To find the island is not difficult, knowing the distance from Cyprus to nearby States. Detailed geographical position will give you the map of the world. Looking at the map, you can determine the neighbors of the famous Islands, which are:

  • Turkey is the closest neighbor of Cyprus, a distance which is 75 km away.
  • Syria, located to the right of 100 km.
  • Egypt, which is on the sea 350 km.

It turns out that Cyprus is the connecting link of three continents. The island brings together countries not only due to its geography. About 36% of the territory is the Turkish government called the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus recognized by Turkey. Akrotiri and Dhekelia is 3% of the area of the island. They are military bases, overseen by the UK. The Republic of Cyprus is 60% of the southern part of the island. Between the Northern and the southern part is a buffer zone (Green line), controlled by UN troops. On the map it is shown with a thick line or a dotted line, being one of the most unique areas in the world.

The island unites on its territory of several countries and cultures, which undoubtedly affected its history, traditions, society. Wonderful nature, seascapes, historical monuments and national parks make Cyprus an attractive place for travelers from around the world.

To get to the island is by boat or by plane. Going on a cruise in the Mediterranean, you should know that Larnaca and Limassol, the two largest and busiest seaport of Cyprus. Also on the island for making travelers have two airports, in Paphos and Larnaca.

The island is washed by three seas: the Cypriot, Cilician and Levantine, close to the Peninsula of Asia Minor.

Where is Cyprus on a map? Coordinates of the island on the map are 35°10'00" North latitude and 33°21'00" East longitude. Finding the point of intersection of these coordinates, discover the location of the island of Cyprus.

The Climate Of Cyprus

Cyprus is unique and unique, and leaves a lasting impression in the soul of every tourist. Where is the island of Cyprus on the world map you already have an idea. Now you should learn about its climate, to prevent a blunder with the choice of the season and receive maximum pleasure during the upcoming holidays.

The simultaneous belonging of the Islands to Asia and Europe made its climate very special and unique.

Of course, greatly influenced by the Mediterranean sea, provides the island 's hot summer and mild winter. However, the climate here cannot be considered tropical Mediterranean. The weather in Cyprus is significantly different from the other countries next door. Asia also had a strong influence on the climate of the island, it is unique in its kind.

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A feature of the local climate is:

  • minimal temperature fluctuations, resulting in mild and unnoticeable the change of the seasons;
  • high humidity, allowing you to easily carry with great heat;
  • 330 days in a year, pleasing Sunny weather.

The time from may to October - the six-month beach season on the island. The sea water is heated to +28 ° C, and the temperature is +30-35 º C. At the end of October-November is the rainy season and strong winds cause sea storms.

Winter in Cyprus offer beautiful resorts for lovers of ski holidays. Spring is the best time for trips, as they will more than enjoy the natural environment of the island, not yet started, the peak of the sailing tourists.

Thus, to rest on the island all year round. The combination of fresh mountain air, sea water and hot sun is helpful for tourists of any age.

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Attractions of the island

The island of Cyprus - the territory of the Eurozone. Stay here quite attractive from the point of view of price policy and interestingattractions that are worth a look.

The tourists visiting this beautiful country, enjoy its natural beauty:

  • mountain range the Troodos;
  • Cape Greco and remarkable for its pristine Bay Fig tree;
  • Petra-Tu-Romio, which is the rock and the baths of Aphrodite.

Will not leave indifferent the visitors of the national Park of Cavo Greco, aquarium and dancing fountains in Protaras. History lovers must see the tombs of the Kings, the Temple of Apollo, the castle of Kolossi, Yeroskipos, the castle of Limassol and Polis Amathus.

The island is literally dotted with monasteries: George Allaman, of the virgin of Kykkos and Stavrovouni Liopetri, Neophytos the Recluse and other saints. Cat lovers tend to visit the monastery of St. Nicholas. He is an Orthodox and at the same time can be about 100 cats. According to legend, these animals in the 4th century saved the island and the inhabitants from invasion of poisonous snakes.

Cyprus Hotels

For wealthy people on the island are luxury hotels that has its own beach and offers all inclusive. Most often it is a five-star hotel on the seafront, the cost of staying in which quite large.

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Young people and middle-class people prefer to stay in 2-and three-star hotels that are further from the sea, but the room rate which is much lower. From the power Breakfast service only. But it does not scare tourists, because outside the hotel you can always find some cozy cafe or restaurant and enjoy the dishes of national cuisine. According to the surveys especially popular among tourists are the following hotels, The Royal Apollonia 5* , Crystal Springs 4* Cavo Maris Beach 3*.

The cost of tours

After seeing where the island of Cyprus on the world map, once again you can be sure that you can get there only by using the services of airlines or Maritime transport. To visit the country need a visa, and to her citizens of Russia can be simplified.

The cost of the vacation depends on your preferred resort and time of year in which the planned journey. Do not forget about purchasing a "burning" tours, because you can get a visa within a few days. One tourist should be postponed for a ticket is about 25 000 rubles. The cost of this tour typically includes airfare, accommodation at the hotel type "all inclusive". This does not include the cost of excursions, restaurants, tips and taxi rides. These costs must be considered in planning the cost of your upcoming trip.

Transport on the island

Resting in Cyprus, it is possible to use public transport, but much more emotions and experiences give the traveler a car. In this case it is better to use services of reliable companies, dealing with rental cars and give full insurance. Beginners should remember that on the island of Cyprus drive on the left, but the steering wheel at the local cars is on the right.