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Where is Easter island on the world map?

Gde nahoditsya ostrov Pashi?

For those people who want to relax from everyday worries and forget about the civilization, there is nothing better than to go to some island. But which one to choose, where there is the least trace of civilization? Today it is quite difficult to find this because almost all of them long-familiar and habitable. But if you want a touch of ancient mystery, there is nothing better than to go to Easter island. It would seem that the name is mentioned quite often, but where is Easter island and how to get there?

General information about the island

If you want to go to this island, you need to know a little about him. You can immediately tell that this island is not without reason referred to mysterious places on the planet. For centuries it envelops the veil of various speculations and legends. Although historians, geographers and anthropologists say that all the mysteries of the island are open, but the aura of mystery and Enigma of this does not disappear. One of the questions asked by the researchers is a small population of this island.

In fact, people live here, but quite a bit. Therefore those tourists who love peace and tranquility, here you will find complete peace.

Here, in addition to the capital itself, there is no noise of civilization, the hum of cars and heavy equipment. Everyone who first comes here immediately feels at one with nature. If you are interested in the question of where is Easter island on the world map, we can say that this small piece of land located in the Pacific ocean over 3600 km from South America.

gde nahoditsya ostrov pashi na karte mira

It was annexed to Chile at the beginning of the 20th century and often called the "Navel of the Earth". This is one of the Islands, which belongs to the Polynesian archipelago. Its territory is quite small, only is 165.5 km2 and it arose as a result of volcanic activity. If you fly over it by helicopter, then immediately it is possible to see a large crater from the volcano and smaller. The island can be called almost deserted, because living here is very few people - according to some estimates, only 3,000, and on the other a little more - 4,000 people.

All travelers say that when they get to the island, then as if transported for at least two thousand years ago because life here is rather primitive; they are engaged only in fishing and sheep farming. There is nothing that would remind about agriculture, the cultivation of cereals. If you take into account administrative divisions, the island is a small province and its center is Hanga ROA. Only here you can feel the hand of civilization, very much.

Every tourist who takes a room at the hotel in Hanga ROA, notes very high prices. And this applies even to very small numbers of them though are in high demand among travelers, but they also are expensive. About shopping here, you can not imagine, because all items are also very expensive. And this is not surprising, because everything is imported directly from Chile, a very far distance. Apparently, this is one reason why people don't want to live on this island.

The appearance of the name of the island

This island is called differently, the Polynesians, and the Europeans, it sounds like "Easter". The emergence of such interesting names was due to the Dutch researcher. It happened in the distant 1722, when here came the Dutchman Jacob Roggeveen on the Spanish ship. This event coincided with the date when we celebrated the Christian Easter - the day of the Resurrection light. The Spaniards could not be a coincidence to put aside, and a light hand is the name of the island and anchored on geographical maps.

In Spanish it sounds like ISPA de Pascua, so the island became known as Easter. But the Polynesians referred to it as Rapa Nui. We don't know which name is more correct, so we will stick with the one that exists on the maps. And if to be more objective, it is necessary to specify other names of this island. For example, it is called thus: Te-pito-te-henua that has quite an interesting translation - "the navel of the earth". In older names the locals give the island another name, Mata-Kitterage, which means "eyes looking up".

There are two languages, and the locals can speak both Spanish and Rapa Nui language. If you have to buy any goods, then the two currencies here goes - the U.S. dollar and the Chilean peso. In order to get to the island, you can use two types of transport: although there's not quite the civilization there, but on Rapa Nui there is an airport, and has flights directly from Chile. But can be reached by sea with a cruise ship. The second way is even more preferred because you can enjoy the sea cruise among the Polynesian Islands.

gde nahoditsya ostrov pashi na karte mira

Historical note

Definitely know where Easter island is one thing, but to get moredetailed information about its origin is quite another. The researchers say that early in this region, apparently, there was a very active volcanic activity that created this island. Even after its occurrence, there were several eruptions. Thus arose the numerous archipelagos and atolls, not only in the Pacific but also in other places.

Due to the fact that here constantly there were volcanoes and violent winds, it has led to the fact that the shores of the island were almost impregnable, and the ships could not hit the beach. If you look at the island from a height, we can see only two places where you could go in the ship. And - it is necessary to know the seabed, because the place is littered with rocks sticking out of the water. Therefore, not surprisingly, that too for a long time even the Spaniards and the Portuguese, who opened the way to America, leaving aside the island.

The first colonists began settling on this island quite late and for the construction of their huts and boats began to chop trees. But the settlers here have had to endure many hardships, including attacks by Peruvian pirates. These clashes eventually led to the fact that the indigenous population of the island had become very small. Very many woes did Catholic missionaries who came here together with the Spanish conquerors. Seeing here so many stone "idols", they began not only to teach the locals the word of God, but also had a hand in the destruction of the local culture.

Therefore, modern researchers very difficult now to recover the whole sequence of events before the arrival of the Spaniards. It is very difficult to understand the customs that were here, in what is believed by the locals, which language they had and more. It should say that now all the stone structures that remain on the island are under protection of UNESCO.

gde nahoditsya ostrov pashi na karte mira

Sights of Easter island

Rapa Nui is a geographic feature, so the study of the landscape is the top priority of every tourist who comes here. This is especially interesting for Europeans, because here, you can feel a big difference between the landscape of the European continent and the Polynesian. First and foremost, this unique nature, amazing vegetation. Among all the attractions you should pay attention to the remains of volcanic activity in the craters. They are not one but are two of the biggest - Previously, KAU and rano Raraku.

This trip to the craters will be memorable, because if you climb up to the top of the crater and look down, you may even be dizzy from what he saw, how deep is the bottom of the crater. The first of them will go around, and the other, it will be difficult to make, so it is very swampy.

Early Kaw is located not far from a village, which, apparently, wore a ceremonial character. It's called Orongo and performed certain rituals dedicated to the local deity under the name of the Mac-Mac, and also another creature - a bird-man who could fly. What is actually meant these deities and how it to understand - it is one of the mysteries of Easter island. Just something to guess and make assumptions.

As for the second volcano called rano Raraku, you can call him even more mysterious and at the same time majestic. And all this thanks to the numerous stone statues, of which there are many. These carved statues are known to the world as their images and photos has appeared on the Internet as well as in different geographical references. Them undoubtedly can be attributed to the most important sights of the island. The largest volcano can be seen even from space.

gde nahoditsya ostrov pashi na karte mira

But they are found not only near the volcano; if you visit a ritual site called AHU Tongariki, similar statues can be seen here. 15 why aren't they here and what do they symbolize? Investigated offer different versions. One of the assumptions, they are the guardians of the clan Tongariki, therefore guarding this area.

Almost 50 years ago, there was a flood and almost all of these statues have suffered from the water element, and some even were completely destroyed. But their recovery came from a Japanese company called "Tadano". It happened in the early 90-ies and the Japanese worked here for two years. Thanks to their efforts, all the idols were restored, so they today can enjoy every tourist.

Such religious statues which natives call moai, there are other places on the island. All these statues were made from volcanic lava, and then their ancient settlers transported closer to the shore and put in one row. As the locals say, this was done in order to protect the island from evil spirits that proceeded from the water, so they were placed along the coastline.

All of this suggests that the Polynesians have no connection with the outside world, still I understand that there is a spiritual world that can be asgood and hostile to man. That's why they tried such a primitive way to protect themselves from the bad. The frenzy with which the local inhabitants began to produce these monuments, has led to very bad consequences, because in order to transport the statues to the coastline required a lot of wood. In the end, trees were cut down, and the island forests have disappeared.

And if you go to another ceremonial site, called Te pito-Te-Henua, here you can marvel at another attraction - a series of round stones, among which there is one large stone egg shaped, which is translated from the Polynesian means "the navel of the earth". If you go to the complex to Winata, here you can see a large wall, lined with stone blocks. What it means and why it was built - we can only guess.

gde nahoditsya ostrov pashi na karte mira

When is the best time to visit Easter island?

Although this island is quite far from all tourist routes and from the continent, but come to stay. And that pretty remarkable, there are periods when there come a lot of tourists, but there are those months when there is a decline in visits. If you take into consideration that this piece of land is closer to the equator, you can just say that it is not due to frost and snow in some months, coming less tourists.

The greatest influx occurs in summer (according to local calendar here this summer), from January to March, and then the flow of tourists decreases significantly.

And although temperatures can still afford to enjoy the beauty of the island, as the temperature even in the coldest time here is 17 degrees Celsius, but wanting to come here less. Therefore, if there is a desire to safely explore Easter island, it is best to go here since April and November.

How to get to the island?

Even knowing where the Easter island, to get here may not be so easy. One of the most convenient options is to get to Australia or South America and go here on an ocean liner. And it will be an unforgettable journey, a voyage on Oceania will not leave anyone indifferent. But there and second option is by air. But it turns out that the air way is not so easy to get here. The whole problem lies in the fact that the planes here fly only two countries from Tahiti and Chile. Therefore, you must first get to those countries.

As for the Russians, for them even a country like Australia is very far away. But if you consider the fact that Australia is merely a transit point, then you can imagine about how to get to the island. But it turns out that the Russians go to such a journey just to see these famous stone statues with my own eyes. As the facts show, the Russian people will not stop any obstacles, if he put some goal.

In order to get from Russia directly to the island in the end to take a few days.
It is a given that many will have to wait at airports for any aircraft. So, if you want to watch this piece of land lost in the Pacific, it is necessary to plan the trip beforehand: find out what flights there are in Australia or how to get to Chile, to book plane tickets. Thus it is possible a little bit, but to save time.