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Where is lake Baikal in Russia what city and how to get it?

Gde nahoditsya ozero Bajkal?

Baikal is not only the biggest but also the most mysterious lake of our planet. With his appearance, and that there are 35 million years, is associated with many legends and stories. When it is not called the pearl of Siberia, the mighty water, a large fire, the sea. Where is lake Baikal? The oldest body of water freely spread in the southern part of Eastern Siberia.


The length of the lake, located at an altitude of 450 meters above sea level, is 636 kilometers, and the coastline stretched nearly 2,000 kilometers. Most of it are nature reserves and parks under state protection. Width of Baikal, because of its unusual shape in the form of a Crescent, reaches 81 km in the Central part and 27 km at the narrowest point.

The North-Western part of the huge body of water located in the Irkutsk region, the South-East in Buryatia. Estimating the depth of lake Baikal, occupying the first place in the world, called the index of 1640 meters with a permissible error of 2%. The second deepest is lake Tanganika on the African continent, which loses leader as much as two hundred meters. Over three hundred rivers and streams replenish the supply of fresh water in the lake, a good half of the total volume brings the Selenga. But flows out only one, the Angara. Lake twenty-two Islands, the largest of them - Olkhon.

gde nahoditsya bajkal na karte rossii

Why Baikal is called lake Baikal

According to ancient legend, the "old" lake on the planet was the result of a volcanic eruption. But about the origin of its name, researchers still argue. A few assumptions:

  • Bai-Kul in translation from Turkic means "rich lake";
  • Baygal - from Mongolian "rich fire";
  • Baigal Dalai is Mongolian meaning "big lake";
  • Beihai in Chinese means "North sea";
  • Baygal Nuur - the Buryat name;
  • Lama - the so-called lake Evenki.

Believe that the first explorers that emerged in the seventeenth century, called Baikal eventscope name. Later, going to Buryat name, softened the letter "g", giving the name of the current view.

The water of lake Baikal

The purity of the lake water is amazing. Its transparency is 40 meters, and the oxygen saturation and the unique composition, brackish and similar to distilled water, making it extremely healing.

At the time of flowering of seaweed transparency slightly decreases, but remains quite high. Great interest to tourists is the observation of the dip thrown in the lake water coin, which is visible for quite a long time. Visit the famous lake is the dream of almost every Russian. Where is lake Baikal, it is already known, but what is the weather there?


If you look at where lake Baikal in Russia, it can be noted that to Irkutsk from it is only 70 kilometers. However, imprudent to assume that the climate there and there same. The usual for these places is sharply continental, it is much softened in the lake's abundance of water and thick forests. The air temperature at lake Baikal in winter, warmer in summer and colder by almost 10 degrees. In addition, rainy weather here can be considered rare. Slight evaporation of water is not conducive to the formation of clouds, and their cousins, coming from the mountains, and dissipate heat.

kak dobratsya do bajkala

Sometimes, of course, you can get out of the rain, but the number of Sunny days on the island, for example, much more than on Riga coast or Abastumani in the Caucasus. Relatively cold water of the lake warms up in summer to 16-17 degrees, but only close to the shore. At depth water temperature in summer is only 4-5 degrees. The period from 15th June to 15th August is considered the best to travel on Baikal - warm and Sunny.

Fauna and flora

The flora and fauna of Baikal are unique. The lake serves as a reliable shelter for the nearly three thousand species of animals and thousands of plants, many of them are found only here. And this despite the fact that, as scientists assume, more than 20% living in it living organisms, from the surface to maximum depths are still unknown to science. Grayling, whitefish, trout, sturgeon, omul, lenok, the golomyanka is not a complete list of fish species inhabiting the lake. There are about sixty, making fishing on the pond in a very exciting and productive lesson. Still debate about how they got into the lake and comfortably settle down here, the Baikal seal - a purely marine mammal. It is assumed that she came here in the distant ice age, moving from the Arctic ocean through the Angara and the Yenisei. Now there are tens of thousands of animals.

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How to get to lake Baikal?

Relax on the lake is interesting and attractive all year round, each season has its positive side. Many initially little scary a long journey, but learning how to get to lake Baikal, they are strongly going in the way. Every day from Moscowof the airports "Vnukovo" and "Domodedovo" flights to Ulan-Ude and Irkutsk. Flight time is almost the same - to the first destination the plane is flying for six hours, before the second twenty minutes less. Irkutskiy the airport is located six kilometers from the city center.

Way by rail takes a little more time, distance 5192 km train Moscow - Irkutsk overcome for 3 and a half days. However, the magnificent scenery and excellent service will help to brighten up the journey time. From the regional center to get to the lake is easy from the Central bus station there is the taxi and buses from the train station - trains and trains, from the pier "Raketa" in the summer you can go by yacht or boat. The small distance of 70 kilometres did not seem too long and boring.


The Angara is the oldest Baikal village of Listvyanka, which is about three hundred years. Previously, local residents lived by hunting and fishing, now, it's rather developed tourist infrastructure with comfortable hotels, Inns, cozy restaurants and entertainment venues, saunas and saunas with the Baikal water. With this settlement begins the familiarity with the region, here is the only one in Russia Museum of the lake. It invariably visited by domestic and foreign tourists, getting acquainted with the history of the famous body of water, its flora and fauna, the results of numerous scientific studies.

In the village there are many attractions that are worth visiting:

  • "mini-zoo" with bears and foxes,
  • seal,
  • art gallery,
  • The shaman stone
  • Observatory.

gde nahoditsya ozero bajkal na karte rossii

Functioning in the village dive centers offer tourists unforgettable dive in the clear waters of the unique lake Baikal to a depth of from three to forty meters. It is possible at any time of the year, as the temperature of the water at the dive sites from 3 to 12 degrees. In summer Listvyanka is lots of water excursions - to the nearby village of Bolshiye Koty, in a Sandy Bay, in port Baikal. You can take the opportunity to ride on the water surface of lake Baikal on their own, on a rented boat.

Seasonal holidays

The flow of tourists to Baikal continues unabated, and grows every year. If you look where is lake Baykal in Russia, you can see that it is situated in a cozy surrounded by mountain ranges and forests. Unique beauty in its own way is beautiful at any time of the year.

In winter people go ice fishing enthusiasts, cross-country skiing and Alpine skiing, travel on snowmobiles, and Bicycle races on the thick ice of the pond. Majestic awakening from hibernation and the rescuing of the lake from the ice captivity will be able to see who came here in the late spring. At this time, not a lot of tourists and you can truly enjoy the unity with nature. In the spring you can even find clumsy inhabitants of the Baikal-Lena and Barguzinsky nature reserves that extend to the water. Autumn attracts variety of colors and a riot of colors closely matching to lake forest. However, the end of October and November are characterized by inhospitable weather and possible mudslides.

gde nahoditsya ozero bajkal na karte rossii

Interesting and mysterious sights of Baikal

  • The shaman-stone - according to legend, has miraculous powers. Here dwelt the master of the hangars AMA Sagaan Noyon, was held magical shamanistic rites and were left overnight criminals for remorse and recognition of guilt.
  • Cape Khoboy on Olkhon island is the petrified Buryat woman punished for their envy. The Cape is associated with many legends. In winter, the real delight is the visit to the grottoes located here, are exquisitely decorated with translucent icicles.
  • Shaman rock, located on Cape Burhan of granite, quartz and white marble. Located in it through the cave was a centre of worship of the Buryats, who saw the place of residence of the owner of lake Baikal. The entrance here was closed to mere mortals, and women avoided the rock the farthest road. In the cave, causing awe among the local population, carried out various rituals and ceremonies. The pagan priests were filming a family curse, delivered from illnesses and predicted the future, falling into a trance.

gde nahoditsya ozero bajkal na karte rossii

What city is lake Baikal

Determined the closest vacation to devote to Russia and the trip to Baikal, potential traveler starts to plan a route and sets quite understandable question - where is the lake

  • Grandma's;
  • Listvyanka;
  • Big Cats;
  • Pan'kivka;
  • Nizhneangarsk;
  • Baikalsk;
  • Severobaikalsk and many others.

You can stay with a tent at the campsite, use the services of well-equipped tourist base, to rent a room in a house by the locals. And even if all family members are quite independent and not afraid of difficulties of Hiking, with backpacks and a tent to go from independent journey, stopping for the night and rest in the most picturesque places of lake Baikal. Such leave will certainly be the most memorable and significant event in family life.