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Where are the resort of Sol-Iletsk, photos of vacation at a resort

Gde nahoditsya Sol-Ileck?

With a well organised advertising, many Russians the whole year dreaming about holding a long-awaited vacation at a fashionable resort. Some even do not suspect how unique and attractive places for effective rehabilitation and recreation exist on the territory of the country. One of them is the salt resort in the Russian hinterland. Where is Sol ' -Iletsk? In the Orenburg region, just 80 kilometers from the regional center.

A bit of history

Small Prairie town near the border with Kazakhstan, has three local attractions - the vast melons plantations, the infamous prison, "Black Dolphin" and the healing salt lakes, on the shore which attracts thousands of people willing to part with a lot of diseases. Once there was located the ancient sea, after drying, which formed a salt hill. In 16-18 centuries, nomadic herders have obtained here a valuable product, leaving a fairly deep career. Rain and melted snow turned them into lakes, the water of which is perfectly heal any wound. When a salt fishery in the 19th century monopolized the state, come from all over Russia were brought convicts to mining. For their residence was built as a prison, where now serving sentences of prisoners with life term imprisonment.

The City Of Sol ' -Iletsk

Currently, the town of Sol-Iletsk - known to many tourist centre of the Orenburg region. The city's main enterprise, "Iletsksol'", supplies its products all over Russia. A few years ago, many tourists coming to solve health problems, were forced to rent private accommodation and to put up with living in not very comfortable conditions. However, every year the tourist infrastructure develops, there are brand new private hotels, the area around the healing of the lakes, the apartment has been sanitized. A variety of cafés and shops, built the water Park is fun for children, kept clean and tidy. Although to call this resort the comfortable, still not a good reason, its main attractions - the iodized air and the healing water of the lakes attract a lot of tourists.

Stay in the resort

If there is evidence for the passage of the health course at the salt resort, you can use the services of medical institutions. Year-round employees of the resort Sol-Iletsk ready to provide restorative treatment in the presence of the following diseases:

  • infertility;
  • osteochondrosis;
  • arthritis;
  • atopic dermatitis;
  • stress and nervous disorders;
  • General weakening of the body and low immunity;
  • Cerebral palsy;
  • a heel spur.

otdyh v sol ilecke

The unique resort of Sol-Iletsk uses the most modern methods of treatment and environmental factors that help to support failing health. Minimum necessary treatment course is seven days. Physical and herbal treatments, sessions in the artificial speleological chamber, cold therapy, and electric shock, healing baths and mud treatments - the approach to each patient is individual, which allows to obtain an effective result of the course of rehabilitation or recovery after illness.

Bathing in salt lakes

Water of the biggest lake in the collapse of the supersaturated salt, its healing impact compared with the benefit from bathing in the Israeli Dead sea.

Even non-swimmers can safely lie on its surface, with every cell of the body feeling the trembling excitement of the eighteen-meter abyss below. The water contains a lot of nutrients - salts of chlorine and bromine, sulfides, and due to the increased salinity in the lake is not living vegetation and living organisms. The benefits of swimming increases the influence of the hot dry climate that has a deleterious effect on psoriasis, rheumatism, skin diseases. Do not forget about caution - bathing alternate with sunbathing and a full recovery takes seven to ten days.

When can I arrive at the salt Spa?

Beach season officially opens on 15 may and lasts until about the middle of September, when the weather begins to deteriorate. To obtain a great suntan on the shores of lakes literally "sticks" to the skin, sitting on the pebbly beach. Doctors advise to take the opportunity to make a useful walking on the pebbles at least half an hour a day. The abundance of watermelon in August will be incredible sweetness and a cheap price, and the presence of a nearby stud farm wishing provides a daily dose of Mare's milk. Near water is a pine forest, so the air is filled with the healing aroma of pine.

sanatorii sol ilecka

Attractiveness of the resort

In addition to its unique healing opportunities every year the resort offers more quality and varied holiday in Sol ' -Iletsk, attracting thousands of tourists from all corners of Russia. Many come not only for treatment, but simply to gain strength, have good rest at affordable prices. The climate and the lack ofhigh humidity can acclimate and indulge in a pleasant holiday relaxation.

The resort is equipped with everything necessary - doctors are always ready to assist in working in the territory of the beach, the infirmary, the campers are informed about the temperature of the air and water (in the heat of the lake warms up to 34-35 degrees!) in the evenings there is a fun disco with fun contests as the kids delight having fun in the water Park and rides on the Ferris wheel. Everyone offers skilled massage therapist, you can also make peeling with the fish.

Pleased with the abundance of proposed tour routes, enjoying great demand among tourists. Of particular interest is the trip to Kazachiy Kuren - a great Museum under the open sky, plunged during the late 19th century. Here, not only can see the Cossack way of life, but also to actively participate in the economic works, to test your skill in various crafts.

sol ileck kurort - foto

Speak to the tourists the folklore Ensemble accessible and unobtrusively acquaint guests with folk games, rites, are invited to participate in the dance. Here you can swim and go fishing, try the Cossack apparel, horse riding. Lovely lunch consists of traditional Cossack food and pleasing to abundance and variety. The shortage of souvenir production, previously observed, successfully defeated, and everyone can take home a pleasant reminder of time well spent.

How to get to the salt resort

If you have the desire to see firsthand the wonderful attractiveness of the resort, just go to the Internet, in the search box to enter all four words "photo of the resort of Sol-Iletsk" and to ensure the reliability of the information provided. Considering the way in which it is best to get to this wonderful place, it is important to understand where the resort:

  • from Orenburg - 80 km;
  • from Ufa - 430 km;
  • from Perm - 980 km;
  • GPS coordinates: N 51° 08'54" E 55° 00'06".

To get to Sol-Iletsk you can train, bus or your own vehicle. In the latter way has its charms - you can not limit yourself to the time frame to have the possibility of free movement and quality of choice of residence.

From the regional center to the resort is only 80 kilometers, and already at the entrance the locals offer comfortable or very temporary shelter. Having your own car, it is possible to go further towards the lake, and among the many proposed options, to choose the most suitable home.

sol ileck kurort - foto

In Sol-Iletsk has its own railway station, so getting here by train is very easy. From the Russian capital, for example, here are the train Moscow → Almaty, Moscow → Moscow and Bishkek → Tashkent. The cost of the tickets are quite affordable - from 3 000 rubles in the second-class wagon up 4 553 rubles in the compartment. Train timetables can be found in reference service.

In the summer season from many Russian cities sent comfortable buses, with the ultimate goal of hydrochloric resort. In the town of Sol-Iletsk there is a bus station, where arriving passenger transport. Nearby is the Salt Spa.

Sol-Iletsk is one of the twenty top national resorts, along with other well-known resorts. Russia occupies a leading place in the world by the number of unique salty lakes, scattered throughout the vast country. Seven unique bodies of water Sol-Iletsk is a resort in the list of add worthy place. Natural healing factors of the resort allow people to save on expensive trips to foreign resorts and take advantage of an effective improvement in the home country.