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Where are the Andes mountains on the map, on which continent?

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Of course the question of where are the Andes there is no single correct answer. South America is the country which presents such a unique mountains that are unique in the world. The peculiarity of their structure since ancient times been the object of study for all scholars and researchers. They are unique and still not solved. An ordinary person perceives this mountain system, as a natural phenomenon as a symbol of the power of nature.

They extend on the edge throughout South America and have a length of thousands of kilometers. It is established that the length of the entire relief of the conversion of more than 9000 km For our country, these figures seem incredible, but because the Andes are a real dream of our compatriots. You need to celebrate the fact that not only the length becomes amazing, the width of some sections comes from 500 km to 700 km, which is a unique natural transformation.

Fragments of history to tell

The Andes sometimes called the "natural barrier" which protects the climate space of America. As a single mining complex each site has its own characteristics, features, differences. Conditionally can be divided into three clearly defined areas, which at the relevant location have the same name:

  • Northern Andes;
  • Central;
  • South.

When one hears the question - where are the Andes mountains, the correct answer is quite inaccurate. They are located across seven different States, and therefore you should always indicate the exact coordinates, or a lot.

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It is necessary and useful to know...

The name of the mountains has a century history. Just to say I can't answer even for experienced researchers, but the legends and facts, there are many. To go on this continent, it is very useful to know the most interesting moments. So, there is a perception that the name "Andes" takes its name from the first settlements, but according to the theory the Italian scientist is more likely the story of the creation of another type. The name comes from the appearance of these transformations, initially, "Andes, cordilleras o" called the East ridge, and then the name spread to the entire territory of these magnificent mountains.

In addition to the names of these transformations are peculiar in everything. They are unique and call them "restored". Particularly interesting here flora and fauna, which is diverse and unique. The main value of these natural resources are minerals.

Very interestingly, according to location, every state is rich in its natural wealth and resources, which leads to a unique market relations. Main activities within the layout of the mountains is the mining industry.

If you're wondering where are the Andes mountains on the map to see them, even without specific knowledge of geography. They defined the special white-green, and the exact coordinates are always fixed.

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A particular feature of city and that each plot mountain one connection line formed in a so-called different geological periods, so to observe here is completely different natural zones and landscapes , of course, the mountain reliefs.

In the Andes really are a lot of places that are worth a look – the snow-capped peaks and glaciers, craggy low and high gorges, plateau.

The mountain range is a major watershed between the rivers of the Atlantic and the Pacific.

What do we know about earthquakes?

Here and now are different kind and strength of earthquakes that are the main difficulty for tourists. Also within the mountains and is the most famous, the greatest active volcano, which residents refer to as "God of volcanoes", its height varies in the range of 6722 feet.

Why the Andes mountains considered an important asset of the world?

In an era when people choose for themselves an active lifestyle, the Andes become a goal you want to achieve. This is a real Paradise for those tourists who love the mountains and climbing, who's ready for the adrenaline rush to risk your life and get real pleasure.

There is always a lot of enthusiasts, for whom the mountain is the best place to stay. That is why, every thrill-seeker knows exactly on which continent are the Andes and what is the point of these transformations is particularly interesting. Come here from different corners of the world and enjoy an unforgettable experience. One such trip is equal to the present event is an invaluable experience and a sea of impressions.

But the main point still is that a single system of mountains of various. Each state has its own heritage that nature has given. Different climatic conditions, different design of the mountains – they are so contrasting and distinctive. It is not surprising that to describe them in one word is impossible, these mountains are the complex diversity and different faces. At school children learn, where are the Andes, and over time begin to dream to see them in reality. In fact, to visit South America worth it, because it's a completely different world, here you will never see something normal and understandable.

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A few words about the route

If you have decided to make an entertaining trip to the beautiful and charming South America, remember that to see all does not work, to visit all the places will not be possible. Because even on the map these mountains are quite protagen, and a variety of architectural monuments, natural areas and landscapes, unique itineraries and cultural heritage makes them quite vast.

The mountain system of the Andes, in fact, impossible to describe with words and sentences, because they are not only "very long" or "the oldest", any terms and concepts do not describe the beauty and uniqueness.