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Where are the Faroe Islands on the world map?

Gde nahodyatsya Farerskie ostrova

Not everyone will be able to quickly show where are the Faroe Islands, as many do not know in what part of the map to look for them. Meanwhile, these Islands are visited by more tourists. Of course, tourists do not have to rely on a beach holiday. Here most attracts those who want to completely disengage from the cities, noise, dust and to be alone with beautiful nature.

The island has been repeatedly recognized with the most amazing, cleanest on the planet. So where are the Faroe Islands on the world map? To the nearest Icelandic coast nearly 500 km away! Almost all goods are imported from Iceland and the country's economy rests exclusively on sheep and herring. That is, Faeroe Islands sell fish to Europe products and sheep wool. Despite this, the standard of living in the Islands one of the highest in the world. Until the mid-nineteenth century the economy of the country is completely dependent on the sale of sheep's wool. Even now, this animal is so developed that the number of sheep exceeds the number of inhabitants almost twice. In the Faroe Islands, there are practically no trees, but green meadows, unusual landscape attracts hundreds of photographers from around the world.

 gde nahodyatsya farerskie ostrova na karte mira

How to get there?

Direct flights from Russia to the island does not exist, but you can fly to Norway or Denmark, with a stopover at one of their airports. Book your flight to the Islands themselves via the Internet.
Between the Islands regularly ferries, or other modes of transport available. For a fee you can hire a boat to travel around the island.

For the Schengen visa to enter the island will not work. Though they officially belong to Denmark, are its laws. The island deliberately refused to participate in the European Union, according to European taxes on fishing are unacceptable.

Therefore, it is necessary to apply for a visa at the Visa application centre of Denmark with a special mark in one of the cities of Russia.

There are such centers in many major cities. Most travelers to the land use services travel Agency. All necessary visa documents submitted to the Agency, and its staff field of manufacturing pass them to their customers.

What to do on the Islands?

Tourists say a few basic points, which should be done in the Faroe Islands.

  • To try dishes from whale meat and lamb. Sometimes the ingredients are marinated in a year.
  • In any store you can buy good wool for knitting.
  • Photographed against the backdrop of a giant mailbox located on the island of Sandoy.


The climate of the Islands is not like every tourist. Sa year on the Islands can be no more than 80 days of sunshine without rain. But even in Sunny weather, the winds are blowing with terrible force. But come here when you want to retire, to be alone with beautiful breed and to feel on the edge of the earth.

In summer the temperature rarely rises above 15-17 degrees, and in winter it is very cold because of high humidity. True water in coastal zones does not freeze in winter because of the Gulf stream that bathe the island. The temperature of the water close to the Islands in winter is about 10 degrees. Only a small number of tourists visits this area in the winter, so winter - time favorite divers. In addition to high temperature, water has a perfect transparency.

Fauna of the Faroe Islands can boast of a special variety. In addition to the naval on-site was not originally animals. The majority of species were brought here by man.

 gde nahodyatsya farerskie ostrova na karte mira

The history of the Islands

There are 18 main Islands and only one of them is uninhabited. The first people settled the island back in the eighth century. For decades the island served as a transit point for the Vikings. For a long time the Faroe Islands belonged to Norway and Denmark, but in the 19th century, the territory was exclusively Danish. In the Second world war the territory of the Islands were occupied by Britain. It was a response to the actions of Germany, which took over Denmark. After the war the island was going to secede from Denmark, but received only partial sovereignty.

Excursions and sights of the Islands

Despite the above main points that are worth making tourists, the Faroe Islands can offer everyone plenty of entertainment. The main attractions of the Islands:

  • Affects air quality,
  • the beauty of high mountains,
  • green hillsides with flocks of sheep.

Every city is unique in its own way. Amaze compact size of small towns, especially when viewed from above and the bright roof painted in different colors. One of the peaks - a cliff, which for many years unsuccessfully trying to win the best climbers on the planet. This is one of the highest cliffs in the world.

The island Streymoy is a favorite placefishing lovers. Here you can catch large salmon, eels, pantusov. Visiting Nolsoy you can admire the rookeries of seals, where hundreds of animals. Island Fugloy, (which means "Bird island") was chosen by millions of birds. The height of the rocks exceed 500-600 meters and at these cliffs gladly settle many species of birds.

But apart from the natural attractions in the Faroe Islands you should definitely visit the ancient monastery Munkastova, which is over five hundred years. In the seventeenth century in the city raged a terrible fire. The only building in the city remaining after the fire was exactly Munkastova. Required to visit and Home of the Northern countries where the company operates a concert hall, art gallery. In the summer at night for guests of the Islands conduct orientation activities.

 gde nahodyatsya farerskie ostrova na karte mira

Culture and customs

The area where Faroe Islands, and national culture developed almost a thousand years away from the peoples of Scandinavia. But in the national ceremonies and celebrations can clearly be seen. For example, one of the holidays Independence recalls conducted in Norway festival. This day is celebrated on all the Islands of the archipelago. At this time, the Islands are carried out competition for water between the various villages and cities, and equestrian competitions.

Despite the remoteness and the mainland, on the Islands there is even a football team, a member of FIFA for more than 25 years. Especially unusual look of the stadium for training and international matches, which is situated on the shore of the ocean.


Speaking about the culture of the Faroe Islands, it is impossible not to say about the kitchen. The main two ingredients that are used by the inhabitants of the Islands is whale meat and lamb. All meals, local residents prefer to eat separately, not mixing them. But the national dish is most often prepared at home from local residents. Most of the restaurants offers international dishes, which veiled notes of local and Danish cuisine.

Most residents eat in the morning dish, like sandwiches consisting of slices of meat, bread and butter, fish, cheese. But unlike the sandwiches for the reception of such food be sure to use a fork and knife. Whale meat and lamb is seasoned in a special way on the cold sea breeze. Especially it is necessary to try a dish called "Russkie" is a dish of beef jerky, which is cooked for several months. A "scriptlet" meat getting dry for over a year and ready to eat without any further processing. Often thus getting dry and fish.

In the Faroe Islands there are almost no fish shops, and local residents, if necessary, put the fish on the table, catch it yourself. Garnish acts as potatoes, rice or other products. Among the drinks in the Faroe Islands is dominated by coffee and tea. Traditional black tea is often added to the herbs grown on the mountain slopes of the archipelago. Often the meal is accompanied by the drinking of beer and other alcoholic beverages.

 gde nahodyatsya farerskie ostrova na karte mira


The local Parliament consists of 33 deputies, elected for four years. Although formally the head of state is considered the Queen of Denmark, the Islands all the processes are managed by the high Commissioner.

The Parliament of the Islands with adequate powers to refuse entry into the European Union. The main reason for the disagreement with Europe approaches to the problem of territorial waters. Islands government is responsible mainly for the internal and external regulation, and Denmark supplies the archipelago with all the rest (defense, justice, issues of financing). The building itself looks like a Parliament building, the roof of which grows lawn grass. On the Islands many of these buildings, which periodically need to be mowing the lawn on the roof.

More than five hundred experts recognized the best island in the world in the field of tourism. Well-preserved nature, clean air and kindness of the local population are the reason that the island throughout the year is visited by many tourists from all over the world.