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Where are the Hawaiian Islands on the map of the hemispheres?

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Hawaiian Islands - a Paradise for tourists. Cote d'azur, warm sand, and round-the-clock festival atmosphere is sure to give a good mood and memorable stay. But this amazing archipelago is famous not only exotic, but also amazing sights. But if all thinking where are the Hawaiian Islands?

Quickly to get to the island from any mainland is not so easy. Interesting is the fact that the current President of the United States of America was born in the Hawaiian Islands.

It turns out that the world-famous Hawaii, hidden far beyond the expanse of the Pacific ocean and are one of the most remote inhabited places on the planet.

The location on the map

So, try to understand where are the Hawaiian Islands on the map of the hemispheres. The archipelago is located in the Northern hemisphere, in the heart of the Pacific Ocean. Many Islands of different size, like pearls, scattered from South to East and from North to West. From the United States of America to the nearest Islands of the chain is about 3850 km. To Japan distance is 6195 km away And the Islands of French Polynesia - 4,500 km Flight from Los Angeles is 5 hours, and Japan is about 7. To the Russians to relax on the soft sand, you must have a US visa.

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Territorial structure

Learning where to find the Hawaiian Islands on the map, it should be clarified that the length of the archipelago is 2451 km from Attala Kure in the Northwest to the Big Island in the South-East. This is the longest string of Islands throughout the world map.

As a territorial unit, the Hawaiian Islands are an archipelago, which belongs to the United States. It consists of 8 large Islands and 124 small, uninhabited. In size, the Islands are located in this order:

  • Big Island Give;
  • Maui;
  • Oahu;
  • Kauai;
  • Of Niihau;
  • Kahoolawe;
  • Lanai;
  • Molokai.

The capital of Hawaii is Honolulu. It is located on the colorful island of Oahu. On the Islands many volcanoes, rocks and various natural objects. Nature has taken care to create an unforgettable palette of your diversity. Only on the Big Island, centered 7 volcanoes, the most powerful of which is the current Kilauea. There are the most large mountain peaks. Mauna Kea rose above sea level to 4205 m, and its neighbor Muuna Loa - 4169 meters.

The total area of the Hawaiian Islands - 16637 is sq km, but 11675 sq km are securely hidden under a blanket of oceanic waters. Also Hawaii is famous for the mesmerizing waterfalls and meandering deep rivers.

There were Islands on the world map as a result of volcanic activity. Therefore it is nothing like the tops of huge undersea ridges. And is ejected out, the volcano forms a new piece of land. These processes are taking place in our days. Especially in the southern part of the archipelago.

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Climatic features

The location of the Hawaiian Islands dictates the climate. This is the perfect place to relax, as the temperature drops below 15 degrees Celsius. Even in the fierce cold February of Europeans, the Islands tourists sipping cool cocktails in bikinis on the beach. The ideal period for tourism, is may-October. The temperature is around 30 degrees Celsius. But the peculiarity of the climate is the fact that at this time blowing strong winds and even possible tornadoes.

Nature has created ideal conditions for a wealth of flora and fauna of Hawaii. Exotic tropical plants will not leave anyone indifferent, striking for its beauty and splendor. Kind of unusual shrubs, exotic flowers and mighty trees just made for melovanija.

But more surprising is the local flora and fauna. The diversity of the underwater world beckons avid divers from around the world. Extraordinary corals, colourful fish and mysterious sea creatures leave the most vivid impression on tourists.


Hawaii attract not only clear ocean water, but also mysterious and unique places. Here every piece of land can be called a landmark, as mother nature took care of local exoticism.

But the first place that you should visit is undoubtedly the Hawaiian volcanic Park. It is located near the city of Hilo on the island of Hawaii.

Park included in the UNESCO list. An outstanding place in its territory is a Museum dedicated to the volcano eruption Kilauea and massive mountain Mauna Loa. here you can also find petroglyphs carved into lava rock by ancient settlers.

On the island of Maui is the former Hawaiian capital of Lahaina. Here there is a 150-year-old Banyan is one of the largest trees in the world. Over the years, the Banyan tree became a tree grove that serves as an ideal vacation spotresidents and tourists alike.

The capital of Hawaii attracts tourists with the grandeur of the Royal Palace of Vira, the beauty of the arboretum "Lyon", as well as Manoa falls, located in the fabulous rainforest. From the height of bird flight you can see the crater of an extinct volcano diamond head Hanauma Bay. Enjoy the scenic views from the observation platform near the makapuu point lighthouse. To study the history and art will help the Museum of Islamic art. Also on the island of Oahu is the world-famous U.S. military base - pearl Harbor.

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Therefore, to do in Hawaii than there is. Fascinating pastime provided restless tourists-researchers. There can be very long to observe changes in flora and fauna, enjoy the fragrance and beauty of nature. For active rest lovers there is surfing, diving, Sorkin and more. If you want to be alone with your thoughts, there is simply no better place than the soft warm sand of the Hawaiian Islands.

Local romance, the indescribable beauty of the surrounding nature and extravagant traditions and customs attract not only tourists, but also honeymooners. It is considered a great happiness, if the marriage of two loving hearts will have been concluded in the Hawaiian Islands. He promises happiness, love and harmony of family relations.