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Where are the Canary Islands on the world map

 Gde nahodyatsya Kanarskie ostrova?

Although not all know where the Canary Islands, everyone knows about this wonderful place, which for many has become a synonym for luxury holidays. Many even consider them part of ancient Atlantis, which sank thousands of years ago.

Show the map where are the Canary Islands, and quickly find them can not even everyone who visited them. But despite this, all heard about them and dream to get there. In recent years, the popularity of the Canary Islands holiday is only growing. At the same time on the Islands can relax millions of people. The number of tourists each year exceeds the number of residents in a few times!

Climatic conditions

The Canary Islands consist of seven large Islands and six small, each of which is considered a continent in miniature. The climate of each island is unique but they are United by the fact that here all year round you can sunbathe under the warm sun and swim in the ocean. Therefore, the island is recommended for those whose holiday fell exactly on the winter months: will be able to relax "in the summer".

pokazat na karte gde nahodyatsya kanarskie ostrova

The origin of the name

Many people mistakenly believe that the Islands are named after Canaries. Research indicates, however, that it was quite the contrary – that birds were named after the Islands. The name Canaries comes from the Latin word translated as "dogs". That is, the island can be called a Dog. Even the coat of arms of the Canary Islands located a picture of two dogs. In the second version the name comes from the sea lions, which were formerly called "sea dogs." Possible connection with Ancient Egypt, where one of the gods had a dog's head (Anubis). The local population considered the dogs sacred animals.

Those who do not know where are the Canary Islands on the map, will be useful to know their location. Though the Canary Islands are considered a territory of Spain, to the coast of Spain not less than thousands of kilometers. The African continent is much closer. So before you make a decision about visiting Tunisia or Egypt should consider holiday in the Canary Islands.

The mistake of many is that they still believe that the rest of the Canary Islands is available only for people with very high earnings or who puts on such leave for a few years. But you can rest, and not much spend. First, you can stay in a hotel with fewer stars, and secondly, in these hotels you can always bargain.

Despite the number of stars, each offering a high level of service. In General, going to the Canary Islands, you can be sure that the affordable hotel would be necessarily found. For example, in hotel with average pricing stay will cost around 50-100 euros per night. It is important to note that this cost can even rent a car. But it is easy to find the hotel and 40 euros a day, although have to eat in expensive restaurants, and will have to stay in the same cheap hotel. Meanwhile, if we analyze the costs to the Canary Islands, it turns out that the same holiday in neighboring Tunisia, Morocco or Egypt will not become much cheaper. Of course, at little cost, will have to move around the island (or between the Islands) by public transport.

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Transport in the Canary Islands

Within one island you can move around and walk. It will especially appeal to fans of Hiking. Between cities within the same island are also available and bus routes, the cost of which is available to everyone.

But we should not forget that the Canaries is an archipelago of several Islands and not visiting at least a few of them cannot be considered a full-fledged vacation. Of course, some tourists may not to go outside the hotel, but most of the rest visits the neighboring Islands.

If you rent a car, then it can move not only on one island, but sailed over on the ferry to explore the neighbouring Islands. Of course, for the crossing will have to pay, but worth it. For renting a car for a week will have to pay about twenty euros. Of course, it all depends on the class of car.

Many vacationers buy tickets on the hydrofoil boats to move between Islands much faster and to admire from a distance the beauty of each island. Tourists often want to quickly move from one extreme of the archipelago to another, which equals to about a thousand kilometers. There are a lot of flights.

Every city has its own taxi service. For kilometers around the city will have to pay approximately 1 Euro. When leaving the city limits have to pay 1.5-2 euros. Increases rate and when traveling at night.

Sights and activities in the Canary Islands

Tourists from Russia, Tenerife - the most popular of the Islands. It is in the airport of this island landed a direct flight from Moscow, so going to Tenerife, you need to be ready to hear my native tongue on the beach, the restaurant or hotel. Because of the fact that Russian tourists do not always like to travel between the Islands, they stay here.

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During the whole February in Tenerife is a Grand festival that can compete with the world-famous festival in Rio de Janeiro.

The second most popular island among tourists from Russia Gran Canaria. It has everything that a vacationer is interested in:

  • excursions
  • shops,
  • entertainment
  • restaurants
  • water parks,
  • beaches for every taste.

It is the largest island by population, and a large number of tourists due to its unique climatic conditions, which are considered the best among all the Islands. The climatic situation on the island contributes to a beach holiday for the whole year.

Those who wish to relax alone with the nature, just have to go to the island of Gomera. The lack of industrial enterprises, the beneficial effect on the nature of the island Hierro. Fascinating night walks under the moon along the promenade on the island of Lanzarote. Fuerteventura is a favorite island for lovers to sunbathe on the beach or surfing. It was here in the middle of summer held an international contest for surfing, Windsurfing, kite surfing and other marine sports. In General, each island is able to provide its guests with the rich program with a wide choice of entertainment.


Although not all know where the Canary Islands on the world map, many have heard about the outstanding kitchen Islands from their friends who have visited here. For example, in Tenerife you can enjoy the Canarian potatoes. At first glance it may seem that there is nothing special about this dish there, but the added sauces fill it with unusual taste. The potatoes are grown in the highlands and grows at a height of not less than 900 meters! Don't forget about the fish dishes, seafood. Many restaurants are large aquariums where each tourist can choose the "victim" for cooking.

Vacation with children

Many holidaymakers visit the Canary Islands with children. For choice of vacation spots need to be concerned about the absence nearby of noisy discos, cafes, markets. The best option for families with children on the island of Fuerteventura, where there are no noisy places.

Canaries and security

Of course, any inattentive tourist can suffer from petty crooks. Mostly illegal migrants, who arrived here from neighbouring African continent. To avoid theft, you must carry cash, and pay with electronic cards or traveller's cheques. Some tourists even recommend to keep your savings in several credit cards. But to pay for goods in markets or to pay the taxi driver should still have a little bit of cash. In General, petty theft and vandalism are very rare.

Gifts and Souvenirs

Rarely any tourist goes to the Canary Islands to make purchases of various goods. In any city there are dozens of shops where you can buy everything you need, but most tourists come here just for a beach holiday.

gde nahodyatsya kanarskie ostrova na karte mira

Of course, you should worry about buying gifts for yourself and your family. It may be small Souvenirs, reminiscent of visiting the Canary Islands. Most importantly, do not rush to buy them the first day next to the hotel shops, as on the island you can find similar things at a price that is much lower.

Canary Islands is a perfect place for tourists of any age. Anyone who can afford a holiday in Egypt, Tunisia, or Turkey, with the same success could go to the Canary Islands. The only holiday on the Canary Islands will be much more interesting than the "boring" resorts.