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Where are the Carpathians on the world map?

Karpaty gde nahodyatsya

Carpathian mountains is a vast mountain system in Central Europe which runs through the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Serbia and Austria.

These mountains are located towards the Western part of Ukraine and have the average length of 280 km. the Terrain is stacked here, there are the foothills, low mountain, middle mountain and high mountain areas. Their height can reach 2000 m.

These places are particularly clean air and beautiful open spaces, which of course is not to attract tourists and climbers. I hope that you will no longer torment the question - where are the Carpathians.

The Carpathian mountains are located in four regions of Ukraine:

  • Chernivtsi;
  • Zakarpattya;
  • Lviv;
  • In Ivano-Frankivsk.

The most popular among the tourists won the mountains such as:

  • Hoverla;
  • Pop Ivan;
  • Petros;
  • Hamster.

The height of these mountains sometimes exceeding 2000m, so they attract tourists. The atmosphere around fascinating: pristine nature, clean air, lack of people, diversity of trees, plants and aromas.

In addition to stunning scenery, hikers, and locals here attracts fishing. Rivers of the Carpathians are rich with fish.

Where are the Carpathians on the world map it is easy to identify because they occupy a large territory and is highlighted with brown color.

Carpathians can be divided into 3 parts according to geographical location: Southern, Western, Eastern. Western Carpathians – Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland. The highest point of the Carpathians is located in Gerlach with a height of 2655 m. In turn, all the Southern Carpathians are located in Romania and in Ukraine is almost all part of the Eastern Carpathians.

As a rule, the most active tourism in the Carpathians in winter. With the mid-autumn here comes the first snow and guests arrive in anticipation of the start of the ski resort, warming mulled wine and good cheer.

Recently one of the most preferred destinations for skiing holidays were exactly the Carpathians. Summer vacation here has its charm. Everyone can choose something like:

  • fishing;
  • bathing in rivers;
  • at the farmers ' courtyards to communicate with different animals;
  • to engage in any craft.

Interesting places to stay

In the Carpathians in the water, it is famous for its healing properties throughout Ukraine. Thanks to the healing properties of water and air there are plenty of sanatoria, dispensaries and recreation facilities.

Definitely worth a visit towns such as Mukachevo, Ivano-Frankivsk, Slavske. Ivano-Frankivsk is famous for its many attractions. That only is a glorified town Hall?

In Mukachevo there is the majestic and ancient castles. In Slavske should go to those who are actively involved in downhill skiing.

The pride of the Carpathians Pearl cave, on the walls appear calcite beads resembling jewels. Enchanted valley – a gorge with huge cliffs. Also noteworthy:

  • hanging swamp;
  • the Park "Sinevir";
  • stone gate;
  • rock lovers;
  • the crystal walls cave.

Narcissus valley – the best place in the Carpathian mountains for Hiking in the spring. The whole valley is studded with beautiful white flowers with a diameter of about ten centimeters.

Health and treatment in the Carpathians

Luxury hotels, bases of rest the whole year is ready to accept new guests in the Carpathians. Usually all the places to stay are located near rivers, dense forests and picturesque surroundings.

An important feature of the treatment here is low cost for housing, meals, treatments. Additionally, in certain months you can get bonuses or discounts on tours to the Carpathians.