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Where is Maldives on the world map?

Gde nahodyatsya Maldivy?

Some in languid delight roll their eyes at the mention of the holiday in Maldives, but to the question - Where are the Maldives? not everyone will be able to give the correct answer. Meanwhile, find their location is not difficult. Picking up the map, find the Indian ocean. Two parallel chains of Islands in the South-West of India and near the equator, and has a coveted Maldives.

A bit of geography

Exotic coral Islands stretched from North to South on 820 kilometers. The total area of Maldives is 90 thousand square kilometers, but only 298 square kilometers is reserved land, the remaining area is the sea. Coral atolls combine delicious 1192 Islands, of which 994 desert.

gde nahodyatsya maldivy na karte mira

The population of the Paradise country is 393 thousand people, who settled on two hundred Islands. About half of them hospitably welcome tourists from around the world who know where is Maldives on the world map and seek to come here as often as possible. The island is very small, a few square kilometers, so each of them are located not more than one hotel. Blue crystal clear lagoons, beautiful sandy beaches, unique vegetation and the highest level of service make the stay here a delightful and memorable.


Where are the Maldives? Where winter never comes. Sub-Equatorial monsoon climate annual average temperature is 24-30 degrees. From November to March are dry warm weather and the thermometer does not fall below 17 degrees. From June to August rain, the sea and the temperature is 30-32 degrees. Swimming here is nice all year round because the water temperature is constantly kept at the same level of 24-27 degrees.

Flora and fauna

A distinctive feature of the fauna is the complete absence of poisonous reptiles. And even dog bite you can not be afraid, the content of these animals is banned at the legislative level. But rather at a small distance from the shore you can see huge whale sharks, but as you know, the giants eat only plankton, so those wishing to swim you can do it without fear.

Lovers of exotic fruits just need to know where are the Maldives, because there are a great many. The unique climate allows not to test a lack of vitamins all year round.

Coconuts, bananas, mango, papaya, pineapple delight of tourists and natives to its juicy pulp. Everywhere a delicate fragrance of orchids, hibiscuses, roses, their colors and variety is amazing.

Tranquility, peace and complete unity with nature allow you to completely abandon the existing problems and give yourself proper rest.

maldivy eto gde

The smallest capital

The male is recognized as the smallest capital in the world, because it covers an area of only 2.5 square kilometers. It's a tiny cozy town, the main attractions are the mosque of the "Great Friday" with a shining Golden dome, located in the Sultan Park, national Museum, Presidential Palace and the legendary burial Maldivian saints. There are no noisy entertainment venues, but you can stroll along the picturesque promenade, to enjoy a floral scent in a shady Park, visit a kind of vegetable and craft markets. Everything in this country is subject to the laws of nature, and, perhaps, even good sometimes, to relax from the hustle and bustle of big cities in this cosy and peaceful place.

Visa and customs control

Where are the Maldives are well known by those who managed to visit this wonderful exotic places and will surely visit her again.

To travel here is not required to visit the consular agencies Maldives visa-free country.

Here you can relax within 30 days, such period is specified in the tour.visa, which is free in the passport on arrival in the country. Customs can check whether you comply with the rules by which to import prohibited:

  • drugs;
  • pork products;
  • animals;
  • alcohol;
  • anti-Islamic literature;
  • pornographic products;
  • military attributes.

In addition, going on an exotic vacation, it should be remembered that in this Muslim country banned nudism, Topless, and women when visiting the capital city and districts inhabited by the aborigines, should exclude the wearing of beachwear, knees and shoulders must be covered.

Gde nahodyatsya Maldivy na karte mira

The attractiveness of Maldives

Important for local residents and it is not burdensome to us bans and restrictions did not detract from the merits of holiday in this fabulous country. Now you know that the Maldives is where the transparency of the warm waters of the Indian ocean, exotic fruits and flavorexquisite flowers, sprawling trees and flocks of colorful fish, calm, silence and solitude on a small colorful island in the middle of the ocean expanse. The Maldives is a Paradise on earth, the delight and bliss that you can afford to give.