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Where are the Seychelles Islands on the world map where is located?

Gde nahodyatsya Sejshelskie ostrova?

Today Russian tourists are more discerning, so we try to choose to stay the most exotic and attractive places. One such place is the Seychelles, which are becoming increasingly popular. And if until recently, many Russians did not even know where the Seychelles Islands, at the present time the majority of Russian tourists will easily show them on the world map.

Where are they located?

Many peoples on the earth there are legends of a onetime Paradise on earth. Some of them can be considered completely fictional, and some are still worth paying attention to. Especially when it comes to some of the regions located closer to the equator, where they have not much sway. In this place are the Seychelles Islands, which are often referred to as "Paradise on Earth".

When he used the word "Seychelles", it should be borne in mind that this is not actually one island but an archipelago, which is located in the vast areas of ocean.

In words it would be difficult to describe their location, because the Indian ocean is pretty big. It is best to take up visual AIDS and see where are the Seychelles Islands on the world map, she will be the best helper of solving this issue.

gde nahodyatsya sejshelskie ostrova na karte mira

Generally speaking, you can say that these Islands located in the Indian ocean closer to the equator. And if to be more precisely, it is the Western part of that ocean, approximately 1600 km from the Eastern part of African continent, from Kenya. The next most important landmark is the large island of Madagascar, located a little further South. In the relative vicinity of the Seychelles are quite important objects, as the Islands of Mauritius and Reunion, which are located further South. Further to the South-West is situated of the Comoros, and to the North-East of the Maldives.

What are the Seychelles?

Seychelles is a Republic, comprised of 115 Islandsof varying area. For those tourists who wish to become a modern Robinson has the opportunity to realize his dream, because of all the Seychelles Islands but only 33 are inhabited and they have a granite structure. They have a lot of mountains and hills. All the rest have long been known, but they have no lives, so it is possible to become one with nature, settling for the duration of their holiday or at least for a few days. They are small coral atolls; some of them completely deserted, and the part covered by tropical vegetation.

The area of all these Islands is 455 km2. There is like a little coral Islands, and quite large. The largest island of the archipelago - Mahe. Its area is 142 km2 and it is the capital called Victoria. Due to its large size, the island is international airport. Among the other large Islands include:

  • Silhouette
  • Praslin
  • Aldabra
  • La Digue.

Some researchers believe that in fact the most largest island is Mahé and Aldabra. The population of Seychelles is not too big, only about 90 thousand people.

So what attracts tourists to the Seychelles?

Many people who know where is located the Seychelles, I wish to visit here. And this just is not surprising, since to visit the resort, where almost all year round sunshine and you can swim in the ocean - the dream of any tourist. Here exotic nature that is found in any region on the planet. Here come travellers from all over the world; and not only from Europe or America but also from Asia.

Thanks to the beautiful natural landscape with exotic flora and fauna of the Seychelles Islands occupy a leading position among all the other Islands in the world.

The most remarkable plants in the archipelago are quite common, are Seychelles Palma and the sea coconut is the fruit it can weigh up to 20 kg. One of the best is the island of Silhouette, which is why many tourists prefer to choose it for a vacation. This choice is influenced by the fact that here the natural landscape is practically not affected by human hand and it can be considered that the people here live quite far away from the benefits of civilization.

Especially these Islands appealing to divers, because here you can find some of the most beautiful underwater lagoons. Here the water is so transparent that even at a distance of a few tens of meters from the coastal strip well you can see the seabed. Fish here are not afraid to plunge into the water person, so during these dives you can enjoy hundreds of different species of fish, coral, and whimsical seaweed. Here are very wonderful kitchen, which can surprise any gourmet.


How to get to Seychelles?

Those Russian tourists who know where is located the Seychelles, just trying to figure out in what way you can get there. Neither from Moscow nor from other Russian city there is no direct flight to the Seychelles. In most cases, tourists first fly to:

and from there take a ticket for one of the flights of the national airlines. This is the only way by you can get on Mahe island where is located the main airport of the country.

If you need to get to any other large island of the archipelago, it is necessary to book a ticket on a commuter plane. But to the Islands to get on the ferry - here's a ticket must be bought only on arrival on Mahe. There is another quite interesting option to get to the resort, located on one of the Islands - by helicopter.

In order not to lose how your time looking for the carrier, should I buy tickets in advance. Moreover, to the destination, as it will be cheaper. Moreover, it is best to make the whole route, where you must specify not only the relevant destinations, but also time of arrival and departure, as well as all dates. Only in this way will not lose time on the road.

When is the best time to relax in the Seychelles

Here you can relax all year round because of its proximity to the equator and surrounded on all sides by water, the climate across the Islands is very soft and warm. Although tropical countries have the stifling heat and high humidity, in the Seychelles such negative factors do not exist. The climate here is not just rain, but monsoon, so most of the year here the sun shines brightly.

ggde raspolozheny sejshelskie ostrova

At this resort can clearly distinguish 2 seasons. The first of them is from may to September. At this time, feel cool and humidity falls. At this time, rarely rains and the average temperature is kept 25 degrees Celsius. The second season - from November to may is the period of the monsoons that come from the North-East. At this time it rains, but the temperature rises to +30 degrees. If you choose the most convenient time for vacation, it will be the months of may and October. In these two months the rains are very rare, the ocean becomes quiet and blows a gentle warm breeze.