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Where to relax on the Black sea in Russia inexpensive (cheap) and how much is in Sochi and Abkhazia?

Gde otdohnut na CHernom more v Rossii nedorogo?

From the North-West to South-East lies the black sea coast, famous for its curative mud and mineral waters, cliffs and sandy beaches, pine forests, waterfalls, lakes, Botanical parks and manmade attractions, so many people prefer it is a unique place for summer vacation. It remains only to decide where to relax on the Black sea in Russia cheap: in Sochi - with a humid and occasionally rainy climate, with many therapeutic resorts in a quiet and deserted "tangerine" Abkhazia, Anapa is the most suitable for the children of the district, soft and sustainable for the weather in Noumea, with its bays and coves, or any other scenic edge at an affordable cost to get a lot of unforgettable impressions and pleasure.

Advantage vacation within the country is that it is not required to apply for a visa, you are not required to obtain a passport and worry about the exchange rate in the case of crossing the border. On what to pay attention to the tourists, going to vacation on the black sea coast? You need to consider what services, including travel, meals, accommodation, treatment, and diversity in leisure involves one or the other tour.


Sochi is famous for the warmest weather in the whole of Russia. Campers will enjoy a raging torrent and many of the caves, spend time among the beautiful exotic flowers and unusual plants, rhododendrons, lianas, eurovisin, and due to the clean air and mineral waters will get the speedy recovery. Forest, mountains, fountains, children's slides and playgrounds, rental of beach and sporting equipment, are equipped with ramps to the sea - all these attributes Sochi resorts is very attractive for families with children, young people and interested in sports of people creating a lot of opportunities for recreation.

 skolko stoit otdohnut v sochi

Comfortable, modern hotels, services comparable to the big hotels, gives the resort more and more popularity and attractiveness.

During the preparations for the winter Olympics in Sochi, the improvement was significant sums of money spent, so plenty of places for vacationers a variety of value - a distinctive feature of the city.

Recovery, treatment, family vacations, seminars, organization of romantic trips, unique attractions Sochi - all this provided the resort with a world name.

Go to a resort, should consider options for rental housing:the private sector, room, and also this can be living together in the apartment with the owner near the sea, in connection with which the daily value of such "places" range from 350 rubles per day per person, depending on the conditions. Apartment "turnkey" in the twenty-minute walk from the sea could cost 1200 rubles per person, while closer to shore - about 1500 rubles. Quiet place with a wing in the courtyard of a private house do not differ in price from the usual "Khrushchev", only need to consider the environment - neighbours, construction work, the presence of busy roads.

How much it costs to have a rest in Sochi, if you live in a hotel? The guest house is located a five minute walk from the sea, will cost from 1000 rubles and above. Homes in the private sector - 1200-1500 rubles. A double room in minigostinitsa room, with amenities that are common to all - about 1500-1700 rubles per day. And pensions more comfortable rooms will cost from 2000 rubles. Canteens are relatively cheap lunch costs 150 rubles, you can not say about the cafe, requesting three times more expensive for the same dishes.


The South-Western part of the black sea coast, the connection area of the greater Caucasus and Azov lowland, with its plateau and foothills, sandy and rocky beaches, as well as a variety of places for recreation in Anapa:

  • cinemas,
  • clubs
  • restaurants
  • guest houses.

To improve your health will help medical knoll, estuary and hydrogen sulfide mud. Anapa choose couples with children, and those who prefer the mild climate of this region. Gentle slopes into the water, half-meter depth at a great distance from the coast and absence of stones make it possible to arrange entertainment for children in the water for the kids to dive and explore the seabed with fins, and snorkel, to learn to swim.

The cheapest room in Anapa can be removed in a half hour's walk distance from the coast (within 200 roubles per person, without intermediaries, which increases the cost by 20% or more), but you need to be ready to use shared kitchen and bathroom facilities with other guests or the owners.

In the case of arrival to Anapa in June or September, the cost of housing here will be 30-50% lowercompared to prices in July and August.

Inexpensive recreation is a good option for families with children including three meals a day and a partial convenience not to exceed cost 1500 rubles per person. By purchasing products from farmers and not on the market, you can save considerably on food.

skolko stoit otdohnut v abhazii


Camping Scala Kabardinka with sea views located 12 km from Gelendzhik. It offers barbecue facilities, private on-site Parking and a private beach. In all areas of the campsite Scala Kabardinka free Wi-Fi. Bed linen is provided.

The hotel has a grill bar and a mini-market. Bike rental is available. To popular activities in the area include snorkeling and diving. 23 km from the campsite Scala Kabardinka village Divnomorskoe. Distance from the campsite Scala Gelendzhik airport is 7 km away.

We speak your language! Of. website: scala-camp.ru

The area of this region is the area of pine plantations, famous mountains, pure air, enriched with ozone, which stretches for a hundred kilometers along the coast. The visitors has a fairly extensive selection of places for active recreation, as well as in order to send their children to camp, which hosts carnival and evening fireworks.

Gelendzhik - a kind of sanatorium specializing in the treatment of

  • cardiovascular
  • respiratory diseases
  • nervous system
  • problems with musculoskeletal disorders.

Improved the city's infrastructure, recreation and health resort a modern five-star hotels and small hotels suggest plenty of opportunities for recreation in accordance with any requests of tourists. There are water parks, as well as inexpensive cafes where you can sample the freshest seafood.

 gde otdohnut na chernom more deshevo

Most hotels works on the principle of "all inclusive". If interested in those, how much to rest in Gelendzhik, the first step is to determine the transport: flight from Moscow - 10 thousand rubles per person, traveling by train will cost from 2,000 rubles, but the cost of the vehicle must be calculated independently, given the overnight stay at the hotel.

The weekly cost of the tour in Noumea, including accommodation in a sanatorium with a meal for two will be about 32 thousand rubles, which is not favorable in comparison with the tour and hotel accommodation. A popular choice of tourists a comfortable stay at an average distance from the shore, cost about 1500 rubles per day with a single meal a day. Thus, focusing on the conditions of the resort of Gelendzhik, it's safe to assume that the amount of 12,000 rubles will be enough to spend a week on vacation, in that case, if the requests of tourists is relatively modest, and visits to expensive restaurants is not expected.


Abkhazia is a small, cozy country in the North-Eastern part of the black sea coast. Mountain and marine landscape played an important role in shaping the climate of Abkhazia. Most of the year, there remains a pleasant, warm weather, so coming in here any time, campers will get maximum of inspiration and experience. Identity, friendship, the Russian-speaking population (language they know everything), the uniqueness of the natural factors is a very pleasant distinctive characteristics of Abkhazia.

skolko stoit otdohnut v gelendzhike

In Abkhazia it is offered:

  • exciting excursions in the mountains,
  • the road to the mysterious caves
  • to the falls with stunning views,
  • crystal clear lakes,
  • incredible journey in Colchis forest
  • paragliding over the sea,
  • horseback riding through the groves.

Abkhazia, which is 170 medicinal sources of mineral waters, is considered to be health-territory: here is the treatment of the physical and psychological ailments.

If you ask a question about how much it costs to have a rest in Abkhazia, this amount depends on where you're going and how much you intend to spend will buy kebabs, to pay for entertainment for children and adults? I must say, the food in Abkhazia is relatively inexpensive. In General, each purchase of 1000 rubles at your local supermarket in Abkhazia respectively, "delay" is 1200 rubles. A generous lunch will cost 150 rubles per person, average cost cafes. Only in the evening, the prices are 30-40% jump up, reaching the level of the restaurant.

In the warm season, visitors will delight peaches, melons, and hospitality and conditions for tourists from year to year only improves. In the winter hotels of Abkhazia offered the rooms cost 450 rubles, in autumn - from 800 to 1200 rubles, in the summer season accommodation, 500 m away from the shore, is not less than 1500-2000 rubles. Pensions, with their fashionable sets including the SPA and pool, working on the "allinclusive" for two people will cost 2500 rubles per day. The cost of homes in the private sector does not exceed 300 rubles per person, but according to nuance, at how many places and what facilities the accommodation you provided, the value can vary in the range of 800-2500 rubles for two.

Using the possibility of accommodation in the private sector, the guests have a chance closer study of the traditions of the Abkhazians at any time to buy quality and inexpensive wine, fruit, agricultural products, food (only 80 rubles for 300 grams!), to communicate with nature and live "savages". Visitors need to consider the land stretching from the house to the coast: if it is mountainous, the path in the opposite direction will significantly exceed the stated time.
skolko stoit otdohnut v gelendzhike


Tuapse is a city - health resort type, with 250 health centers, with a mild subtropical climate, characterized by relict forests and exclusive attractions. In Tuapse many camps located near the resorts, which is convenient for vacationing families. Visitors are offered a natural means of healing, as well as the extensive list of attractions and entertainment ranging from water fun, diving, rental of catamarans - up to fly with a parachute.

Bath time lasts here from may till October, as the upper layers of water warm up to 25 degrees. Tourists enjoy visiting museums, cinemas, walk on the rocks of streams, find all kinds of recreation. Forests cover about 80% of the area of Tuapse. Canyons, waterfalls, landscapes, natural attractions it is proposed to review the travelers. The town has both public and private beaches with a coastline.

The cost of weekly trips to Tuapse for two with departure from Moscow, for example, is 40,000 roubles. Meanwhile, separately route the train will cost 2300 rubles per person, flight - 5000 rubles, you need to consider buying a ticket. The level of comfort of living conditions in this region are not too high, for example, in comparison with Sochi, and the cost of housing here is also relevant - compared to the Anapa resort - below 20%.

Going to Tuapse, it is necessary to have an idea about where to stay, to stay pleasure, and the rest was not the frustration that can be associated with chemical production in the city. Most vacationers prefer to rent accommodation in the holiday villages Tuapse district, located far from the center of the city, where a factory of chemical fertilizers. From Tuapse at any time easily accessible to other resorts. Housing prices are formed in proportion to the remoteness of the beach from the house, but especially they increase the comfort of the rooms in the same hotel, the difference in cost of rooms in the economy class and "Deluxe" is five times. At the distance from 500 to 1000 m from the sea house prices can be maintained at the same level, and the farthest hotel room will cost two times cheaper than seaside. Guest house with Parking, located a twenty minute walk from the coast, are available at a cost from 200 to 500 rubles per day per room.

skolko stoit otdohnut v gelendzhike

As you can see, a vacation on the black sea coast may be relatively inexpensive and fun, and the experience will remain for many years. Summing up the aforesaid, it should be noted that the choice of place to stay - it's not just financial opportunities, but also personal preference. If small towns and villages are not an abundance of establishments for entertainment, then this is the place where to relax on the Black sea cheaply and in relative comfort can tourists, do not count on renting hotel rooms in the city centre.

Housing will cost more if you use the services of intermediaries. If the cost of food in resort towns is the same as in many other cities of Russia, the stalls on the coast can offer, all at prices three times higher than the usual. Whether you buy ready meals or standing at the stove, ready to wash by hand or can't imagine living without household devices first need? Can you refuse the resort attractions and entertainment? And if not, how many are willing to pay for them? You decide. A pleasant and unforgettable holiday!