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Where to go skiing in Russia?

Gde pokatatsya na gornyh lyzhah v Rossii?

Infrastructure of the Russian ski vacation is rapidly growing. According to analysts, it surely seeks to ensure that in the near future to comply fully with international standards. But the range of services and opportunities for lovers of ski holidays and today is very wide. Therefore, it is necessary to thoroughly examine the possibilities of where to go skiing in Russia, to choose a place to travel and enjoy the journey.

The number and diversity of mountain systems in Russia is not inferior to other countries. Which are just amazing and mysterious slopes of the Altai and Caucasus.

The direction of the Russian ski resorts

Anyone who has ever stood on a snowboard or skis, raced on them for light snow towards the sun, remember these feelings forever. But if this has not happened until now for some reason, you need to act: to choose where to go to skiing and to prepare for the holiday.

The Urals and the Caucasus are the main Russian ski resorts. Bashkortostan, Chelyabinsk, Sverdlovsk region located in the Ural mountains. In the Caucasus there are Krasnaya Polyana, Dombai, Elbrus region.

Seasoned travelers recommend to choose a ski holiday based on skills, preferences, wishes and possibilities. Beginners will fit Dombay. Fans of extreme sports and drive should go to the Elbrus region.

The slopes of Krasnaya Polyana (such as the resorts: esto-Sadok and Rosa Khutor) and it was comparable in beauty with the Swiss.

Gde pokatatsya na lyzhah v Rossii?

Not to choose today a tourist for a skiing holiday in Russia, his best of moods, clean mountain air and positive emotions.

From classic genre to a ski Paradise

A variety of mountain landscapes make Russia one of the most popular countries among ski resorts in the world. Not all of them can be easily reached, but where to ski in Russia – it is easy to determine by examining the structure of the ski industry.

A classic ski holiday is called Dombay. This is the most popular and oldest resort. It was opened in 1925. Before our time, he got a well-developed infrastructure. Tourists come here and are located in Dombay meadow. From here roads lead to the mountains. You can climb on:

  • two-seated road
  • a pendulum cable car,
  • rope-tow on the road.

Kuda poehat katatsya na gornyh lyzhah?

On the slopes of the mountain trails for skiers with different abilities. To services of tourists – hotels, hotels, rental locations, restaurants, swimming pools and other facilities.

Krasnaya Polyana is located in the South Caucasus mountain Range near Sochi. Despite the mild climate and the average temperature is zero in this area, there is snow. He condenseries due to the wet sea air. The snow was light and slippery. But when there is warming, it becomes heavy and wet. In Sochi, you can go skiing and sunbathe. Today Krasnaya Polyana is a resort of European level. The Sochi winter Olympics has become a vivid proof of that.

The Elbrus region is considered to be a real skiing Paradise of Russia. Here, in the Caucasus the Russians come and the tourists of Europe. In the Baksan valley is one of the most popular ski resorts. Around Elbrus and Cheget is located the mountain trails. They have an overall length of about 40 km.

The snow on the slopes of the Caucasus falls early, so tourists get to ride in November and finish in June. In the area of Gara-Bashi tourists ride year-round. This is the most accessible point of Elbrus.

For the beauty of the natural scenery of the mountains of the southern Urals called the "southern Switzerland". "Zaviyaliha" is one of the famous ski resorts. The season here begins in early November and lasts until April. The resort has educational trails with a length of 650 metres. For fans of snowboarding, half-pipe equipped routes in international standards. Come here for training sports teams. The systems of artificial snowing is used to improve the quality of the trails.

Kuda poehat pokatatsya na gornyh lyzhah?

Khibiny massif is located in the Murmansk region. "Big Vudyavr" is one of the first ski resorts. Tourist routes start from the level of 1600 m above the sea. The newest lifts, training slopes, a snow Park equipped with the latest technology.

Snowgroomers make the track perfect for riding. Polar night, Northern lights, lighted track to create the atmosphere of new year holiday that never ends.

Discreet service in the ski industry

For skiing today do not have to go abroad. Great descents are available and in Russia. They appreciated the Russians and guests from other countries. Tourists are offered atime on the descents. To climb the mountain with the help of modern lifts. A cozy cafe located at every step. Hot chocolate, mulled wine, coffee during the breaks between trips lift your spirits.

Hotels of some ski resorts located above sea level (about 2,000 meters).

Clean mountain air is a health store and a charge for many months.

Natural snowy landscapes – a subject of pride of Russians. They attract and fascinate grandeur.

The main asset of the Russian ski slopes is their duration. They reach several kilometers. For beginners keep it simple, and for the professionals – more difficult. But everyone can ride with the breeze on the sparkling snow.

To move from one resort to another is quite simple. It is enough to desire the presence of the helicopter. And the problem is where to go skiing again, quickly resolved. Just a few minutes away mountain peaks and resorts from each other.

Preparations for the ski holiday: mood, outfit, program

Gde pokatatsya na gornyh lyzhah?

The interest in ski vacations is constantly growing. The resort can relax with the whole family, in good company or alone. Depending on the number of participants will depend on the rest of the program. But she realized, need to prepare and gather for a trip. You need to be sure to take a good mood, outfit, and use the advice:

  • Ski suits are purchased in advance. They can be on the car, but it is better to have your own.
  • The road to the resort need to wear comfortable and functional clothing. Perfect outerwear. Tracksuits should have a convenient zipper and pockets. Warm shoes, hats, scarves and gloves will protect from the wind and snow.
  • The camera will become the best friend for the trip. Mountain landscapes and snapshots to be unique.
  • Experienced and professional skiers have their own equipment. Beginners can pick it up directly at the resort rental shops. Experts will help you choose it correctly.
  • The riding program will be successful and fulfilling, if composed according to the abilities of the participants. Not all will be able to overcome steep slopes, so you need to be a programme of skiing. She needs to be available and relaxed.

In short, the question is: where to go skiing in Russia has a variety of answers. To the above listed ski areas can add to the Altai, Baikal, Kamchatka. For lovers of ski holidays – Russia this expanse. Family ski holiday in the company of friends with a snowboard will be a real gift that will leave many pleasant memories.