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The main attractions of Rome (photo)

Glavnye dostoprimechatelnosti Rima

Italy... Rome... Already one of the pronunciations of these words breathes romance and distant history, which stores every building, every stone of Rome. It is the Rome is the most visited and popular city in Italy, many attractions beckon tourists from all over the world.

Kolizej v RimeThe most ambitious and the main attraction of Rome is the Colosseum, which was built in the distant Ancient Rome. For three centuries its walls were all of the famous Gladiator games. This Grand building is 188 m long, 156 metres wide and 48.5 meters in height. For many years the building was considerably destroyed by different natural disasters, but now carefully take care of it safely.

Ruiny Rimskogo ForumaRuins of the Roman Forum (pictured left) is located near the Colosseum. Earlier, in the Ancient Roman Empire, it was the largest and most ambitious forum. Now it was only ruins, but they are impressive. The government carefully protects them, but left in such a chaotic state as it is.

PanteonThe oldest temple in Rome is the Pantheon (pictured right), it was erected under Augustus. Among the domed buildings, the Pantheon, the largest building, which has reached our times. It is annually visited by a very large number of tourists. This famous building is also its dome, which is visible even from space.

zamok svyatogo AngelaUnusual shapes attract tourists Castel Sant'angelo (pictured left), which is located on the banks of the river Tiber. Now this attraction is the most famous Museum in Rome. It showcases exhibits that tell you about the amazing history of the castle.

Due place must be given to the areas of Rome, Venice square, Spain square and Piazza Navona. In Piazza Venezia, stands the Victor Emmanuel II monument, which was the first king of United Italy. In the Plaza of Spain is the Spanish Embassy. Indeed its decoration is a fountain, which resembles poluzatonuvshie ship. It also has a ladder which in the warm season host fashion shows.

In Rome many churches and cathedrals, each of which preserves its history and attracts by his beauty. But the most spectacular and famous is the Cathedral of St. Peter. In the construction of this Cathedral was attended by the greatest architects Bramante, Raphael and Michelangelo.

Visit Rome and it will remain in your heart forever.