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How to get to Abkhazia from Moscow, Adler and Sochi by train or plane?

Kak dobratsya do Abhazii iz Moskvy?

To get to Sunny Abkhazia almost all the existing transport routes. For entry into the territory of the Republic need only a valid passport. Using his overseas option, be aware that when crossing the Abkhazian border in the passport will be stamped, which can subsequently make it difficult to enter Georgia. How to get to Abkhazia from Moscow? There are several options.

In Abkhazia on the plane

In the near future a new modern airport in Sukhumi will allow access to Abkhazia this fast mode of transport. Meanwhile, from Moscow you can fly only in the Sochi airport located in Adler. In this area there are several airlines, so much effort with the purchase of tickets is not expected. After landing to get to the border crossing located on the river Psou. For this there are several options:

  • take a taxi - cost about 500 rubles;
  • to use the services of the bus - the ticket price is 100 rubles;
  • to move to the railway station or to the Central market, where there is a taxi and Shuttle bus to the Cossack market.

Distance of approximately eight kilometers, and travel time, traffic jams, from 10 to 20 minutes. At the crossing go through passport and customs control and then, on the territory of the Republic of Abkhazia, Shuttle or bus to go to the place of rest. So the answer to the question how to get to Abkhazia on the aircraft includes the integrated solution.

To Abkhazia by train

Year-round between the Russian capital and Sukhum train. Rather, the train follows the route Moscow - Adler, but it hooks up additional cars, the passengers which fall into Abkhazia without a transplant. The composition departs from the Kursk railway station, in summer daily, in winter less frequently, and is on its way to the bus stop in Adler, about thirty seven hours. When parked, lasting an hour and a half, perezaleyte carriages and passengers follow to the Fun station of North Caucasian railway. This destination must be specified when buying tickets, discussing with the cashier the question of how to get to Abkhazia by train. You can buy tickets at the ticket office for long-distance trains, or book in electronic form. Seasoned travelers say that the cost of them on the train Moscow - Sukhumi cheaper than other areas.

kak dobratsya do abhazii iz adlera

The passport control takes place directly in the wagon, which is comfortable enough allows you to avoid queues when passing alone, on foot or by automobile transport. For Russian citizens visa-free regime is valid.

Crew cashier sells tickets to the required point on the territory of Abkhazia. Composition makes a stop in Tsandripshi (Candiate), Gudauta, Gagra, New Athos, Sukhum. The slow speed of the locomotive allows plenty to enjoy beautiful landscapes and experience the beauty of this unique region. There is another option of travel by train can be reached in any appropriate composition to Adler, and then cross the border as described above.

In Abkhazia by bus

From Moscow, as well as from many other Russian cities, operates regular flight by a comfortable bus. He goes once a week and departs from the bus station "Krasnogvardeyskaya". All the way required a little more than a day, and the cost of the ticket for travel - for about two and a half thousand roubles.

The schedule may change, so before you go you should clarify by calling the reference bus station: +7 (495) 395-54-87.

Crossing the border by bus is the fast and convenient way. The whole process takes maybe half an hour, as the guards serve this type of transport without having to queue. This is especially valuable in the summer when the queues at the checkpoint are significantly increased.

kak dobratsya do abhazii iz sochi

In Abkhazia on their own cars

How to get to Abkhazia from Moscow, well known to owners of private vehicles. That's just reminisce about the route travelled, positively not all of them. Blame - many kilometers of traffic jams on the border in the midst of summer vacation. To stand in them for hours. To travel to the Republic of Abkhazia will need to bring:

  • driver's license;
  • technical passport for the vehicle;
  • permission to travel outside the Russian Federation;
  • 150 rubles to register your car in the Abkhazian GAI.

In addition, when crossing the border you will need to fill out a Declaration on your vehicle. That's all the difficulty over, and now you can with the comfort of your own vehicle to visit all the beautiful places of Abkhazia.

Catamaran Sochi - Gagra

Probably the most pleasant way to get to Abkhazia - to get from Moscow to Sochi and take advantage ofthe catamaran, which operates regular flights to Gagra. An unforgettable journey by speed boat on the Black sea will take a lot of pleasure. An hour and a half on a comfortable catamaran will fly by as one moment. However, this route only works from may via October, the fare is about five hundred rubles. Tickets are sold at the seaport of Sochi or Adler pier. Advising friends on how to get to Abkhazia from Sochi, seasoned travelers recommend this method.

In Abkhazia from Adler

When they reached Adler, you can choose several ways of crossing the border. In addition to these modes of transport you can use train. It leaves Adler at 7.40 am and lunch at 12.20, arrives in Sukhumi. At six o'clock train goes way back and comes to Adler about eleven o'clock. In such an easy method anyone can use to avoid the tedious passage of the border on the river Psou. Also important is the fact that the way the composition makes a stop almost all resorts, with the exception of Pitsunda. This town is located on a headland that lies back from the main road. To decide how to get to Abkhazia from Adler, every tourist can own, but it is good to have several options to choose from.

The work of the border checkpoint

If, nevertheless, a place of passage of border and customs control is selected on the Psou river, no harm will be familiar with some nuances of his work. Two exist at the edge of the bridge involve the passage of vehicles on road, the rest of the tourists for walking. It is believed that the item works around the clock, but there are technical breaks. From 07.45 to 08.15 and 19.45 to 20.15 pass is terminated in connection with the shift change, and every Tuesday from 7.50 am to noon conducted sanitary cleaning.

For passport control children must have a birth certificate or, after 14 years, the passport. In the absence of one parent will need to consent to his entry into Abkhazia from the other parent certified by a notary. If a minor is traveling without a father and mother require consent from both. It is also necessary to have at itself some sum of money to pay the health resort fee and mandatory insurance.

kak dobratsya do abhazii na samolete

After passport control, for further movement on the territory of the Republic of Abkhazia, you can take a taxi, minibus or Shuttle bus. The latter runs through most of the resort town, so to get to any of them is not difficult. A huge area filled with all types of transport, will choose the most appropriate time and financial possibilities.

Travel to beautiful Sunny country always brings a lot of joy and pleasure. Relatively sophisticated ways of coming here in some cases allow you to visit Abkhazia even a one-day tour. However, it is best to devote to get acquainted with this beautiful country longer. Unspoiled beaches with pleasant warm sea, healing aroma of pine relict pine trees, many unique attractions and well developed tourist infrastructure makes visiting Abkhazia comfortable, memorable and beautiful. And the hospitality of the local people will forever remain in the memory and will be encouraged to return again and again.