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The weather in Cyprus in September (Paphos, Larnaca, Ayia NAPA)

Kakaya pogoda na Kipre v sentyabre

In September, Cyprus welcomes the autumn season is the perfect time for a comfortable family vacation.

In the first month of autumn here usually subsides sweltering heat, and the hot dry air begins to cool.

Thinking about what the weather in Cyprus in September, it is not necessary to think, plan, do stay at this time – the autumn season for you.

Weather conditions

September on the island has mild and warm weather conditions. Solar activity is slightly reduced, due to which its rays do not burn, but warms visitors to the island.

At the beginning of September in Cyprus the temperature is kept at 29 to 32 degrees Celsius.

If you are planning to go to the Western part of the island, the mercury thermometers out there will fall by 3-4 degrees compared to the Central and southern part of Cyprus.

As you can see, in the early autumn on the island is quite warm, so about what the weather in Cyprus in September, not to worry.

If you eat in the mountain areas of the island, where you will find a pleasant coolness – the day temperature is around 23-24 degrees Celsius.

The Central area of the island is most hot, there is usually a thermometer shows 33-34 degrees Celsius. For evening walks, grab a few things with long sleeves – the temperature in Cyprus after sunset in September falls to the level of 15-19 degrees.

The second indicator, which draws attention of all tourists is the water temperature in Cyprus in September. In the first month of autumn the sea is gentle and warm, and comfortable 24 to 27 degrees give a sense of coolness and freshness.

During the summer months the water get warm enough, so the whole of September the sea is warm. In early autumn the warm sea is in Protaras, and Nicosia and Ayia NAPA.

In September, especially in the second half, Cyprus travel vacationers ripe old age and all those who do not like to suffer from the heat. However, if you arrived on the island in the middle or at the end of September, don't forget about the glasses and creams from the sun: even in this time, you can get unpleasant consequences from the sun.

If you have not yet chosen the place of the upcoming holiday on Cyprus most popular resorts in September are Paphos, Agia NAPA and Larnaca.

The beginning of autumn in Paphos

September in Paphos – the most favorable period for recreation. Weather in Paphos in September warm and clear. The afternoon air is heated to 29-30 degrees Celsius, and at night the column of the local temperature drops to 24-25 degrees.

The whole September is Sunny: usually, the rains come in 1-2 times. The sea in Paphos is also very warm in September – the thermometer shows no less than 25-28 degrees. Sometimes there are small storms, which are particularly pleasing to surfers.

In the city are many picturesque beaches and magnificent coves. Special beauty differs Lara Bay, near which is the farm for growing green turtles.

Nachalo oseni v Pafose

Holidays in September in Ayia NAPA

With the arrival of autumn at the resort a little, that is changing: the street is the summer heat, which lasts until the end of September. Often the weather in Ayia NAPA in September absolutely clear: rain in September is almost unheard of.

During the day it is quite hot – the thermometer rises to from 28 to 31 degrees and at night it becomes a little cooler and the temperature drops to 25-26 degrees.

The humidity here is quite small, and rainfall does not exceed 3 mm, therefore the umbrella you may need is that from the sun.

On the beach is better to relax in the morning and evening hours, and try to hide from the heat in a comfortable and cool hotel rooms.

Despite the beginning of autumn, the sea in September it is very warm. The water temperature rarely drops below 25 degrees, so swimming is comfortable.

The Picturesque Larnaca

One of the most popular Cyprus resorts – the picturesque Larnaca. For many years, the weather in Larnaca in September is quite hot and dry.

Rainy days in September, not here almost never happens, so the resort is at this time coming for fans of hot guests and hot sensations. In the afternoon the air temperature is 30-32 degrees, and at night hardly goes down to 26 degrees Celsius.

The sea here is also warm, the water is heated to 25-28 degrees and cools warmed up in the sun tourists.

Paphos is a very beautiful resort of Cyprus. Here are a few beautiful beaches and landscaped embankments.

Besides, the tourists can see the unique attractions: the weather at the resort in early autumnfavors travel.

Larnaca in September the eyes of tourists:

Where to go?

With the beginning of autumn weather on the island is warm and clear, and quite suitable for sightseeing and entertainment activities.

Traditionally in September in Cyprus is the festival of young wine. This is truly a worthwhile entertainment, where you can experience the culture of wine and discover new wines.

Another September event – food festival in Larnaca, which does not leave indifferent those who like to cook.

Lovers of mountain tourism can purchase a tour into the mountains and see the stunning beauty of waterfalls, national village and enjoy the unique landscape.

In September, the island opened the aquarium and water parks, to visit which will be interesting for any tourist.

The most popular island attractions include the baths of Adonis, near Paphos, Aphrodite's rock in Paphos, a stunning Peninsula of Akamas, Kykkos Monastery, ancient city of Kourion, the tombs of the kings etc.

On the island many unique monasteries and templesthat are open to visitors. You can book a tour - a pilgrimage in which you touch the shrines and enrich your spiritual world.

Gde pobyvat?

The cost of holidays

The cost of vouchers for resort in early September is not much different from the summer tours. Here still a lot of tourists, so, if you want to stay cheap, use search engines or wait until the end of September.

By the end of the month the influx of tourists decreases and the price of accommodation, food and entertainment begin to decline.

In Cyprus the end of September is the time when locals harvest, so the markets at this time, you can buy cheap exotic fruits.

Planning to have a rest on Cyprus in September, you can be sure that you will find great weather, warm sea and the ocean of unforgettable impressions!