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What is the weather and water temperature in August in Turkey in Kemer, Antalya, Alanya?

Kakaya pogoda v Turcii v avguste: v Kemere, Antalii, Alani?

August is the last month of summer, but not the last month of the holiday season in Kemer, as the weather in August in Kemer remains warm till October:

Located next to the resort of the Taurus mountains influence on temperature changes in this region.

For Kemer is characterized by high humidity, especially in the evening time, which in combination with high temperature is quite difficult tolerated.

A bit more comfortable in this respect, the weather in August in Antalya, where the average daytime temperature varies from 30°C to +40°C, but the humidity here is much less.

  • day heat can reach up to +40°C;
  • night should not expect cool temperatures around +20°C;
  • rains in August are extremely rare, so planning a holiday in August, can not be afraid that the weather will spoil your vacation;
  • the sea warms up to 28°C and above that for a comfortable bathing is more than enough for both adults and children.

August summer on the Turkish Riviera

What weather in Turkey in August, affected by the location of the country: Turkey is washed by three seas, and a mountain range. Most often the month of August happy cloudless, clear, windless weather.

Chance of precipitation is extremely low, their level is not more than 1-2 mm. In result we get hot, sometimes muggy summers.

Turkey has all the conditions to comfortably spend a hot day swimming in the warm sea or the pool and in the evening enjoy the light coolness. The length of the beaches in Kemer almost 40 kilometers, and the beach is covered with small, flat pebbles, the water is very clean and clear, even at depths of a few meters of rocky bottom clearly visible.

Another resort city of the Turkish Riviera – Alanya, weather in Alanya in August, more gentle, day averages are set at the index +31°C, night about +22°C.

A feature of this region is high atmospheric pressure, so that the sea almost no storms, this is especially true for lovers of sea excursions and yachting.

The cost of holidays in Kemer in August

The month of August is considered the peak influx of tourists. And, as a consequence, the cost of permits can be 1.5-2 times more expensive than the cost of tours at the beginning or at the end of the season.

If you want to save money, take the time to go on vacation in the beginning of the month, postpone your trip to late August, at the end of the summer season, tour operators are often lower prices. But in September, raise them again to the previous level.

As for the holiday in Kemer, the prices of many services and entertainment in August as high as possible. Only remain stable prices for tours.


It is worth considering that the temperature in Turkey in August is not conducive to long tours by bus, it is better to choose local toursto a stroll by the sea on a yacht, or visit a local Waterpark Aqua World.

Nature lovers will be interested to walk through the national Park, Urunler, which stretches for miles near the coast.

To touch the ancient history of Kemer, you can visit Olympos and Phaselisis the ancient of the ancient city, built in the third century BC, the cities were only ruins.

Kemer is also an ancient amphitheater, sarcophagi, aqueduct and many more. The pride of Kemer is considered to be the ancient caves, located outside the city.

Temperatura vody v Turcii v avguste

Active holiday in Turkey

Very favorable temperature in Turkey in August, for lovers of active water sports. The sea has a comfortable swimming temperature all time of the day or night as during the day it warms up so much that the night did not have time to cool down.

So if banal relaxing on the beach is not for you, you can enjoy a surfing, rafting and scuba diving.

Other entertainment for fans of extreme sports can ride into the mountains by jeep – mountain roads so twisty that the thrill of travel can be compared with riding the coolest roller coaster.

In addition to the thrills, you will receive a sea of positive emotions from the mountain views and the pristine beauty of nature.