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What money to take to Czech Republic and how much money on 7-10-14 days?

Kakie dengi brat v CHehiu?

The national currency in Czech Republic is the Czech crown. It is in this currency is better to take the money. To change rubles to crowns can be virtually any major Bank. If the Czech currency has a problem, then you can bring also dollars or euros, and exchange them after the arrival to the place. Of course, in some cities of the Czech Republic you can pay with euros, but it is not very convenient as all the shops and restaurants accept this currency. In any case, what money to take to Czech Republic, you decide.

Where is the best place to change money?

If so happened that you have not managed to change money before a trip, do not worry. This can be done in the Czech Republic. There are a few rules that you need to remember before you make an exchange:

  • First, try not to use the exchange offices in the Central part of the city. Very often there to cheat tourists, calling them the wrong course or even take a Commission.
  • Second, it is best to avoid some of the exchangers and to compare which course is most profitable, so you can save your money.

How much money to take to Czech Republic?

Skolko deneg brat v CHehiu?

The amount of money that you will need to take along for the ride, depends on how comfortable you expect. If you have food included in the price of the stay, respectively, at the same time you can save. Besides, it is necessary to decide how many things and Souvenirs you want to buy.

So how much money to take to Czech Republic on 7-10-14 days? If you are relying on the average vacation, then for a week you should have 500-600 euros. For that amount you can eat in cafes, buy Souvenirs and go on any tour. For example, the average dinner at a nice restaurant costs about 300 CZK per person. The portions in the Czech Republic are very large and you can eat 1-2 dishes.

But of course, it is better to take more, as the trip can happen, then it is better to bring the remaining amount back than stay with an empty wallet in a foreign country.