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Where there is a resort Karlovy Vary (rest, treatment, what to see of attractions)?

Gde nahodyatsya Karlovy Vary ?

Karlovy vary is the largest and most popular resort in the Czech Republic, famous worldwide and very popular.

First and foremost, a tourist or a simple layman interested in the question of what kind of Karlovy vary and where? Is the resort in the overgrown forests of the valley between the confluence of the rivers Orgie and rivers of Heat. Many believe that the location of the resort extremely well, as the town is located in a narrow romantic valley, through which flows the river Heat.

Almost all sides the city is surrounded by forests formed, which surprise and amaze with its beauty. All this creates a feeling of unreality and is perceived as fantastic and magical world.

The history of

Every famous city or resort certainly has a history of its origin, formation and development. To any layman and tourists interested in the appearance of the place where he has visited or plans to visit. Is no exception, of course, and the Spa town of Karlovy vary. About the appearance of this place there are many legends and superstitions.

In the whole Czech Republic is full of legends and interesting stories that are always fun to read or listen to. Themselves as locals are very sensitive to its history and happy to talk about cities and places in the Czech Republic, their origin and development.

According to one legend , the ruler Charles IV during one of the hunts saw them like a wounded deer fell into the water and then came out of it healed and healthy. The Emperor realized that the water has special miraculous and curative properties and can heal ailments and diseases. So there was a healing resort called Karlovy vary.

The main attraction since then is, of course, treatment. The resort has many useful sourcesthat have high medicinal properties. Besides Karlovy vary sights at every step and there is always something to see both in the city and in the Czech Republic.

Early to rest and gain strength in carlsbad could only the very rich and wealthy people, but now the picture has changed dramatically and access to the famous source of health and beauty is open to everyone, regardless of financial means. The abundance of resorts, hotels and private lodges allows you to find the accommodation for every budget.


The highlight and main pride of the city are, of course, healing mineral springs. The whole of the city is located hundreds of sources, but to use the doctors and experts allowed only 13. Some laughingly call the figure 14, added to the sources of the famous Czech liqueur Becherovka.

The water temperature in the springs ranges from 35 to 75 degrees, depending on the source, depth and other factors.

Experts who have long studied the thermal springs of Karlovy vary, has done a lot of research and made many interesting discoveries and calculations. So they found that every second on the surface breaks, approximately 33 liters of healing water.

If you count a day to get that every day comes to the surface about 3 million liters of mineral water rich in beneficial minerals and salts. In these 3 million liters contains about 18 tonnes of mineral salts and elements.

Unique in its type, source, and composition of the thermal springs of Karlovy vary, honored considered one of the most useful and therapeutic in the world of water.

These waters are used to treat a variety of diseases. There are hundreds and thousands of amazing stories of healing from serious illnesses due to the water in Karlovy vary. Particularly famous is the most powerful of sources, a Geyserthat has a water content of 1500 liters and beats on the surface of their depth more than 2000 meters.

Peculiarities of treatment in Karlovy vary

In Karlovy vary a beautiful nature, forests, clean air, all this makes the city truly a Spa resort. But the main attraction and pride of the city is still mineral water.

These waters are used in treating a variety of ailments ranging from musculoskeletal and ending after traumatic rehabilitation, rehabilitation after operations and so on.

All the water in its composition is predominantly sodium sulfate, sodium bicarbonate, and contain high amounts of:

  • magnesium;
  • iron;
  • calcium;
  • potassium;
  • bromine;
  • lithium and other useful minerals and compounds.

In General, the average level of salinity of the water reaches the indicator 7G per 1 liter, which is a fairly high level of mineralization of water. The chemical content of water from different sources are quite similar and differ mostly in the content of carbon dioxide and temperature.

Very mineral water is used mainly fordrinking treatment. Some types of water bottled for future use in therapeutic and prophylactic purposes. Also widely uses water for:

  • balneotherapy procedures;
  • bathing;
  • douches;
  • irrigation of the intestine;
  • rinse and other medical and preventive procedures.

Widespread for the treatment of so-called therapeutic salt. Get it by evaporation, while water evaporates and mineral compounds and substances remain. These salts can be used in the sanatoriums of the resort for medicinal purposes, can be taken on prescription.

Thus, even after leaving the resort you can continue with the treatment and recovery of the body these healing springs. In General, the advantage of the resort is that the Karlovy vary resort, ideally combined with medical and therapeutic procedures aimed at treating both as separate systems and the whole organism.

The resort offers a special treatment programdesigned for a full medical examination and treatment, the duration of the course, as a rule, the standard for health resorts, 7, 14 and 21 days.

At the client's request or on the recommendation of a physician duration of treatment may be extended or enlarged by one or more visits to the hospital to secure the result. The course of treatment consists of:

  1. Accommodation and meals at the Spa or medical institution. Accommodation implies the provision of housing and providing adequate conditions for a comfortable stay.
  2. Primary specialized medical examination. The detection of the deviation, chronic and other diseases. Conducting all necessary examinations, tests, consultations of specialists. It should be noted that all hospitals and health centers equipped with the latest achievements of world medicine. Of science and technology. In addition, work only with highly professional doctors, real experts in their field. This is confirmed by the fact that there were treated, the majority of Soviet and Russian rulers and politicians.
  3. Comprehensive treatment, including the regular treatments that the physician prescribes, as a rule, 2-4 treatments per day.
  4. Purpose drinking treatment and other actions with the use of medicinal waters. Such procedures may include washing, baths, compresses, etc.
  5. Final inspection, collection of tests and consultations with specialists. Most probably, the long-awaited moment. At this stage the doctors tests show, the results of the survey before and after. Thus, it is possible to ensure a positive therapeutic effect of the stay at the resort. Besides the rest will be fascinating, because Karlovy vary to look is always and where to unwind too.
  6. Most treatment programs, a set of activities is assigned only by a physician and only in individual cases. This takes into account all the necessary factors affecting the outcome of the treatment is age, weight, height, the presence and severity of chronic diseases.

Rules of proper drinking water

It is wrong to assume healing waters resort simple mineral water, this is not the case, as indicated by numerous studies and findings of scientists and experts from around the world.

This water is highly mineralized, therefore, not subject to constant uncontrolled use. To use the healing water you need under the strict supervision of a physician.

Also when it is not used, you must follow some important rules and recommendations:

  1. Water of Karlovy vary, use only as directed by your doctor, strictly observing the number, time of receipt, acceptance and so on. Years of experience of applying water in the treatment of various diseases allowed to develop an effective and efficient system of treatment, which will significantly improve the health and General condition of the body.
  2. Highly recommended at the time of treatment to refuse from drinking alcoholic beverages and Smoking. Even passive Smoking is injurious to health and may worsen the results of treatment.
  3. Considerable attention is paid to sports activities or even walking, fresh air and nature will help make this activity fun and enjoyable.
  4. Treatment should be repeated, strictly following the doctor's recommendation.

Entertainment, attractions

Of course, as expected of a modern European resort, Karlovy vary is not limited to only medical procedures. Throughout the resort are many modern hotels, bars, restaurants, a variety of cozy coffee.

Also here is the perfect place to experience the abundance of modern clothing shops, interior will please the fashionistas.

The resort is an old Czech brewery, also is very fond of liqueur Becherovka, which is the pride of not only carlsbad, but also throughout the Czech Republic.

Heated poolsize 50 meters will delight both adults and children. On-site pool also has a modern fitness center and Billiards. You can also find bowling clubs, horse riding.

In the city there are also a few modern Golf clubsthat will be appreciated by lovers of this sport.

20 km from the modern city has a great Waterparkin which love to frolic children. You can reach it by yourself or with the prior consent and ordering the trip the representatives of the hotel or boarding house.

Also in the city all year round are plenty of exciting cultural events, among them concerts of classical music and modern performers.

To see the list and the exact date of the events on the city's website or on the spot directly to the hotel or boarding house.

Today, Karlovy vary is one of the most popular and sought-after resorts in the world. Primarily, this is due to the presence of sources of curative mineral water, which has a beneficial effect on the entire human body.

It is also worth noting that the famous water are valid only for several hours, so they need to be consumed right on the spot. For this reason, it is impossible to find water from Karlovy vary in the bottles.

The long history of the resort has also left its mark, over the years they built a great infrastructure, and places for any type of relaxation and entertainment. So here you can not only improve health but also have fun.

The resort is open all year round and beautiful in any time of the year. Who visited him at least once in life, he is unlikely to forget this vacation.