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Map of Pattaya sites in Thailand (photos)

Dostoprimechatelnosti Pattaji s foto

Pattaya is widely known as a popular resort in Thailand with numerous kinds of entertainment. Along the entire coastal strip of sandy beaches and a great number of luxurious hotels and guest houses. In Pattaya you need to relax with family. Near Pattaya is the current international airport of u-Tapao level, and from there the tourists fly to the Islands of Phuket and Koh Samui.

So what is Pattaya? This set is bustling Asian markets with located them not far from fashionable shopping centers, the rich splendor of the Royal palaces, and the wretchedness of the poor areas of Thailand, the service first class hotels and small huts of the poor on a coast of ocean. Even Pattaya is known for its costumed show ideas, fabulous carnivals, discos and holidays. Many tourists are attracted by numerous places to see in Pattaya.

Detailed map of Pattaya's attractions

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karta dostoprimechatelnostej Pattaji v Tajlande

Pattaya often referred to as Asian Riviera, and no wonder, because Pattaya is a modern luxury resort in Thailand where you can away from everyday stress to enjoy the exotic nature and comfortable rest. Pattaya is located directly along the Gulf coast, where you can enjoy diving, Windsurfing, unusual fishing, and water ski and just relax on the beach. On the coast there are many first-class hotels.

As the diversity on a warm evening you can stroll along the shops with the jewelry of local production, it is possible to exercise and sunbathe under the South Asian sun. You can visit:

  • Knysna elephant
  • tiger zoo
  • crocodile farm
  • Orchid Park, etc.

Also You will enjoy a modern water Park with extreme water sports at the beach of Jomtien. And if you get hungry you can always walk to the restaurant in the tower immediately at the water Park. This is a very unusual restaurant. After all, it's not that he rotates, and that, after dinner, with a height of fifty-sixth floor, go down the rope.

In addition, at the beginning of 2014 scheduled opening of the water Park the Ramayana – it will be the largest water Park in Asia and Pattaya. And while you can visit the magnificent aquarium of the Underwaterworld, which is made in the form of a tunnel.

To any of the desired places can be inexpensive and fast taxi ride.

A four-kilometer sandy shore of the Gulf ocean as well as all the attractions of Pattaya, annually attracts half a million tourists, and those seeking a quiet holiday and those who prefer to rest actively. Here everyone can find entertainment to their liking. A hot coastal climate combined with the cool sea breeze, the aroma of exotic herbs and flowers – all this, of course, attracts tourists to Thailand.

The Sanctuary Of Truth

Hram Istiny v Pattaje - foto

But not all come here in search of entertainment. For some Pattaya sights consist of quite different. Some are on North Pattaya the sanctuary of Truth, located on the sea shore. The sanctuary of Truth (pictured) is an unusual wooden structure, reaching a height of 108 meters. In the corners of the Temple four elements: Water, Fire, Earth and Air. The four outputs of the Temple located around the world. In the building you can be surprised of the huge halls: the hall has a Chinese hexagonal columns, the Indian space as well as Thai and others.

Hill Big Buddha

Holm Bolshogo Buddy v Pattaje - foto

One of the attractions of Pattaya Hill is the Big Buddha (pictured). It is located the giant statue of Big Buddha. The biggest in this area, near another religious and cultural landmark is a sacred place, held in memory of Confucius and Lao Tzu, where the gaze of tourists are their statues. Big Buddha covered in gold paint and sits among several small saints, a total of seven, representing the days of the week. But many tourists still climb the hill for quite another reason, because from here you can see the whole city and the beautiful Gulf of Thailand Pattaya as it is the best viewing platform, a favorite among tourists and photographers.

Chinese temple

Kitajskij hram v Pattaje - foto

Chinese temple (see photo) not far from Wat Yanta famous for the countless number of historical statues. This temple is sacred to all Buddhists of the world, because it is stored as the history of the birth, life and enlightenment of Buddha. Also in this temple you can see many exhibits depicting the historical and cultural development of society in many countries. There are about two hundred bronze sculptures of the gods and saints of the Buddhist and Taoist Pantheon combined with nineteen figures of the Shaolin monks in martial poses. You will be surprised are the attractions of Pattaya as the world's largest Beijing lions, made of solid granite material and gigantic statues of the immortaleight people from the bronze age.

Tropical garden Nong Nooch

Tropicheskij sad Nong Nuch v Pattaje - foto

In a tropical garden Nong Nooch (Nong Nooch Tropical Garden), which is located on the territory of 240 hectares, where you can view and even touch a variety of plants around the world. There are more than thousand types of palm trees, Orchid garden, cactus garden, butterfly garden and lots of birds. Hundreds of tourists come daily in this garden, to visit exciting theatrical show is created on motives of history of the country and a fascinating and vivid picture of elephants, which is shown to everyone. You will not remain indifferent to the exposure of expensive cars which he collects the son of Madam Nong Nooch – more than forty vintage cars, retro style luxury, modern racing cars. Park comfortable hotel.

For those who love exotic animals, in Pattaya there is an opportunity to visit a few places where you can see elephant village, tiger zoo, snake farm and crocodile farm.

Elephant Village

Derevnya Slonov v Pattaje - foto

If You will relax in Pattaya, be sure to visit Elephant village (pictured), the founding year of 1973 which is the year. Every day in the village experienced trainers conduct numerous shows that you can look at the life of elephants. You can also see a demonstration of rounding up the elephants, the ceremony of the game on military drums, as elephants working in the logging and take an elephant ride.

Tiger zoo

Tigrovyj zoopark v Pattaje - foto

The tiger zoo (photo) you can see not only fifty Bengal tigers live here, but also more than a hundred thousand crocodiles. Daily shows are held, but the tourists like to feed and be photographed with these amazing animals.

Snake farm

Zmeinaya ferma v Pattaje - foto

The famous Thailand snake farm ("Snake Farm") you can see the unique show program with the participation reptiles and to buy gifts to relatives and friends in the gift shop. In the restaurant you can try dishes from the snakes, and the pharmacy to buy drugs based on snake venom.

Crocodile farm

Krokodilovaya ferma v Pattaje - foto

Crocodile farm (on the photo) is the largest in Southeast Asia and employs more than sixty thousand reptiles. Show with enormous crocodiles walk several times a day, you can take pictures with the reptiles and feed them. There are Souvenirs made from crocodile skin and local dishes of crocodile meat, which is considered dietary.

No doubt that part of Pattaya sights to see and it ourselves without the guide, but some of them are still cheaper and more effective to visit with a group and experienced guide.