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Map of Stockholm attractions (photos)

Stokgolm fotoIf You are going to go to the capital of Sweden, Stockholm, You would probably want to see the sights of the city. To save Your time, we have tried to highlight the main place (along with descriptions with the photos), which will be interesting to see and visit. Here are the map of Stockholm with attractions that will delight with its diversity of expectations of the most demanding tourists.

The Museum "Junibacken"

Karta Stokgolma

It will be especially interesting for tourists with children, which the Museum will enjoy meeting the characters of fairy tales Astrid Lindgren and other authors. It's peppy, Carlson, Winnie the Pooh, Mumiy Troll, Mowgli and Tarzan, and even Ghostbusters.

Water Museum ", akvaria"

dostoprimechatelnosti Stokgolma

It's a wonderful, wonderful world of the inhabitants of the seven seas, the Scandinavian lakes and tropical rainforests. Here you can observe the life of sharks, take the bridge across the water, infested with bloodthirsty piranhas, look at the bright fish and learn a lot of interesting.

The Ship Vasa

dostoprimechatelnosti Stokgolma (foto)

This is the only ship of the XVII century, preserved to our days. It's a Swedish Titanic: built by king Gustav Adolf went to voyage in 1628, it sank without even having to go far from the shore. But I lay there the ship several centuries, being raised only in 1961. Will be interesting to see the film, as he was lifted from the bottom and restored. And restore needed very much: Vasa is decorated with the seven hundred minor carved sculptures.

City hall

karta Stokgolma s dostoprimechatelnostyami

The city hall architect Ragnar Ostberg was inspired by Italian Renaissance palaces. The building was constructed in 1923 according to his design and has a dark red roof tiles and the tower with a weather vane in the form of three gold crowns national emblem of Sweden. Currently, city hall is Stockholm municipality: offices, conference halls and rooms for special occasions. Every year on 10 December on the occasion of awarding the Nobel prizes here is Nobel Banquet.

The Nobel Museum

Nobelevskij muzej

Those who are interested in science will love this Museum in Stockholm, having the opportunity to touch the world of scientists and their discoveries. Sweden - the birthplace of the Nobel prize, so I recommend to visit this landmark.

Kaknas Tower

Bashnya Kaknes

This 155-metre TV tower is the tallest tower in Scandinavia and Northern Europe. From it visitors can look at all the Metropolitan panorama from the 30th floor!

Of course, this is an incomplete map of the sights of Stockholm. Here you can find a lot of museums, impressive architectural buildings, exhibitions and other cultural and entertainment facilities. To get full information - it is better to go to a travel Agency.

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