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Map of Venice attractions (photos)

Karta Venecii s dostoprimechatelnostyami (foto)

While in Venice, there is a feeling that it's a completely different world, not the one to which we are accustomed. There are no wide streets, and instead channels, there are no cars, but there are boats and gondolas. Venice one of the most romantic places in the world.

This map of Venice you can find attractions that interest you most.

Piazza San Marco (see photo) attracts all the newlyweds and feeding the pigeons has become a wedding ritual. This amazing area is one of the attractions of Venice. Piazza San Marco is the heart of Venice, where many festivals. Also here is the famous Cathedral of St. Mark and the Doge's doors. The Palace is representative of the Gothic architecture with beautiful paintings of the famous Venetian painters.

Ploshad San-Marko (foto)sobor svyatogo Marka (foto)dverec dozhej (foto)

The sights of Venice is varied and very beautiful. Venice has many historical and architectural monuments that are very important and unique.

Theatres and galleries in Venice.

The world-famous Academy gallery with the largest collection of paintings and canvases. Museum Correr made in the Empire style and built in the Napoleonic era. La Fenice theatre/ the main Opera house where we hold festivals of contemporary music.

galereya Akademii (foto)Muzej Korrera (foto)Teatr la Feniche (foto)

Palaces Of Venice.

Palace Fondaco dei Turchi is the oldest building in the city. The Palazzo Contarini del Bovolo surprises with original staircase and is a historical building. The Palace of Santa Sofia was once decorated with gold and was considered the most beautiful Palace of Venice. The Foscari Palace is on the banks of the canal and like towers over the other buildings.

Dvorec Fondako dei Turki (foto)Dvorec Kontarini del Bovolo (foto)Dvorec Santa Sofiya (foto)Dvorec Foskari (foto)

Churches and Basilicas of Venice.

Basilica of our lady Slovesa unusual and the oldest Church in Venice, built in the Italian Gothic style. St. George's Basilica is situated opposite the Doge's Palace consists of giant columns integrating all parts of the facade into a single architectural ensemble, where the parties to a statue of St. George and St. Stephen. The Basilica of saints John and Paul looks in the monastery style. The building is divided into three parts, decorated with marble and statues of saints. Also noteworthy are the Basilica of our lady of Healing, the Church of Santa Maria della Salute, Church of St. Francis and Church of our Saviour. All the buildings carry the history and nobility and decorated with precious works of art.

Bazilika Bogomateri Slovushej (foto)Bazilika Svyatogo Georgiya (foto)statuya svyatogo Georgiya (foto)statuya svyatogo Stefana (foto)Bazilika svyatyh Ioanna i Pavla (foto)sobor Santa-Mariya della Salute (foto)cerkov svyatogo Franciska (foto)

Venice is filled with the aroma of romance, history and love in every piece, in every attraction you can gain a real sense of peace and tranquility.