Abkhazia — the country of the soul for the children

strana dushi dlya detej

Abkhazia — "country soul." It is translated the name of the country with the Abkhaz. And that is how the country welcomes its guests — warm and friendly. Here beautiful nature, delicious cuisine, good-natured locals. The mild climate and warm sea delight visitors until the end of September.

Features of rest in Abkhazia with children

There are many advantages to travel to Abkhazia with children. First, local hotels offer for children animation, disco, services of nannies. Second, there are clean beaches with easy entry into the sea.

We don't want to deprive you of such a celebration of life, but I hasten to warn you about some of the nuances of stay in the country.

Documents. For crossing the border of Abkhazia Russians visa is not required. You'll need a passport, and for children up to 14 years — birth certificate with a mark about citizenship.

Safety on the roads. If you rented a car, do not break traffic rules. Local road service like to prescribe penalties for Russian drivers. The safest option is to come to the country for an organized transfer.

Hotels and rates. Not all hotels of Abkhazia are distinguished by good service. Safer and more comfortable to relax in big hotels who care about their reputation. Accommodation in hotels and eating in restaurants are very cheap (50 $ per 1 dish).

Beaches. Beaches in Abkhazia have a gentle approach. Storms are rare, dangerous fishes in the sea there.

Local kitchen. Tourists highly praised the Abkhazian cuisine. However, we advise you to eat only in decent restaurants and cafes, drinking bottled water.

Tip: we recommend you take a trip funds from poisoning and intestinal flu.

Medicine. If you do not have insurance, bring insurance. In the country it is invalid, but in Adler, which transport, can be useful. Treatment in Abkhazia is also possible — the price of medical services is small.

Which city is better to stay?

The best resorts of Abkhazia for a holiday with children: Gagra, Pitsunda and New Athos.

Gagra is a city Park decorated with alleys of oleanders and palm trees, fountains and ponds, colorful architecture. This city is suitable for those who love the combination of beautiful nature and entertainment. In Gagra excellent infrastructure: cafes, restaurants, shops, market. For children there is a Park and rides.

Pitsunda is a relaxed resort surrounded by mountains and pine trees relic. In Pitsunda come to rest, to breathe healthy air, swim in the clear sea, enjoy leisurely nature walks.

New Athos is also attracts lovers of beautiful nature. In addition, the city near the main Shrine of Abkhazia new Athos monastery.

Where to go on a tour?

Holidays in Abkhazia with children can vary excursions.

Suggest to visit:

  • The monastery and the cave of New Athos
  • Monkey nursery in Sukhumi
  • The arboretum
  • Ritsa lake and waterfalls

Hotels for families with children

Alex Beach Hotel 4* (Gagra) — a comfortable hotel with swimming pool, beach and green area. Near the hotel is the water Park and promenade. For children: game-club and Playground, animation, baby-sitting services.

"Pitsunda resort" (Pitsunda) — a network of resorts on the shore of a beautiful Bay, surrounded by exotic flora. Facilities: outdoor pool, water sports, tennis, Billiards etc.

Pension "Waterfall" (New Athos) — the family hotel wbile new Athos monastery. There are a lot of greenery, there is a heated pool and a children's "town". 700 m from the pension — clean beach, accessed by a cypress Avenue. The hotel is a 3-meals a day.

Abkhazia is a Paradise for those who appreciate the all-inclusive service, and idyllic nature. Here you will find great family entertainment programme: walk through the alleys of palm trees and oleanders, swimming in the clear sea and the atmosphere relaxing. If you like cheap camping, this country is for you!

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