In which cities of Abkhazia there are existing airports - the list

v kakih gorodah Abhazii est aeroporty?

Abkhazia – a popular destination among tourists who prefer a cheap and full-bodied vacation on the beautiful black sea coast. Local resorts have long been known, but every year they become increasingly popular, because here you can combine a beach holiday with treatment and fascinating excursions.

Airports Abkhazia on the map

abhazskie aeroporty na sheme

Many tourists choose Abkhazia as a great place for a summer vacation. In addition, prices for holidays in Abkhazia is much cheaper than in the Crimea or Sochi, but the level of worthy competitors. But how quickly and correctly to reach the country – the question that arises in every person gathered here for a vacation.

In Abkhazia there are two airports, but neither one of them can't take flight with passengers, because after the events of the war between Georgia and Abkhazia air way is closed for tourist aircraft.

But work on this has started and soon promised to open the first terminal that have the same features.

In Abkhazia number two airport

  • Babushara;
  • Bambora.


Babushara airport, located near Sukhumi. Its name he gained thanks to the village with the same name, in which they were built. The station began operating in the 1980-ies, and the main building stood here in the 1960-ies. The first flight arrived in 1982. It was Airbus Il-2, to keep the way of the "Moscow-Sukhumi-Moscow".

After a successful attempt of landing of the aircraft the number of flights increased to 4 units, and today the terminal is able to accept up to 10 thousand passengers. During Soviet times, he was appointed as an alternate airport to important cities

  1. Rostov-on-don;
  2. Krasnodar;
  3. Mineral Water;
  4. Sochi.

Babushara airport is just 18 kilometers from the Abkhaz capital. Its runway has a length of 3640 meters.

The main advantage of this airport – good location near the coast of Colchis lowland. Because of this, airplanes are able to land from all sides, which is much better than in nearby Sochi. Today Babushara being actively developed, allowing as soon as possible to pass certification and to improve passenger transportation.

Runway is able to withstand the landing of civil aircraft, but only if their weight does not exceed 125 tons.


aerouzel Bamboura

Bambora – military air gate, built in Gudauta, which is located 40 kilometers from the Abkhaz capital. This airport is considered the largest in Transcaucasia. At the time of the Soviet Union, he served as a strategically important object, acting as a base for Soviet military aircraft. There were fighters, attack planes, cargo and military aircraft.

This location was incredibly convenient for military facilities. The runway, which was over 60 metres from the black sea coast, made it possible for military aircraft to hide from radar, hovering at low altitude over the water. Closer to 2010, the air force of Russia received the opportunity to place their equipment on site Bambora.

Military Bambora terminal is 40 km from Sukhumi to Gudauta. The length of the strip for planting here is around 3 km away, and it is designed to accept only military and combat aircraft.

The airfield is located so well that it can take flight even in strong weather.

All the air gates of Abkhazia are not so far from the capital, so soon, when will improve the ability to take a passenger aircraft and open up existing airports, these places will be very convenient for those who are planning a holiday in the country.

How to get into the country?

While the main terminals of Abkhazia are certified tourists are alternative ways to get tocountry on holiday.

How to get on the plane?

Since currently a regular passenger flight was impossible because of the lack of some modern equipment and related infrastructure, tourists fly by regular plane to other nearby towns.

Closest to the border with Abaza is a transport air hub Adler (the main airport of the region of Big Sochi). Here are regular flights from major cities in Russia, especially from Moscow, St. Petersburg and Novosibirsk. On arrival at the Adler hub of tourists will find a very convenient service.

On the territory of the airport are cafes, ATMs, Luggage storage and shops, room mother and child, as well as the front of the taxi.

Other methods of travel

Inye sposoby dobratsya

To get to Abkhazia today it is possible any kind of transport – by plane, train, car, taxi or ferry.

The most popular way possible, of course, train to Sukhumi. This route allows you to experience a lot of emotions, and significantly save money on your trip. From Moscow train No. 075C to the destination almost 42 hours. Also from more than 50 cities of Russia, daily trains to Adler, and from there can be quickly reached by train or bus.

A list of cities which run buses to Abkhazia:

  1. Rostov-on-don;
  2. Krymsk (Krasnodar Krai);
  3. Krasnodar;
  4. Volgograd;
  5. Moscow.

Bus schedules can change, so better to check the departure time at the information service of bus stations.

The current terminal of Sochi

The largest hub of local and international airlines to Sochi – Adler airport. It serves not only the largest Russian resort, but close to it regions, including Abkhazia. According to its passenger traffic it is the eighth place in Russia, conceding only to airports located in major cities, such as Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Krasnodar and Yekaterinburg.


Air harbour of Sochi, referred to as "Adler airport", is located 35 kilometers from the main resort and 2.8 km from the centre of Adler. He has the status of an international airport, which allows him to accept tens of thousands of passengers.

Due to the fact that Sochi was held the Olympics, the airport upgraded, so now there is all for comfortable stay.

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Airlines and destinations

aviakompanii i napravleniya iz Sochi

Sochi airport has many flights, both domestic and international. From here fly the airlines:

  • Air Moldova to Chisinau;
  • Uzbekistan Airways in Tashkent;
  • Belavia to Minsk.

Here, flights by aircraft of Pegasus Airlines and Turkish Airlinesthat carry passengers in Istanbul. For those who want to get into Tehran from the Sochi airport terminal to start the airline company Mahan Air.

Russian airlines Sochi connect your routes with important regions. From Adler ply aircraft known airlines, such as "Yamal", "Yakutia", "Ural Airlines", "Win", "Saratov airlines" S7, "Nordavia" and "Aeroflot".

Plane tickets can be purchased using this search form. Enter the city of departure and arrival, date and number of passengers.

How to get from Adler airport to Abkhazia?

From Sochi to the capital of Abkhazia there are daily commuter trains No. 6621 and # 6622. They depart three times a day, making it comfortable enough for passengers. It takes 1.4 hours to Sukhumi. If you are planning a vacation in Pitsunda, the road will take about 40 minutes, and if in Gagra, it is even less – only about half an hour.

Also trains from Adler to Abkhazia makes it a must-stop in New Athos.

If for some reason the train is not satisfied, then in Sochi airport you can use Shuttle bus, which runs daily from morning until 9 PM. Earlier from the airport to the resorts of Abkhazia went to the direct flights, but now this is not possible, so many tourists get multiple transfers.

Despite the seeming complexity, to get from Sochi to Abkhazia will not take much time.

The first planting is done at the Central market in Adler. Hereare regular taxis to the Cossack market adjacent to the checkpoint on the border with Abkhazia.

After passing through passport control immediately after the checkpoint is bus Parkingwhich follow almost all the cities of Abkhazia. They start every 15-30 minutes or as the filling of the bus.

On odd days from Sochi to Sukhumi (9:00), and even from Adler to Gagra (8:00) there are catamarans. Travel time takes about an hour.

Finally, the simplest but at the same time, expensive way to get from Sochi to Abkhazia – taxi service. Private carriers around the clock run on this route even at night.

Abkhazia is a great destination for summer tourism. This country is friendly and welcoming, and its seaside resorts, historical and natural attractions bring a lot of vivid impressions.

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