What can you bring from Abkhazia, from the Souvenirs in the gift?

CHto privezti iz Abhazii

Enjoying the warm sea, warm sun, soft sand or hot gravel, work up to the full on mountain trails and relaxing in the shade of tropical trees...

Usediv yourself with delicious national dishes, washed down with their local wines, eating a fruit, tired but happy camper returns home.

And brings, first of all, the memories all behind me, a ton of pictures of all the favorite places and yourself happy and relaxed.

But I still want to have something tangiblethat will remind you during our harsh winters the warmth and the sun.

And so nice to give something to a friend, to make dad's exotic for us, yummy, and mom is small, but pretty plant or wicker basket for knitting.

To give the head a nice bottle of wine, and his girlfriend to give beads or a bouquet of roses, still the fragrant aroma of the sea and sun.

What can you buy in Abkhazia?


What to bring home? Of course, wine from Abkhazia it brought. It has always been, and there were on the shelves.

In many Russian regions it is now. Still, the present Abkhazian grape wine can only be bought in Abkhazia.

But we have to be very careful with the selection. As elsewhere, now in Abkhazia a lot of fakes. Even local stores have wine made from wine powder.

Residents also sell home-made wine, but here, no one can guarantee the quality of the product.

Experts recommend buying wine Sukhumi plantthere for tourists, there are also frequent tastings and tours, such visits are satisfied and a small distillery.

The easiest way to buy wine there. Popular brands such as "Lykhny", "Cahors", "Apsny", "Asher", "Bouquet of Abkhazia", "Chegem", brandy "Aznar".

In addition to wines in Abkhazia there is another alcoholic drink — chacha. It's very specific, it is not used together with other alcoholic drinks. Chacha is also better to buy the factory.

CHto mozhno kupit v Abhazii: vino


Cosmetics European and Chinese manufacturers you can buy cheaply at the border in the duty free shop. In Abkhazia cosmetics do not produce.


From Abkhazia can be brought only herbsthat many sell in any market. For example, the Adams fruit, alcohol tincture which helps with any injuries and arthritis.

A lot of herbs Packed in oils and sachets. These pillows are treated for headaches and insomnia. Them, simple, embroidered, large and small, in large quantity is offered on the Abkhaz markets.

In Abkhazia you can buy almost any herbs that are recommended in the medical reference books.


In Abkhazia, love and know how to cook. Here a large number of national dishes, condiments and drinks. National traditions, the aroma of the mountains and the sea are preserved in the products that are manufactured in industrial scale and which you can buy in the store.

It will be nice to give to friends adjika, cheese Suluguni regular and smoked mozzarella, zucchini, mushrooms, jam, bakery products, jam nuts and rose petals, black mountain honey, chestnut honey with nuts, just nuts, tangerine juice.

Here collected a splendid tea. A gift box of this tea will be pleased to give and relatives, and colleagues.

Most fruits, which is literally littered with local markets, imported. In Abkhazia in large quantities mainly grow figs and mandarins.

A very interesting gift is churchkhela. It is a kind of beads made of nuts and dried fruits strung on a thread and coated with evaporated nipple grapes. Churchkhela delicious, innovative looks and long shelf life.

On the market you can buy dried persimmonssold in big brush like grape.

CHto mozhno kupit v Abhazii: produkty


Without fresh, spicy, magical smelling spices from Abkhazia is not returned, no self-respecting tourist. Here you can buy entire sets of beautifully packaged spices or buy themvery cheap for the weight.

One pepper there are a great many varieties, in addition to our usual black and red, there are pink, white, green.

There grow Laurel trees, so hence bring armfuls of fragrant Laurel branches.

Souvenirs Of Abkhazia.


In Abkhazia are not many local Souvenirs, like on our southern resorts, but still, here too you can choose something original for a gift.

From Abkhazia to bring the magnificent basketry from vines, boxwood and bamboo. Their great variety and are very cheap. These baskets and boxes fit perfectly into any interior. They can give up at any age.

Ash local craftsmen carve mortars and pestles for spices. The Abkhazians know a lot about spices and how to prepare and use, so be sure to purchase a set for yourself and your friends, especially if they are fond of cooking.

Local artisans offer carved frames for photos. The little thing was inserted there in the photo beautiful nature will be a great original gift.

The markets sell stand under the hot from juniper. From such stands across the kitchen there is a light pine-salty smell.

He will long recall the sea and sun and friends did not happen in Abkhazia, will make you think about going there.

In local markets a large number of products from clay. If you have the opportunity to carefully pack and drop off in safe and sound, you should buy surely, it is in ceramics lives the soul of a people and is passed on his character.

Souvenirs often buy just unaddressed and then hand them to everyone you know in a row. But there are people who thoughtfully approach this issue and first decide who will give and only then think what is suitable to that person.

Vsyakaya vsyachina

What Souvenirs can you bring?

The girl

In Abkhazia a lot of exotic plants, you can purchase several kinds of palm trees and various flowersthat grow here on the street, and the North will be great indoor plants.

And, of course, a large bouquet of roses Abkhaz that it is better to buy new.

Girls like Souvenirs related to the sea. But it is better not to buy this, as in Abkhazia arrived Chinese goods, but simply to gain on the shores of the original stones, pebbles and shells.

If a girl romantic nature, she likes the beads of coralwhich are doing here. In Abkhazia, they produce a marvelous decoration of clay.


With a gift for men. no problem. Here you can pick any character, take into account Hobbies and age.

Lover of baths you can give branches of eucalyptus, which are large fragrant armfuls taken away. The smell of eucalyptus indescribable, moreover, it has medicinal properties, for example, helps with colds and sore throat.

Lovers of hunting and fishing will love the burqa felted from the wool of mountain goats, once warm winters in the summer with the shepherds grazed cattle on the mountain slopes.

Burkas are knit, they are comfortable to wear in boots. This gift will be appreciated.

Local markets sell trinkets, they are also suitable for a gift.

Kakie suveniry mozhno privezti?


Any special national toys in Abkhazia no. Of course, you can find doll Highlander, but this does not mean that it will be done in Abkhazia.

The child will be interested in the same stones and shells collected on the shore.

For baby you can buy warm sweaters, gloves and hatsknitted from wool and down mountain goats that he would be happy to wear frosty winter.

Abkhazia Russian tourists are still not fully mastered, so there are clean beaches, unspoiled hoteliers and restaurateurs, friendly, not exhausted strained the tourist season the locals.

On the markets and in shops, no crowds of tourists who buy all the souvenir in a row. So, you can not hurry and choose gifts and Souvenirs from Abkhazia.