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ekskursiya po Abhazii

Abkhazia combines ancient Christian history and of the Caucasian flavor. After the military confrontation with Georgia and the receipt of actual independence, Abkhazia is gradually regaining its position as one of the tourist centers of the Black sea.

Sightseeing trips to Abkhazia from Gagra

obzornyj tur iz Gagry

If staying in Abkhazia in addition to a beach holiday be sure to go to interesting places of this country.

This is a small partially recognized state has a large number of antiquities and natural landmarks.

In Gagra you can enjoy an inexpensive collective tour, which takes place on the bus, or, in the option of a visit to the highlands, truck or jeep. The average number of tour groups is from 6 to 12 people who are served by the tour guide and driver.

Journey to the lake Ritsa

Visit lake Ritsa remains most popular in Abkhazia. Mountain lake is located at an altitude of 950 metres above sea level and has a glacial-tectonic origin. The length of the lake is 2 kilometers and the maximum depth is 150 meters. The water temperature does not exceed 5-6 degrees.

On the lake shore are Stalin's dacha and dacha of Leonid Brezhnev, attracting lovers of history. The water of the lake visible to a depth of 10 meters. A trip to the lake combined with a tour of the waterfalls of the "Male tears", "Women's tears" and Dairy waterfalls, Sapsago and an unforgettable gorges, a visit to the Blue lake.

New Athos

The city of New Athos is located on the Black sea coast and has a long history in the 3rd century ad, a settlement called Anakopia was the largest trading post on the Black sea. In the middle ages the city was the Genoese colony called Nikopsia, then part of the Ottoman Empire. After joining Russian Empire the city has received a new breath thanks to the monks moved here from the famous Old Greek monastery of mount Athos.

The main attraction is the city of new Athos, of St. Simon the Canaanite monastery, which is one of the main spiritual centers of the Caucasus. The monastery consists of 6 temples, chief among which is the majestic St. Panteleimon Cathedral, painted by Palekh artists.

monastyr v Novom Afone

Anacopia fortress attracts connoisseurs of historic architecture. The Fort was built by the Byzantines in the first Millennium of our era, and in the 14th century it was updated by the Genoese, who built a four-storey watchtower.

Within Anakopia fortress is inexhaustible artificial well.

The third most popular object of city is the new Athos cave, opened in 1961. Part of the cave consists of 9 halls, but tours are conducted in 6 of them:

  • Anakopia Hall;
  • Hall Of Muhajirs;
  • Nartaa;
  • Apsny;
  • Almarza:
  • Hall Of Auhua.

In the hall of Anakopia located Anatolia lake and Blue lake. To deliver tourists to the entrances to the rooms used underground new Athos cave railway, the length of its paths is about 2 kilometers.

The village of Komana and the Shrine of Comana

A small village is not far from Sukhum and is a place of pilgrimage for Orthodox Christians of the Caucasus and Russia. In the history of the team entered as the place of death of the two greatest saints of the Basilisk of Comana and of St. John Chrysostom. Also in the grotto located in the village, in 850, was a Third finding of the head of John the Baptist.

With trips to Komana you can see:

  1. The Church Of St. John Chrysostom;
  2. Comana monastery;
  3. Church of the Holy Basilisk , with the relics of the Martyr;
  4. The grottoin which there was a Third finding of the head of John the Baptist;
  5. The ruins of the ancient Church;
  6. Many sacredsources and springs.


The capital of Abkhazia, Sukhum, has only 60 thousand inhabitants and attracts tourists:

  • The ruins of Bagrat castle;
  • Part of the great Abkhazian wall — a defensive structure that is longer than 160 kilometers;
  • Ancient Beletsky bridge;
  • The Villa Aloisi;
  • Villa Aloizi v Suhume

  • Embankments of Muhajirs and of the Dioscuri;
  • Botanical garden and Monkey nursery.

Also in different parts of Abkhazia, you can see Carcasse fortress in the village Tsarcha, Shkurinskaya waterfalls, mountain lakes, MSI and Amtkel, Isanski dolmen and many other attractions.


The resort town of Pitsunda is interesting not only for its beaches that are considered the best in Abkhazia, but also ancient buildings. Here you can see:

  1. The Patriarchal Cathedral of St. Andrew the 10th century ad, built during the reign of the Georgian king Bagrat III;
  2. Historical-architectural complex "Great Pitiunt", surrounded by a stone wall 10th century;
  3. The Gega waterfall;
  4. Sculpture "Sea" and "Medea".

Individual excursion programs

Private tours in Abkhazia carried out on the car and designed for 2-3 people. The usual means of transportation for individual travelers is the SUV UAZ hunter, deprived of the roof for the best view of the area. A significant advantage of the guided tours is the possibility of additional stops, as opposed to collective trips where all is painted on minutes.

Excursions from Sochi

poezdki iz Sochi

To see the sights of Abkhazia does not have to go on a permanent vacation. If you want, in this Republic it is easy to go from the black sea coast of Caucasus of Russia, especially Sochi and Adler, near the border with Abkhazia.

Where to order?

Excursions to the black sea coast of Caucasus of Russia can easily be arranged in local tourist agencies. For example, through the Internet, or by purchasing tickets in Sochi numerous kiosks of the city.

Tours from Adler

As a rule, in Abkhazia organized day trips, but lately, due to the large number of attractions of Abkhazia appeared tours for 2-3 days.

Most of Sochi, the company provides vehicle and transportation of tourists at the border to the tour itself with a local guide.

To visit Abkhazia, citizens of Russia need only internal or foreign passport, for children crossing the border will need a birth certificate.

The trip from Sochi are usually more comfortable buses or minivans than in the organization of routes of Abkhazia.


The trips to Abkhazia from Sochi and Adler differ from traveling from the Republic.

  • "Golden ring of Abkhazia" — the most popular sightseeing tour in this country, which occupies 10-12 hours. This tour runs along the route Sochi — Gagra — New Athos — lake Riza — Pitsunda — Sukhumi — Sochi and includes the main attractions of Abkhazia.
  • Excursion "the Abkhazian party" directed primarily to the satisfaction of the gastronomic demands of tourists. Runs along the route Sochi — Gagra — Pitsunda — lyhny and includes wine tastings of honey, Mead, visiting the trout farm and dinner.
  • Route "Orthodox Abkhazia" includes the main religious attractions of the country: the temple of the 6th century in Lykhny, the monastery in New Athos and the village of Komana with numerous Christian monuments.

  • Jeep tour to Abkhazia includes the main attractions of the country. The advantage of this tour is the opportunity to visit lake Ritsa in the winter, that is not available when traveling by bus. Jeep tour takes place along the route Sochi — Gagra — Abkhazia mountain. During this tour you can visit several waterfalls, the Yupsharsky canyon, Blue lake lookout "goodbye, Motherland" and the lake Ritsa.
  • marshrut na dzhipah

  • The classic route to Ritsa lake with a stop in Pitsunda is held only during the summer season.
  • The tour through the main resort town of the coast of Abkhazia (Gagra, Sukhum, Novy Afon) with a stop to the thermal baths.

Travel tips

Holidays and excursions are very cheap and available in almost any Russian citizen.

The downside of this is not yet very well developed, which excursions to Abkhazia is to prepare well.

  1. Don't forget your passport, if you go on a tour of Abkhazia from the territory of the Russian Federation.
  2. When traveling in mountainous areas it is necessary to bring warm clothes, especially if you plan to swim in mountain lakes or rivers. Even in the hot summer near water and in caves can be quite cool.
  3. A necessary element of any tours — comfortable shoes with non-slip soles, especially if you plan on walking part of the route.
  4. When traveling to Abkhazia is better to seize cash, as ATMs and terminals of cashless payment you are likely to encounter.
  5. It is better to take "their" medication, as the Abkhazian pharmacies are unlikely to appreciate the choice, and in the highlands.
  6. Be sure to try the Abkhazian cuisine, but the approach to the selection of the institution with due care, eat lain an indefinite time in the sun viands still not worth it.
  7. Do not buy in the markets of the local "house wine". As a rule, it's a fake and very poor quality.

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