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The resorts of Abkhazia: a detailed map with cities and towns in the Russian language

podrobnaya karta Abhazii s gorodami i poselkami na russkom yazyke

In the famous Greek myth of the Argonauts who went at the head of Jason for the Golden fleece, the goal of the hero's journey was Colchis, which exists today.

We know her as Abkhazia – a very popular place of recreation for citizens in the Soviet Union. Name is (Apsny) translated from Abkhazian language "Country Soul".

Where is the "Country of Souls" in the world?

gde nahoditsya Abhaziya na karte mira?

Geographical position, climate and topography

Abkhazia is on the Black sea, on the slope of the Main Caucasian ridge in an amazingly beautiful place – the area between the Psou and Inguri.

Area it small – just over 8500 square kilometres, population 320,000 people. Approximately 75% of the territory is occupied by mountains, which makes the climatic conditions here are really unique.

In Abkhazia it is difficult to talk about the seasons in the usual sense. From the cold country protected by mountains, the sea gives warm in autumn and winter.

The average annual temperature on the coast is +15°C, while in January average temperature of +2° - +4°C and in August +22° - +24°C, rainfall is 1500 mm per year. Sunny days 220that is significantly higher than the black sea resorts of Russia.

The climate of the coastal areas of Abkhazia in the summer resembles the subtropics of Japan, and in winter the Mediterranean countries of Europe.

Subtropical region continues in the mountains, about 400 m above sea level, and above 2700 m. already eternal snow lie. In mountain areas much colder.

Parallel to the Main Caucasus on the territory of Abkhazia are the ranges:

  • Chelminski;
  • The Kodori;
  • Range;
  • Gagra.

Abhaziya na karte mira - osobennosti geograficheskogo polozheniya

Between them there are valleys. The highest point – 4046 M. (Dombay-Ulgen). Foothills hilly, many known caves, including the deepest in the world Krubera-Voronya (2080 meters).

If you want, during the day in Abkhazia can meet the sun in the sea waves, in the afternoon drive through the picturesque gorges, to enjoy the aroma of the herbs of the Alpine meadows, to see the snow, and in the evening to return to the warm sea.

Administrative division

Administrative Abkhazia is divided into 7 districts:

  • Gagra;
  • Gal districts to use;
  • Gudauta;
  • Gulripshsky;
  • Ochamchire;
  • Sukhumi;
  • Tkvarchelsky.

The capital of Abkhazia – Sukhumi, the city in which a little more than 60,000 inhabitants. On the territory of this small country, there are 105 villages and 8 towns whose names are well-known in Russia as space travelers, this New Athos, Gudauta, Gagra, Gal, Pitsunda, Ochamchira, Tkuarchal. Almost all of them are on the black sea coast.

Overview of the capital of Abkhazia - in the following video:

The boundaries of the Republic: whether abroad for inhabitants of Russia?

Land state border of Abkhazia separates the North from the Russian Federation, and East and South from Georgia.

The Republic of Abkhazia is a sovereign state, however, until 2008, this fact was not recognized by the world community, while continuing to perceive Abkhazia as a region of Georgia. But today Abkhazia is already recognized by some States in the United Nations.

Great support the country has a Russia, suffice it to say that the majority of citizens Russian passports, and the national currency, along with local apsaras, the Russian ruble.

So you need to say clearly that Abkhazia – foreign, but for Russian citizens entry into it is permitted not only without a visa, but simply on the internal passport.

granicy Abhazii na karte mira

Attractions of Sukhum and other tourist places

One of the attractions of Abkhazia is its nature: flora is represented by more than 3,500 species of plants, some of which are unique, the fauna is rich and diverse. Even those who haven't been to Abkhazia, have you heard about the amazing beauty of the mountainous lake Ritsa, in the famous film the battle of Sherlock Holmes and Professor Moriarty was filmed not in Switzerland, andon the Gega waterfall.

People settled in this blessed place since ancient times. Near the village of Azanta is preserved dolmen (burial structure), which relates to the period of Megalit, i.e. about 2000 years BC

Since the beginning of the VI century BC, almost 500 years it was ruled by the Greeks, built the city in the place of the present Sukhumi, Ochamchira and Pitsunda.

Then they were replaced by the Romans. Preserved monumentsremaining from those times. This is the fortress of Anacopia, a fortress Abaata, the Sukhumi fortress. The Romans exiled here for the first Christians, and in IV century Christianity was.

One of the oldest Christian buildings – Drandsky Cathedral, which is over 1,500 years, its construction belongs to the period of the reign of the Byzantine Empire. By this time include the construction of Kelasuri wall.

dostoprimechatelnosti Suhuma i drugih gorodov Abhazii

Unique monuments remained from different periods of the history of Abkhazia. Here you can see the medieval Georgian Bedia Cathedral, and Beslet bridge X-XII century, and the residence of the Prince of Oldenburg, built in the early XX century. And Stalin's dacha on lake Riza.

Special pride – the new Athos monastery, which annually attracts thousands of pilgrims visiting the monastery also Kamany.

In the capital of the country works apery in which they live 300 monkeys from Africa, Asia, America. The rich exposition of the State Museum tells about the history and nature of Abkhazia, Abkhaz canvases of artists can be seen in the national gallery.

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The coast and the popular resorts

Vacationers traveling to Abkhazia, mainly in order to bask under the warm sun and swim in the warm sea. The coastline of Abkhazia is 190 km.

Its particular feature is the rich flora, due to the closest approach to the sea in this place the Main Caucasian ridge. Here there are even some relict plants, such as pines in Pitsunda.

Sand and pebble beaches, but there are also sandy. Inputs to the water almost everywhere flat.

The most famous resorts of Abkhazia is:

  • Gagra, where you can enjoy active sports, improve your health in spas, a water Park. The beaches here are pebble;
  • Pitsunda famous relict pine forest, unique air, sandy beach, clear water, calm sea;
  • Sukhum is climate – balneological health resort, here too there are sandy beaches, always warm;
  • Gudauta is one of the best beaches on the coast nearby is lake Ritsa;
  • New Athos – climatic resort, the excellent air, pebble beaches.

karta poberezhya i kurortov Abhazii

Less known but not less attractive:

  • Alhaji resort with a particularly mild climate and magnificent views;
  • Ochamchira is the most southern city, the ancient Greeks founded the first settlement at this place;
  • Leselidze;
  • Cantrips and others where visitors meet the wonderful air, wonderful weather and extraordinary nature of Abkhazia.

Rest in Abkhazia can be different, just have to make the choice.