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What can you bring from Armenia (Yerevan) of the Souvenirs in the gift?

CHto privezti iz Armenii?

Yerevan is the capital and the largest on the population city on the map of Armenia. Yerevan is an ancient, rich for its historical value and beauty of the city.

Also the city is rich of ancient monuments, huge long beautiful streets, majestic cathedrals and temples, and many others.

Having a choice of where to go next vacation, be sure to visit Yerevan. Discover this mysterious, beautiful and just the peace of the city.

People in Yerevan like no other in the world, distinguished by its cordiality and hospitality. Everything in this country is warm and heartfelt, ranging from air temperature, which drops to lowest levels in winter only, and ending with the mood of the local inhabitants.

Getting there, do not cease to wonder at the kindness and cheerfulness of the locals.

For many of us it may seem strange, when you walk down the street and going, are the people who smile at you and give a huge positive charge and positive energy.

It's so easy to give a good mood, giving the man a smile, no matter how close it is to you or a bystander.

Going on a trip, each of us asks a question, and what to bring yourself, your family, friends and acquaintances as a gift.

Indeed, so eager not to miscalculate and to leave the memories of the wonderful trip not only in heart, but in the original material manifestation.

What to bring from Armenia (joint purchase)?

What can you buy and bring back from Armenia (Yerevan)?

Cosmetics, perfumes

What to bring from Yerevan? If You are an admirer of female beauty and want to bring your own from Yerevan beauty, I advise You to go for natural plant oils of Armenia, the company "Wikifarm".

Cosmetics this company is not only for the care of all parts of our body starting from head to feet, and also has a General healing effect to the whole body.

Natural oils "Wikifarm" nourish Your skin and stimulate the vitality of the body.

Kosmetika i parfumeriya

Products, spices

What you can buy in Yerevan (Armenia) tourist? Like any other Eastern country, Armenia is famous for its huge markets, which abound with various kinds of products. Here You will find everything! So grab your bags a little more and go to the nearest Bazaar.

The most popular treats here are absolutely nuts, stuffed with honey with fruits. It's incredibly tasty and healthy. Looks like churchkhela, but very different in taste.

Home-made cheese. Cheese here varies according to characteristics such as salinity and from which milk is made. But all cheese here is fresh and incredibly tasty.

The only thing you need to consider that the Armenian cheeses are not intended for long-term storage and begin to dry on the 3rd day.

Spices. Spices suggest you buy a spice blend Khmeli-Suneli, which is very popular in Armenia. It is sold on the territory of our country, but the taste of the figure vary widely.

Tea. The most popular variety of tea here is of URC (thyme). Suggest to buy it in Armenia, because other such a real, deep, rich taste of tea You will not try in any other country.

And, of course, fruit! Fruits are juicy, sweet and delicious. So many experienced travelers take with them, going to Yerevan, spare bags, so everyone could take home with them. Of the best and popular preference to peaches and pomegranate.

Produkty i specii


What else can you bring from Armenia as a gift? Perhaps, everyone in our world, even to those who don't drink alcohol, it is known that the best cognac in the world recognized the Armenian cognac.

The culture of winemaking in Armenia appeared more than 1,000 years ago and since then experienced growers, a true master of his craft trying to preserve and cherish the tradition of grape growing on the territory of modern Armenia.

In order to obtain the world's best cognac, Armenian vineyards are grown 6 varieties of grapes. Five of them native – Armenian origin, namely: Garandmak, Voskehat, Mskhali, Kangun and Chilar and Georgian varietygrape – Rkatsiteli.

Armenian cognacs are many varieties and characteristics. Depending on the duration of exposure, they can fine, ordinary or collectible.

The best cognac of Armenia is rightly recognized as:

  • "Shustov". Most often Armenian cognacs are named from famous historical figures and places. Nikolai Shustov the first person who bought Armenian brandy factory, after which, opinion, Armenians came the "Golden age" of Armenian brandy;
  • "Ararat" (famous mountain range of Armenia);
  • "Noah" (according to popular legend, Noah was the first who tried the first vine at the foot of mount Ararat).

Other well-known brands are: "Arame", "the Legend of Armenia" and "Sargis".

In order not to make a mistake and buy a truly worth the cognac, I suggest You go to the brandy factory in Yerevan, which is called Ararat.

There you can taste the brandy, and then choose for themselves the most liked at the store, so You protect yourself from buying fakes.

Of the wines we recommend to pay attention to such brands as "Areni" and "Horan". Of brandy, of course, "Napoleon".

Alkogol iz Armenii


Clothes - not what you should pay in Yerevan. It does not differ from that which is produced and sold in our country. The prices here are the same brands the same.

But you should pay attention to:

  1. Silver. To do this, You should go to the antique market of Yerevan is open daily, but best to get there on the weekends. As on weekdays, You do for themselves you will not find except in antique books. Armenian silver of fine quality. And most importantly, that you sell it at a very low price.
  2. Ceramics. Armenians are famous for a very beautiful ceramic dishes. Do not stint and purchase something from the subject of kitchen utensils. Here You can enjoy a very beautiful ceramic cookware sets, as well as teapots, cups, sugar bowls and more. Again, the big advantage is relatively low cost.
  3. Corals. The corals are sold in different colours and different forms. All very beautiful and stylish. And, Yes, also a budget option.

In our opinion, are the three pillars on which should pay attention, going to market for manufactured goods.

Of course, do not forget about such an essential and trivial attributes, such as magnets, postcards and plates depicting famous places of Armenia, particularly in Yerevan.

Promtovary iz Armenii

Souvenirs from Armenia: what to bring?


For men, of course, the best gift would be a real Armenian cognac. Yes, the gift is not cheap, but very high quality.

Especially if You are not greedy and will get it in the shop brandy factory Ararat. Any man that will be addressed this gift will be delighted. You can be sure!


Great souvenir for a child is a different kind of sweetness, which abound in the markets of Yerevan. Of the most popular include:

  • baklava. One and the same as praise. The sweetness of puff pastry with raisins, honey, nuts and spices;
  • Burma. One of the varieties of baklawa, which is a little different from his first form;
  • Alani. Dried peaches with bones sugar filling.

The girl

The best gift for women will be silverware and kitchen utensils made of ceramic.

Also, if the woman You're taking the gift to loves wine, then it is also a perfect gift would be a bottle of apricot or pomegranate Armenian wine "Areni". Having rich taste, which is almost not felt the bitterness of alcohol.

CHto privezti v podarok: devushke?

In General, to acquire in Yerevan a lot of things and at a low enough price. Armenia is a budget tourist country.

Everything here has a relatively small value, and the sellers won't try to deceive You, knowing You naive tourists. The people here are very pleasant, hospitable, with a good heart and soul.

Once in Yerevan, You'll become amazed at the vitality, warmth and positivity, which is inherent to the locals.

You'll love this South, is rich in ancient monuments and other attractions of the country from the first visit, love with all my heart and will return again and again!