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Attractions of the Republic of Armenia in Yerevan, Armavir and other cities

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The Republic of Armenia is a country in the South Caucasus region of Western Asia that has borders with Turkey, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Iran. According to the legend, the title came from the name of the progenitor of the Armenians of nor.

Armenia is a Museum under the open sky. About 4 thousand architectural monuments located on its territory.

The main attractions of Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh

  1. One of the natural attractions is lake Sevan. It is believed that the freshwater of the water it occupies the second place among the highland lakes. Water has an extraordinary turquoise color. Sevan is located at a height of 1916 m above sea level on all sides surrounded by mountain ranges.

    Its origin is attributed to volcanic processes. They say that once on the shores of lake growing valuable species of trees – beeches, oaks.

    The mention of these places was in the SECOND Millennium BC. On the shores of this ancient lake people lived in ancient times.

    Around the lake you can travel by Bicycle, motorcycle and car. Or to go sailing along the coast.

  2. Another exquisite attraction is the gorge of Garni. This place is very popular among tourists. Huge hexagonal basalt columns appeared here as a result of volcanic processes. The correct form basalt columns draw the eye. It seems that over their creation worked workshop.

    In addition to the natural beauty of the gorge known to the monastic complex Geghard monastery and the pagan temple of Garni.

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  4. The third attraction here is Saniski waterfall. A beautiful legend tells the story of a girl named Saki, who did not obey the usurper and fell off a cliff. At this point there is a waterfall. This vosemnadtsatimetrovoy handsome sparkling drops dripping down the black rocks and is considered the most beautiful waterfall of Armenia.

  5. Haghpat monastery is a masterpiece of architecture of the middle ages. It is so unique and authentic that was included in the world heritage list of UNESCO. This complex serves as an example of the art of building cities in ancient Armenia.

  6. Gandzasar monastery is one of the most famous and historically significant attractions of Nagorno-Karabakh. This monument is in the list of UNESCO world heritage site and is a Christian monument of courage and heroism, for centuries saving the symbol of the spiritual heritage.

    The construction of the monastery lasted for 20 years. The architects of the THIRTEENTH century, it was built on a hill near the river, embodying the architectural achievements of the time in full.

The top best tourist cities

On Armenian land, preserved the most ancient monuments of different eras. Monasteries, churches and monasteries are so numerous that journey for him turns into a pilgrimage.
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Tourism in Yerevan

Only in the capital of Armenia – Yerevan – up to 15 different museums. This city concentrated in itself the main attractions of the country. It belongs to the category of the oldest cities in the world.

The Republic Square. Represents the Union of the trapezoid with oval. Here is the building of the government of Armenia and the main clock of the country.

"Singing fountains" and decorate the area in front of the National history Museum of Armenia, is also located on the main square of the country. Here begins the Boulevard that is famous because in 1968 it was established in honour of the 2750th anniversary of the birthday of the same number of fountains for drinking water.

Cascade. This architectural masterpiece is very young. The construction was completed only in 2009 thanks to American philanthropist of Armenian origin Gerard Cafesjian. However, the cascade is blended in with the architecture and became a decoration of the city and a favorite vacation spot of residents and tourists. Withits top point, you can survey the city. Here is the Museum of modern art.


Museum Of Matenadaran. Second name – the Institute of ancient manuscripts. This Museum is about 17,000 manuscripts. There are fragments of the letter V century.

Here to keep an invaluable book – the gospel Venora (virgin Mary), Dating back to VII century. And there are also fragments of the letter V century.

National historical Museum of Armenia. The exhibits are so unique that they are difficult to describe. Here the evidence of human settlement on the territory of modern Armenia still Neolithic. Stone tools preserved in the Museum, was made 800 thousand years ago.

Erebuni Fortress. It is a monument of architecture of Urartu. For the Foundation of the fortress was used basalt boulders. Beautiful preserved frescoes talking about the wealth of the owners of the castle, which was even water.


Armavir is located in the Ararat valley at the foot of mount Aragats. Thanks to this excellent location, the city is beautiful in itself.

According to archaeologists, the city was founded in 776 BC. Argue that in its vicinity grows to 3,000 species of plants, some of them are only in this area.

So the historical sights there are in this small and quiet town.

Zvartnots Temple. Listed as a world heritage of UNESCO. The architecture of this iconic building compared with the churches of Byzantium and Syria. The Foundation of this temple – the equilateral cross. Built in 641, he suffered from severe destruction from the earthquake in 930. Excavations were carried out only in the twentieth century. The on-site Museum.

"Armenian Carthage". The so-called preserved ruins of ancient cities of Argishtikhinili and Ervandashat, which is a huge historical value.

The Sardarapat Memorial. This is unusual for Armenian architecture the monument was erected in honor of the victory in the battle of the Armenians with the Turks. As a building material for the creation of the memorial was used mountain the porous rock of volcanic origin – tuff red hue. There is a Museum. The memorial is surrounded by a picturesque Park.


During Soviet times, this is the second largest in Armenia, the city was called Leninakan, and prior to that, he was repeatedly renamed.

About this city mentioned in the writings of another historian of Ancient Greece Xenophon. People lived here in the VI century BC. Around the city a lot of ancient architectural monuments, although the earthquake of 1988 caused huge damage to these relics.

Here were born many famous artists – composer Armen Tigranyan (in his hometown operates house Museum), the poet Avetik Isahakyan (in his hometown a monument), the sculptor Sergei Merkulov (in the native city has a house Museum).


The ruins of the fortress of Gyumri. It is called the Black fortress. Built by military engineers of Russia in the XIX century.

The monastery complex of Harichavank. Built in the VII century. Destroyed and reborn, and in the XIII century reached its heyday. It was a real cultural center of its time.

The Marmashen Monastery. A kind of cult building of the tenth century. The best preserved, built of red tuff main temple. There is a cemetery on the monastery grounds. The Church ceased to operate in 1923, and during the earthquake of 1988 badly damaged.

Ani. Ani – the capital of Armenia in the X–XI centuries, when the country was ruled by the Bagratuni dynasty. They say that it was the city of a thousand and one churches. The ruins of Ani are on the border with Turkey.


The city is situated at altitude of 1450 meters above sea level. Recognized as a mountain resort. Thanks to forests creates excellent conditions for treatment and rest. This is complemented by the presence of mineral spring water which is ideal for the treatment of gastrointestinal tract.

Goshavank Monastery. The construction of the middle ages. It owes its name to the politician, writer and scientist Mkhitar gosh, who was deeply involved in its construction. The Museum is opened.

Haghartsin Monastery. The name of the village gave, but at the moment he is no longer on the map of the country. Built in X – XIII century. A functioning monastery.


Vagharshapat (Echmiadzin)

The city lives with two names. The name "Ejmiatsin" the city was in honor of Prince Varghese, who founded a settlement at this place. Then was renamed to Echmiadzin, and in 1992 took back its historical name. The city is located in the Central part of Armenia. Not far from Yerevan, is only 30 kilometers. First settlement of people on this site date back to the II century BC.

Echmiadzin Cathedral. Listed as a UNESCO world heritage site. It is included in the monastic complex, which occupies an area of 80,000 sqm

The Echmiadzin Cathedral the most ancient Christian temple in Armenia. The date of construction consider 301.

Later has been rebuilt several times. The present form was acquired in the VII century, the main outlines of which have survived to this day with a smallreconstructions over the last centuries.

According to biblical legend, Christ descended on the altar of the Cathedral and ordered the first Catholic these lands Grigor Lusavorich to build a temple here. "Only begotten came down" is the translation of the word "Echmiadzin".

The Church Of St. Gayane. Very well preserved. Here you can see the sacred relic – the spear that pierced Christ.

The Memorial Of Musaler. It is a monument heroically fought against the Turkish deportation of the inhabitants of the village of Musaler.

Once a year (the third Sunday of September) there are forty-boilers harissa (dish of millet and red meat).

This national dish the locals celebrate the holidays and sad events according to their ancient traditions.


Resort city on the shores of lake Sevan. The city was founded by Russian immigrants at the source of the largest river of Armenia – Hrazdan.

The Khor Virap Monastery. Were built several centuries over the place, where they languished for the spread of the Christian religion, the Baptist of Armenia – St. Gregory. The site where the Holy is a stone crypt with a window-slit. Here is the altar and allowed visitors. Anyone can light a candle and be alone with yourself or God.


Sevanavank Monastery. Built on Sevan Peninsula in the VIII century. Under the monastery walls in Choke there was a battle with the Arabs. But the monastery was destroyed was in the XVII century, and in 1930 and completely closed. Now it has revived and even opened upon him a theological Seminary.

The Monastery Of Hayravank. The complex includes a chapel, the Church and the porch. Built in X – XIII century used for the construction of roughly processed stone. The preserved part of the cemetery near the monastery.


On a picturesque plateau is a resort city which is mentioned in the manuscripts BC. Despite the fact that the city is at a height of 2 thousand meters above sea level, breathing is very easy.

The city is famous for mineral waters, whose composition is compared to the waters of Karlovy vary. From natural attractions there is a wonderful lake, forest and waterfall with a height of 70 meters.

The Monastery Of Gndevank. Built in the X century. Location – the canyon of the river ARPA. Around the monastery fortress wall. On the territory of gravestones and khachkars (Armenian cross stone), created for the X – XIII centuries.

What else can you look? Interesting places, theatres, museums, restaurants...

In Yerevan:

  • Worthy of attention the "Moscow"cinema, built in 1936;
  • To eat in the restaurant "Tashir Pizza", which prepares 20 varieties of pizza (and more!) in the best Italian tradition;
  • Lunch in a local cafe to taste the soup "Saved", which is a hot yogurt with barley and greens;
  • Zoo with 70 years of experience and two hundred species of animals.

In Gyumri:

  • In the tavern "the Caucasus" enjoy thick beef soup Khash, made of lamb or beef and scars, with a glass of local vodka Artsakh obtained from a mixture of mulberry, plum and apricot;
  • the Museum of urban life;
  • the house-Museum of Armen Tigranian;
  • house-Museum of Sergei Merkulov.

Armenia is a wonderful place to travel, where will want to return.

The most beautiful places in Armenia: