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Ski resorts in Armenia: Tsaghkadzor, Jermuk, Sevan

Gornolyzhnye kurorty Armenii

Ski holidays in Armenia – a great way to spend time in places with spectacular views and exciting race down the snowy mountain side.

Travellers say that having visited this place, I want the year to go back, to feel adrenaline and to go beyond everyday life.

What is so attract tourists to the ski slopes of Armenia?

Ski resorts in Armenia on the map

In Armenia available excellent slopes for hikers with any level of skating skills.

As equipment and quality of service to these ski slopes practically do not differ from other famous resorts.

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The rating resorts


The most famous and well-developed mountain resort of Armenia called Tsaghkadzor located in all fifty kilometers from Yerevan, at the foot of mount Teghenis. A landmark for travelers is Kotayk region, Hrazdan town.

This resort became famous after on the slopes of Tsaghkadzor hosted the training ground of the national team of the Soviet Union.

Soon after the improvement and popularization of Tsakhkadzor took seriously. Now Tsaghkadzor is Austrian lifts, new trails, luxury hotels and restaurants, skiing and all this at affordable prices.

Lovers of skiing and snowboarding will be delighted by more than 30 km of well equipped slopes of various difficulty levels. Pride of Tsaghkadzor – track, the length of which is eight kilometres away.

What awaits visitors of the courses:

  1. Experienced skiers, lovers of challenging routes like the"black" route, which goes from the height of 2.8 km above sea level. Fans of extreme sports will appreciate the steep turns, descents and the remains of the bobsled track.
  2. Fans of ski skill, decided to just go on the slopes of Tsaghkadzor, you can relax on a peaceful three-kilometer descent.

    Thanks to the climatic conditions on the snowy slopes, you never receive the present, only soft snow, skiing down which is a lot of fun.
  3. Beginners who dream to conquer the skiing, can use services of instructors. Tsakhkadzor – the mountain itself is in good condition, no stones, with a well-worked surface. For everyone in this place will come in handy ski school.

By the beginning of the slope, take the chair lifts, and surface slopes continuously processed by the snowcat.


Cable car delivers until the end of the highway in 10 minutes. During this time you can enjoy a picturesque panorama opened on mount Ararat and lake Sevan. Soft seats are heated, so freezing is unlikely.

In the same village situated comfortable hotels. Some of them were built in Soviet period, but in recent years they are significantly reconstructed.

Do tourists demand hotels "Jupiter", "University", "Kecharis" and "Russia". By distance is not more than 2-2,5 km from the cable car.

All hotels are guaranteed to take their guests on a special bus to the lift.

In addition to ski activities, there are in Tsaghkadzor and other entertainment. A rich cultural program awaits those who decide to visit the Kecharis monastic complex, built in the XII century.

Tsaghkadzor the eyes of a tourist


Balneological health resort of Armenia – Jermuk is known to the world for over 70 years, but as a ski resort, this place has been developed since 2007. The ski slopes are located 170 km South-East of Yerevan on the mount Fig.

Many people choose Jermuk for the opportunity to ride on roads and also to enjoy the treatment with the curative mineral waters of this resort.

The mountainous terrain of Jermuk allows you to use two tracks with a total length of 2.6 km, changes which are not above 400 m.

These trails are for beginners and Amateurs who do not aim to make a dizzying stunts. The slopes are equipped with lifts, delivering to the beginning of the ride.

Also there is a rental of ski equipment and a cozy café with traditional cuisine.

A wide selection of accommodation in Jermuk gives a chance to stay in the private sector, to live in one of the luxury hotels, stayin a sanatorium or hydropathic.

The most famous hotels of Jermuk – "Olympia" and "Verona". Unlike the private sector, where the need to go for mineral water alone, the hotels offer the healing water for free.


Rich life awaits visitors of the resort:

  1. Many tourists recommend to visit Drinking gallery – architectural structure, the walls of which are taps with drinking water.

    Each faucet comes from the water of a certain type, and in each subsequent tap water is warmer than the previous one.
  2. Popular excursion to the gorge of ARVI, on the ledge which is the oldest monastery of Noravank (XIII century), will be remembered for a long time.

Jermuk does not stand still, constantly developing ski tourism. In the future will be built new trails, a ski lift and expand the infrastructure of the ski resort.


Less than 70 km North-East of Yerevan is the third ski resort of Armenia – Sevan, adorning the banks of lake.

In the summer on the shores of mountainous lake Sevan, a popular climatic health resorts, and in winter months the gentle slopes of the nearby mountains prefer to conquer the beginners who start their ski career.

Promotion ski resort in Sevan started recently, but prepared tracks, functioning lift and tons of great hotels, are attracting more tourists in the winter.

In addition to the trails and lakes, travelers go on excursions to the monastery of Sevan, built in the VIII century of stones and tufa, visit the nearby monastery of Hayravank.

On the coast of Sevan equipped hotel complexes, camp sites and rest areas – from budget accommodation to the luxury rooms. In hotels you can taste the famous Sevan trout, which is found only in this lake.

Maybe Sevan is not as popular as Tsaghkadzor or Jermuk, but soon it will turn into a great place for outdoor enthusiasts.


Those who have already visited the slopes of Armenia, saying that their visit gives a long-lasting feeling of happiness, reduces stress and inspires.

Luxurious climatic conditions create a favorable atmosphere for people of any age.