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Armenia on the world map: where is the border, how long is the flight from Moscow?

Armeniya na karte mira

The Republic of Armenia - this is the name of the state, surrounded by the Caucasus mountains. The majority of people consider a symbol of the state MT. This is despite the fact that Ararat since 1921 is part of the territory of Turkey.

Armenia on the world map

strana na mirovom atlase

To see mount Ararat in Armenia from virtually all corners of the country. The fame of the Ararat brought a Bible legend about Noah's ark. Well-known brand in the world is Armenian brandy. The big fan was Winston Churchill.

An interesting fact is that Armenia has still not recognizedas a state, only one country in the world - Pakistan.


Look for a country with a total area of 29743 square kilometres, it is necessary in the South Caucasus. Its population barely exceeds 3 million people, 97% of the ethnic composition accounts for the country's indigenous people, the Armenians.

The size of their territories Armenia 138 takes place in the ranking of countries in the world, and by population — 135-E.

Small in size Armenia is located in three climatic zones and has common borders with Turkey, Azerbaijan, Iran, Georgia. Disputed borders of Armenia and the unrecognized Nagorno-Karabakh Republic and Nakhichevan Autonomous Republic.

The capital of the state is for many centuries Yerevan. The city was built in 782 BC, Is one of the oldest capitals of the world. Even Rome was built on several decades later.

Administrative division of the country consists of having the status of the region of Yerevan and 10 regions:

  1. Ararat;
  2. Aragatsotn;
  3. Armavir;
  4. Vayots Dzor;
  5. Gegharkunik;
  6. Kotayk;
  7. Lori;
  8. Syunik;
  9. Tavush;
  10. Chirac.


relef mestnosti

The territory of Armenia is 47% occupied mountain ranges, extinct volcanoes and canyons. Speaking about their country, the Armenians complain that God gathered to their land of stones more than leave them to others. Almost 90% of the territory lies at an altitude of 1000 meters above sea level. The highest point is Aragats (4090 m), and low — Debed (380 m).

The natural setting of the country is Small Caucasian ridge. In the center of Armenia's towering massifs divided by valleys and gorges. The most famous valley of Armenia — Ararat. It is located in the South-West of the country. Here is the large number of major settlements in the country.

The most beautiful mountainous landscapes can be found in the South-East of Armenia. In the same area of the country you can find many mountain rivers and lakes.


Nearly 4.2% of the country is occupied by water. The main river of Armenia is Araks. All the territory of the state is crossed by more than 9 thousand rivers. The length of over 10 km have 379 of them.

A real gem of the state is lake Sevan. It is the largest freshwater reservoir of Armenia and the North Caucasus. Often called the "Armenian sea".

The size of the reservoir can very quickly find it from space. Sevan is located in the heart of the country in the region of Gegharkunik.

Surrounds lake national Park, named after the pond - "Sevan". Nest here:

  • Gull;
  • Peeper;
  • American swans and many other species of birds.


Tourists love to visit Armenia all the year round. This is largely due to the climate of the country. Huge impact on the weather in these places is having its relief. Winter here is usually cold and snowy, while summers are dry and warm.

The continental climate can be found in the vicinity of the most famous in Armenia, the Ararat plain. It is located in the heart of Yerevan. The amount of precipitation falling in these areas does not exceed in a year of 350 mm.

Moderatethe climate is inherent adjacent to the North and East to the Ararat valley lowland areas.

Subtropical climate can be found on the extreme South - and North-East. The districts of Meghri and Noyemberyan.

How to get there?

kak dobratsya na samolete?

Yerevan and Moscow there is a difference in time, it is 1 hour. If tourists are interested in the question how many kilometers from Moscow to Armenia, the distance between cities in a straight line is calculated in 1804 km. But much more kilometers have to be overcome in making a real journey from Moscow to Armenia. Unfortunately for travelers, all existing in the world, the road has a meandering shape, which greatly increases their length.

The journey from Moscow on the airplane

To fly from Moscow to Armenia from the three Metropolitan airports:

  1. Domodedovo;
  2. Sheremetyevo;
  3. Vnukovo.

The cost of flights depends on various factors. These include the season, airport of departure and arrival, carrier, and day of the week and time of day. Depends on the cost of the ticket and its category is "business" or "economy" class. Affects the price and availability of transplants.

The most expensive tickets, usually sold 2 weeks prior to departure. It is worth considering going on a trip.

From Moscow to Armenia on various airlines fly. But not all of them are doing direct flights. The fastest way to get to Yerevan flight from "Vnukovo" flights on the airline "Victory". Such flights are the fastest and cheapest. The journey time is 1 hour and 50 minutes. Flights with other airlines with a stopover in Rostov-na-Donu can be from 4.5 hours in Krasnodar — from 5.5 hours in Sochi is 12 hours.

Daily from Moscow to Yerevan departs at average of 15 flights. They arrive at the Zvarnots airport, which is located at a distance of 12 km from the capital of Armenia. To get to the city centre by bus. The fare will be about $ 1. To fly from Moscow it is possible not only to Yerevan, but Gyumri. The distance from it to the capital of Armenia is 125 km away.

To choose a plane ticket, you can use this search form. Enter the points of departure and arrival, date and number of passengers.

The trip from the capital by train

To get from Moscow to Yerevan direct train impossible. The only way to partially take advantage of when travelling by railway is to buy tickets from Moscow to Vladikavkaz and Rostov-on-don, and from there catch the bus.

puteshestvie poezdom

By choosing this type of transport, it is necessary to consider the fact that this trip will have to cross the border with Georgia.

The time of the train on the way to Vladikavkaz to 36 hours. Waiting for the bus is 12 hours. The same time will take the bus to Yerevan. To Rostov-on-don train from Moscow gets in a period of 19.5 hours. The transfer time is 3 hours and 21 hours is the trip to Yerevan. Trains depart from Kazansky and Kursky railway stations of the capital.

Also, you can take a very long trip by train:

  • From Moscow to the capital of Azerbaijan - Baku;
  • Further, from Baku we go by train to Tbilisi;
  • And from Tbilisi to Yerevan train No. 371 on odd days.

Such a journey takes a lot of time and effort, and will costas a plane ticket, and even more.

Road by bus or car

Daily from the metro station Tsaritsyno departs a bus on a direct route to Yerevan. Its travel time is 45 hours. The route passes by transit via Georgia. The country is currently no way to get around by car.

If the trip is made on the car, to move Russia towards Armenia should on the highway M4 "don". The route runs through Rostov-on-don and Vladikavkaz. The approximate journey time of 35 hours. Distance around the track is 2,236 km.

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Travel tips

Between Russia and Armenia operates a visa-free regime visit. For entry into the country the Russians don't need to haveinvitation, but need a passport with validity at least 3 months after planned departure from Armenia. Going on a trip need to pay attention to it. Otherwise you can not get into the country.


tamozhennyj kontrol

Armenia is allowed to import duty-free only 2 liters of alcoholic beverages and 50 cigarettes or packs of cigarettes. Cost is taken on a journey of things should not exceed $ 500. On the import and export of artifacts and valuables requires special permission.

Drugs, explosives and weapons confiscated, and tried to carry them persons prosecuted.

What to bring with you?

The quantity and quality of things to put in a travel bag going on a trip, depends on the season. Summer in Armenia, as a rule, dry and warm. The temperature in Yerevan is kept in the range of 28-35°C. In a rural location it is somewhat lower. Very cold in these places at night. So, a warm sweater or windbreaker will come in handy even in the hottest months.

The hardest to determine the composition of the wardrobe in spring. At this time, the weather in Armenia is very changeable. After frost can occur days, like early summer.

Currency exchange, car rental, Internet

Problems with currency exchange in Armenia will not arise. You can do this in airports, hotels, most major shops and banks. They work not only on weekdays, some of them engaged in a currency exchange at weekends and on public holidays. Another thing is credit cards. You can use them here only in larger hotels and stores.

No major problems in the country and with the Internet. Even in a small Armenian village you can find 2-3 Internet cafes. Free WiFi can be found in most hotels.

Rent a car to travel around the country on the passport and a Russian driver's license. To enter into a lease may persons over the age of 21 years.

How to communicate and what not to do?

The majority of the population speaks Russian language. They know the mentality of Russians. Over the years of living together among the peoples of the two countries developed many similar traits. By themselves, the Armenians are very friendly and hospitable people. But, coming to visit in a foreign country you need to respect their traditions. Difficulties in communication can arise in remote rural areas of the country. In these places I speak mostly in Armenian and English.

  • In Armenia it is not customary to interrupt. Therefore, it is not worth doing.
  • Not in the country to photograph bridges, airports and military facilities.
  • No need to have conversations concerning the national problems of the country, including relations with Azerbaijan and Turkey.

Where to stay?

gde ostanovitsya?

The best hotels in the country located in the capital. Most of them provides its customers with full service of hotel services. But, they are much less in comparison with hotels with 2 or 3 stars.

Before to recover in the journey is better to inquire about the hotel in which you plan to stay.

What to see?

In Armenia a large number of old churches and monasteries located in the mountains. The architecture of these buildings and the surrounding landscape admired at any time of the year. Among the attractions that are worth to visit monasteries:

  1. Geghardavank;
  2. Sanahin;
  3. Tatev;
  4. Noravank.

Unique building is the Blue mosque in Yerevan.

A wonderful holiday awaits you on the shores of lake Sevan. Here is concentrated the bulk of the best health resorts in Armenia. In the waters of the lake you can catch the famous Sevan trout. The best ski resort of the country located in Tsaghkadzor.

Armenia is one of the safest countries to travel. Dishes of Armenian cuisine are very popular in Russia. For many, this country may seem to be a real gastronomic Paradise. Trip to Armenia is always leaves a good impression.

Recently for the first time Armenia and Russia are linked by air. Watch the video on the flight Yerevan-Moscow: