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What can you bring from Baku from Souvenirs and gift?

CHto privezti iz Baku?

Residents of Azerbaijan have called it "the Country of fires". And you will understand it when will be in Baku.

You will be tempted to quickly spend all the cash, bought lots of trinkets.

Therefore it is best to make a clear plan of purchasesthat you will bring from this hot country.

Souvenirs from Baku


Most tourists bring from travel, local alcoholic drinks. Therefore, it is recommended to go to the store in Baku and purchase wine there. In terms of quality it will give odds to many Italian and French drinks.

What kind of wine it is best to take? Basically, it's: semi-sweet "Sevgilim" dry "Afsana" and Shamakhi Cahors.


After the liquor store you should at least one eye to look at the carpets, which are sold in the market and in stores. Azerbaijani products are famous for their quality all over the world.

In every city of this country make their unique patterns on the carpets and pass on these secrets from generation to generation.

In addition, since you were in Baku, will visit the Carpet Museum. But if you want to bring home a pleasant surprise, go to the Icheri Sheher.

Your surprise would be no limit, because the carpets here are not only hanging, but even lying on the road. Moreover, the impression that the sellers don't care what happens with their product.

Sometimes you can even see the dealer sitting on the carpet, lying in the dust. However, the first impression is deceptive. In these places it is believed that the older the carpet looks, the higher quality.

Unfortunately, very valuable carpets in the street you will never buy. Besides, Azerbaijan is prohibited to take such an expensive purchase. So just expect that will become a remake.

Suveniry iz Baku: kovry


What else can you purchase a tourist market in Azerbaijan? The third souvenir, which traditionally tourists bring from Baku is national glasses.

In form they look like a pear. In this country of such glasses is very fond of drinking tea.

It would seem that because of this shape make it very uncomfortable. After all, how drink hot tea when the Cup is not simply a pen? However, over time you will learn to hold the utensils that you will not get burned.

Traditional souvenir, usually brought in from Azerbaijan is copper cookware. In Baku, in the Old town you can find a lot of antique shops.

Here you can buy vases, jugs, plates of coinage. In addition, there are samovars, which have their distinctive features.

If you visit real kahanu, make sure that the tea is prepared in this place is in the samovar.

The most popular ceramic souvenir is a Chirag (lamp oil). Interestingly, modern chiragi virtually indistinguishable from the old, which are periodically found in these places.


You're thinking what to buy and to bring from Baku from food, something delicious to treat tried friends and family? In this case, take the jam of white cherry and you'll be fine. Tea it fits perfectly.

Of course, you can take another jam, but cherry is the most delicious. This product is easy to find in local supermarkets or on the market. You'll take home a jam without problems, because it is always sold in sealed cans.

Suveniry iz Baku: sladosti


You cannot come to Baku and not to bring the national tablecloth. First impression of the pattern of droplets of water. However, in reality this is an image of flames of fire. Such a pattern is called a bout.

In addition to tablecloths, they adorn capes and women's clothing. As for the tablecloths, they are quite durable and are very easy to wash.


During the Soviet Union, Azerbaijan was the main supplier of various jewelry. It is not surprising that they brought home as Souvenirs until now.

The most important thing is to learn how to distinguish the real goods from the counterfeit.

Beauty of the old city and the newBaku airport, buying Antiques at Kubinka and other

What to bring as a gift?

The woman

What to buy in Baku, if you want to make a gift to your girlfriend or mom? In this respect there are two clear opinion that you will not regret it.

"Carichi". It is a beautiful house Slippers. When a woman wears "carichi", then it immediately raises the desire to change out of shirt and breeches in a satin gown or a graceful house dress.

"Kalagai". Lies behind the word silk Oriental handkerchief. These products with different bright colors. But most importantly, they are made of 100% softest silk.

In the winter, this scarf will be a great addition to a coat or a fur coat. In the summer, it goes perfectly with the cardigan.

CHto privezti v podarok: zhenshine


Now you need to decide what to bring as a gift from Baku to the man. Moreover, no matter whether it your boyfriend, friend or close relative.

Who would not say that, but most men like guns, even if not going them to continue to use it. Therefore, initially, it is recommended to bring national dagger.

In this country there are lots of them, so choose the one you like.

In addition, don't forget about the souvenir horns, from which they drink wine. Mentioned the drink you can take for men.

Tea. Tea party in Baku is considered a ritual. This event accompanies man all his life. No tea ceremonies, no cost, no event. What tea to get? The best company for the production of this drink is Azersun Holding.

Wooden backgammon. Especially prized handmade. The point of this game is that the person requires to think and calculate moves a few steps forward.


Finally, what can you bring from Baku to your child? On this account, too, there are some established opinion.

You can give children a pad of a computer mouse. As the picture on it shows local patterns. It looks pretty unusual.

In Baku there are many traditional toysthat are sure to appeal to your child.

CHto privezti iz Baku: rebenku

In Baku when local Souvenirs dazzled, and the hand instinctively reaches in his pocket for his wallet to make another purchase.

Do not rush! Before the trip, think carefully about what you want to bring of warm countries. Otherwise there is a risk to spend the holidays with no money, having spent them on the first day.