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The main attractions of the Republic of Azerbaijan

Dostoprimechatelnosti Respubliki Azerbajdzhan

The land of fire... that's What the tourists and the locals call Azerbaijan – a country with a unique cultural flavor and history Dating back centuries.

Anyone who has visited here at least once, will want to visit the country again, to taste strong tea mountain, enjoy a spicy Oriental pilaf, admire the beauty and grandeur of ancient temples and mosques.

And, of course, to bring home the painted patterned Azerbaijani carpet. We go to the land of fire and we!

Azerbaijan - where is that?

Despite the fact that Azerbaijan was part of the Soviet Union, he belonged also to another country – Persia. After the collapse of the Union of socialist States became independent and now is the largest of the three countries related to the South Caucasus, bypassing Armenia and Georgia.

The Northern part of Azerbaijan adjacent to Russia, Western Armenia, the South of the state adjacent to Iran and its Eastern coast is washed by the waters of the Caspian sea.

Day of the tourist. Baku

What to see?

Than the glorious city of Baku: the sights of the capital

Even three days will not be able to get around all the main sights of the center of Azerbaijan. Why should only Icheri Sheher! This town, located inside Baku, with its history, its monuments and mosques.

Will return to it later, but for now take a walk along the Primorsky Boulevard. He, like, wide tape, stretches along the Caspian sea, hence its name. Azerbaijanis love to walk along the Boulevard, and visitors are advised to visit this place in the first place.

Kilometer walkway is decorated with various fountains where you can throw coins to come back again, dotted with green spaces and trees, and a variety of restaurants and affordable café where every traveler can relax and have a snack.

Primorsky Boulevard smoothly into highland Park. It offers a unique panorama of Baku.

Museum of Gobustan interesting not only because it keeps a collection of authentic petroglyphs carved by people of antiquity, but also its uniqueness, because it is a real landscape reserve, recognised by UNESCO. Near Gobustan, travelers can admire the mud volcanoes.

CHem slaven gorod Baku: dostoprimechatelnosti stolicy

But back to Icheri Sheher. There are a great many unique monuments of architecture. Here are some of them:

  1. The maiden tower. Literally since its construction began, the city of Baku. Initially, the tower was a temple, then served as a part of the fortress. It is still hidden bewitching mysteries, to unravel the mystery of which scientists are trying.
  2. Juma. The so-called main mosque in the town of Icheri Sheher. Even 1000 years ago this place was built a temple in which the Gentiles worshipped fire, and here today stands the beautifully restored mosque.
  3. Caravanserai Multani. Her age – six centuries. In the old days in caravanserai stayed Indians think trade.

What to visit in Ganja?

Ganja is considered one of the most beautiful cities in all of Azerbaijan. It is nice that artfully combines vintage architectural value, modern and stylish building.

Tourists are recommended to visit three wonderful places: the Juma mosque, Russian Church, and bottle house.

As for the Juma mosque, it bears the same name as the mosque in Baku, however it is another attraction. The curious story of its construction.

Once the architect Bahauddin, who was fond of astronomy, had planned to build a mosque made of red brick, but approached the matter with a little trick: it put the material so that the result is at noon each day on the wall with white bricks began to fall a ray of sunshine. It turned out a sort of natural clock.

The Russian Church received its first congregation in the 19th century. It helped to build both the Orthodox and the servants of Islam. Some of these icons are stored in the walls of the Church, for example, the icon of St. MaryMagdalene.

The most interesting building of Ganja – bottle house. It really is made from bottle green color. So Ibrahim Jafarov – the Creator of the creation, decided to preserve the memory of those who never returned from the great Patriotic war.

The house is not empty: it is in peace and harmony reside the descendants of Ibrahim.

CHto stoit posetit v Gyandzhe?

The tourist centre of Sheki is waiting for guests!

Shaki is a relatively small city. However, he managed to win fame as the gemstone of Azerbaijan. Mountains, forests and numerous creations of Islamic architecture incredibly pleasing to the eye of travelers.

In 1762 there was built the Palace of the khans, where the latter spent their holiday in summer.

It's a beautiful building! Colorful stained glass and intricate patterns, mosaic tiles from plates blue, sky, alder flowers are fascinating.

The walls of the Palace decorated with frescoesmade by artists from around the world. Paintings depict flowers, bouquets in vases, scenes of battles.

Another building of the Sheki fortress – stretches for almost a mile. Tourists can go through the main gate and climb one of the guard towers, offering amazing views of the city.

Stepanakert and its bridges

Stepanakert within Nagorno-Karabakh. It welcomes guests with the famous monument in the form of grandparents. The monument is called "We and our mountains". In the town travelers are most attracted to the local Church and bridges.

The Church in Stepanakert was built quite recently, it was not yet nine years old. Young and beautiful the building was named in honor of St. James.

But Khudaferin bridges were built in the 12th century. They stretch from the southern to the Northern shore of the Arax river.

When bridges were built, the materials used, even the stones which the Arabs took from the bottom of the river. In the course were also brick – it is burned in furnaces and gave it a square shape.

As a support of the bridge are the rocks created by nature itself. The length is about 200 meters, and the height from the water surface is 10 metres away.

Stepanakert i ego mosty

The greatness of Lankaran with the aroma of antiquity

When told about the birth of the city of Lankaran, simply breathtaking. Construction here began in the bronze age! And that is the third Millennium BC!

Despite the ancient age, in Lankaran, there are no ruins: attractions, Dating to the 8th century, in very good condition.

In the 18th century was built the fortress of Lankaran. She was unapproachable and quite scary in their appearance – tall walls of sturdy stone, protruding teeth did not allow the enemy to overcome it.

Previously, there were deployed bazaars, and at the beginning of the last century, in their place, put a few mosques, where to this day look tourists.

The Central part of Lankaran is decorated with a Palace. It is called "the House of Mirakhmad Khan". It was built in 1913.

The beauty of the building causes the admiring cries even the most unflappable travelers. The authors liberally used national themes in the construction of the Palace.

Gabala attracts both adults and children

Gabala history totals not one century. Unique cultural wealth brought the city universal acclaim, and now tourists come here from all corners of the world.

Before Gabala belonged to Caucasian Albania, so modern its territory you can observe the ruins and even the main gate of the state.

Visitors a Quad bike on which they can drive to the Russian or the Chestnut forest, the village of Laza, a magnificent village of NIJ. The latter was famous in its time was the place of residence of UDI, the descendants of the Albanians.

Gabala attracted to its amusement Park. It is the largest such Park in the entire country – is as much as 16 acres of land! For children a visit to this place will be unforgettable and will bring a lot of unique experiences.

Attractions in Qabala very different for adults and for kids, there are truly extreme, is designed for the entire family.

Anyone can join the karting, ice skating at the ice arena to play football on the Playground. And unusual XD theatre will delight any! Located in the Park café, where you can taste dishes of the national cuisine.

Music lovers will be able to have a great time at the International festival of classical music, jazz and mugham. It is held every year and shows the audience composition, performed by the orchestra and individual musicians. The festival attracts music fans of all countries of the world.

Twice a year in Gabala hold contests to identify the best masters of piano playing. Interestingly, in this Azerbaijan citymake tools brand Beltman, renowned for their quality.

Gabala manit i vzroslyh, i detej

The land of fire opens it's doors!

The reader opened the veil that hides only some of the attractions bright and welcoming the Republic of Azerbaijan. In fact, the country is famous also many other interesting places and buildings, monuments, and buildings.

All that attracts the eyes of a tourist, feel a national spirit: the spirit of religion, the centuries-old tradition of mountain beauty. Azerbaijan welcomes anyone who wants to visit its sights and is looking forward to guests!