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Vacation with children in Georgia to the sea: the best resorts and sandy beaches - photos

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Resorts Georgia sea Russians are attracted to its accessibility and comfortable language environment. The majority of the population speak fluent Russian or English. Georgian hospitality is well known all over the world, always above expectations of tourists who come for the first time at the local resorts.

Summer vacation in Georgia

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Going to resorts in Georgia, you must know that a visa for this trip the Russians don't need.

Permission to stay in the country for 90 days is issued at the border. To obtain it you will need a passport.

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Beach resorts on the map

All the sea resorts of Georgia are surrounded by mountains, covered with various vegetation and snowy peaks, to admire that in the heat of summer is especially nice.

The sea and relict plants give the air of the Georgian coast, not only special flavor, but also healing properties. Breathe in these places is easy and pleasant.

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The length of the black sea coast of Georgia is 94.5 km. Among the best resorts in:

  • Batumi. The city is the capital of the Republic of Adjara. It is a modern sea resort of Georgia, which is considered the best in the country. It is located on the South of the country. It is better to get from Tbilisi or Kutaisi. All the beaches are municipal. By sea in the city can be reached from Sochi. Daily runs between the cities Speedster.

    The holiday season in Batumi starts in may and ends in September. To stay in town in hotels, hostels and private mini-hotels.

    The main advantage of the city — a huge pebble beach. It stretches along the coast of the city and has good infrastructure. Most of the Batumi hotels located closer to the center of the beach. In this area of town, there are a large number of objects, designed for the entertainment of tourists.

    Summer life in the resort is particularly busy. In Batumi there are a lot of festivals and concerts. Fans of summer vacation at the resort plan your trip in advance and booking accommodation at least a month.

  • Sarpi. A small resort village located on the border of Georgia and Turkey. This place on the Georgian coast is the most beautiful and the most expensive. In Adjara Sarpi resides a little more than 800 people. Most of the tourists seek to get to the resort from the sea.
  • Beach Sarpi quite small, but near the village is an amazingly beautiful waterfall with a statue of St. Andrew.

    kurortnyj Sarpi

  • Kvariati. The resort village has a very convenient location. From Batumi he is just 14 km away. This place is great for those who prefer to relax quietly and calmly.

    Lovers of entertainment have to travel from Kvariati, Batumi. In the southern part of the pebble beach resort of Batumi is the center of diving training. It not only teaches immersion, but also organize boat trips to the sunken in the Black sea near the Georgian coast ships.

    The main advantage of the local beach, whose length is 1 km, is the great depth the adjoining area of the Black sea.

  • Kobuleti. Prestigious Georgian resort located at a distance of 20 km from Batumi. Kobuleti is deservedly one of the best places in the Caucasus. The surrounding resort pine forest makes the air salubrious. Here are the best sanatoria of Georgia, which successfully treats various diseases of the heart and lungs.

    Pebble beach Kobuleti stretches along the coastline of almost 12 miles. The sea water in these places are amazingly clean. Small pebbles, which scattered all around the beach, does not cause difficulties when entering into the sea. The city's well developed infrastructure, has all the conditions for active recreation.

  • Chakvi.The resort village stands in the middle of the route between Batumi and Kobuleti. On the beach of the resort is relatively quiet and peaceful. The beautiful coast has a well-developed tourist infrastructure.

    The beauty of this place in its proximity to the Botanical garden of Batumi, the fortress of Peter and Mtirala national Park.

    Small tourists on the beaches are a big plus for those who prefer to relax away from the noisy companies. The resort is surrounded by tea plantations and eucalyptus groves, which grow near the sea.

  • Gonio. Actively developing the modern resort of Georgia. The beaches of Gonio divided into urban and those that belong to the hotels. They are all covered with small pebbles. The sea water here is warmed up better than in many other places on the coast. This is due to the fact that the Black sea here has a shallow depth.
  • Ureki. This Georgian resort is often called the local Costa Rica. The name resort in the country, due to the black sand beach. Sea water in this part of the coast is clear, but does not seem clean.

    poberezhe Ureki

    The shallow depth of the sea rests on the removal into the sea at 40 meters. The temperature in Batumi is always 2 degrees higher than in other places along the Georgian coast. The resort is located 50 km to the North from Batumi.

  • Anaklia. Modern Georgian resort with a pristine blue sea. Tourists give their preference in favor of Anaklia because of the beautiful nature and well developed tourism infrastructure. The resort made everything for a comfortable stay. Near the resort is the national Park of Kolkheti. The beaches are covered with a mixture of small pebbles and black sand.
  • Grigoleti. The resort is 16 km from Poti. Grigoleti sandy beaches surrounded by a pine forest. On the first line there is a great amount of private mini-hotels and guest houses. The beaches are famous for their gentle entrance into the sea. It is the perfect destination for a quiet family holiday with children. It is considered the low coast of Georgia.

Places to holiday with children

When choosing vacation spots with kids families take into account not only the quality of the beaches and flatness in the sea, but also the quality, availability and accessibility of baby food. Coming on a short duration stay of families with children prefer to stay in Batumi. The beaches of this resort are not ideal for children but there is a water Park, Dolphinarium and zoo.

For an extended vacation at sea with children it is better to choose a beach Kvariati, Gonio, Anaklia and grigoleti. From children's entertainment you can find simple slides, trampolines-gum, etc.

The advantage of these resorts is their distance from the bustle of the city, very clean sea and a convenient entrance.

Where are the best beaches of the Georgian - photo

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Most beaches along the Georgian coast covered with shingle. One of the cleanest in Georgia is considered to be the coast of Sarpi, Kvariati, and Gonio.

Sandy and pebbled coast

A rating of the best beaches in Georgia, according to experts and tourists, head of Batumi. The resort lies in a subtropical climatic zone and is the most developed and modern in the country.

On the second place on popularity among tourists is the beach of Kobuleti, although this resort is considered the best in the whole Caucasus by its microclimate.

Among the five best beaches of Georgia Mtsvane konts'khi, known as the Green Cape, located in the same village. In many ways, the popularity of the Spa provides located in this Botanical garden. Among the growing in the garden of trees can be found:

  1. kiwi;
  2. bananas;
  3. tropical creepers and many other trees and flowers.

On the beautiful beach Mtsvane konts'khi never not get a lot of people. This is a great place for diving.

Fourth and fifth place in the rating of the Georgian beaches is Kvariati and Sarpi.

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Unusual beach shore

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Unique Georgia beaches are black Sands. They are located in the center of Ureki. This place is known to many as the former seat of Government of the country. Near Ureki resort is located and other settlements. Among them are such popular holiday place like Kobuleti, Tsikhisdziri, Kobuleti, Makhinjauri.

The beaches of these resorts are covered with sparse black magnetic sand. This magnetic sand hasmedicinal properties, which is used for treatment of various diseases of heart, vessels, respiratory, nervous and skeletal systems.

The healing properties of black sand was used by local inhabitants of these territories, even in ancient times. The swimming season begins in these resorts in may and ends in late autumn.

Wild and nudist parts

The best wild beach Georgia is part of the coast near the village of Tsikhisdziri. Immersed in the green resort village is located very close to the famous fortress of Peter. Locals who know the hidden places prefer to relax on the coast close to the border with Turkey. The cleanest and most beautiful wild beaches can be found in Sarpi and Kvariati.

The most popular and visited the Nude beach Georgia is located in Batumi.

Outside of the official nudist beaches , naked in the country, tanning is not worth it. Nudism in Georgia officially banned.

Travel tips

  • Going to Georgia on vacation, you should check your passport. The expiration date must be greater than 6 months.
  • If the family is going on a trip not at full strength, you will need notarized parental permission to travel abroad.
  • Taken a cash of over 30 thousand lari (about 745000 RUB) must be declared when entering the country.
  • To move around the country a better place to rent a car.

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