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The sights of the cities of Georgia: Mtskheta, Tbilisi, and other

Dostoprimechatelnosti Gruzii: foto i opisanie

Lake, deep and clear as a tear, mountains, heaven concerning its peaked top, sea, endless, undulating... it's All Georgia.

Lovers of mountain peaks worth a visit in Svaneti. For those who missed the beach and the sun, it is necessary to keep the course in Adjara.

A gourmet who loves to try delicious dishes of world cuisines, sure to attract Kakheti.

Generous Georgia will find a warm area for everyone!

Georgia - where is it?

The state occupies the South-Eastern part of Europe, located in the Central and West Caucasus. The North side is bordered by the Russian Federation, the East is adjacent to Azerbaijan.

South Georgia and adjacent to Turkey and Armenia, and on the Western shore splashing waves of the Black sea.

What to see in Georgia for 1-2 weeks?

What to see?

What to see in Mtskheta?

Mtskheta at the time was that the Georgian capital. It is all attraction and even included in the list of heritage sites.

Tourists coming to this city, I advise you to visit the following sights: the Svetitskhoveli Cathedral, Jvari monastery and fortress Bebristsikhe.

The Svetitskhoveli Cathedral was built in 1010, and then not one thousand years he occupied the place of honour of the main temple not only of Georgian but also throughout Georgia.

The Jvari monastery was built in the 7th century. The venue was quite interesting there, where it joins the water of the river Mtkvari and river Aragvi. In this place a little earlier, St. Nina set up a cross.

Bebristsikhe fortress, or rather, what was left of it, beckons to all travelers. The ruins of buildings so mysterious that it is impossible indifferently pass by without studying them.

Its construction belongs to the 9th century. But scientists have discovered here and some of the buildings erected in the I century BC.

CHto stoit uvidet v Mchete?

Famous places of Tbilisi

Tbilisi hid under its wing a great variety of different objects of culture and architecture. This fortress, and monuments and museums, parks and temples.

They are concentrated mainly in the historic part of Tbilisi. Some objects are located outside the city limits, but near the entrance.

Metekhi temple, created in the 12th century, stands on the banks of the river Kura. Previously, he represented the residence, where a great Georgian kings, as well as a strong fortress. The remains of Queen Shushanik, the martyred her husband, are buried here.

The Georgian national Museum is also located in Tbilisi. The exhibits are, however, not in one building, but several, spread across the capital.

Unique Antiques, belonging to the different eras are gathered in the Museum and demonstrate a national treasure of the state.

Gori invites

In Gori the most famous and visited are the following attractions:

  1. The house-Museum of Stalin. In this house, which stands in the middle of the city, Joseph Stalin lived as a child. Fans of Soviet history with pleasure will plunge into the everyday life of the Stalin family, will look in the room of Joseph little and get a feel for the spirit of socialism, which is vital here in those years.
  2. Goris-tsikhe. This fortress, designed to serve as a bulwark against the city and the place where the defenders Gori led the defense. Erected a fortress under king David. Travelers should definitely visit the Goris-tsikhe and enjoy the indescribable beauty of the view from its heights.

Gori priglashaet gostej

Telavi and itsattractions

Telavi is the centre of Kakheti, one of the regions of Georgia. Fine wine, of which legends, is prepared in Telavi. And all because there are a huge number of grapes.

In addition, in Telavi is the batonis tsikhe fortress, which once spent time Kakhetian kings. Now next to the fortress is a Museum, gallery, temples, palaces and a magnificent observation deck.

Young people like to relax in the Park Nadikvari. Here they are celebrating different events and festivals, e.g. wine. From the Park you can contemplate the peaks of the mountains of Tusheti.

Have you been to Kutaisi?

Kutaisi is located on the banks of the river Rioni. When you get to the city, it seems that you are in the middle Ages. Streets intersect many times, and this maze is very easy to get confused.

Tourists are strongly recommended to visit the temple of Bagrat. The Cathedral is a Grand structure, which can be seen from any place of the city so high the temple.

Unfortunately, the construction has survived not completely, because it was built long ago – in the tenth century.

In the Gelati monastery attracts crowds of pilgrims. Here is the center of spiritual life of Georgia. The monastery was raised in 1106, his Creator was the Fourth king David.

A lot of the wealth belonged to the monastery, including land, fertile and wide. All these Gelati obliged the Builder to David.

Lovers wander under arches of caves with pleasure will visit the reserve Sataplia. To find it is not so easy: the reserve is hidden among the mountains.

In 1925 there was discovered a huge cave in which flowed a river, growing stalactites and stalagmites. After that the place became famous and later received the status of nature reserve.

A vy byvali v Kutaisi?

The small village of Kazbegi. What is it famous?

Kazbegi is also the second name – Stephantsminda. The village is not always noticed by travelers because it is located between two major cities – Tbilisi and Vladikavkaz.

However, it is spread around real mountains, and time spent here will be truly unforgettable.

In Kazbegi still have strength, there is the Church of St. Nicholas, Museum of writer Alexander Kazbegi. Traditional Georgian khinkali at any tavern. Here a lot of them, but prepare them equally delicious.

We invite you to Batumi!

The main attraction of Batumi is the Orta JaME mosque. It was built before all others, and now does not even have "competitors", she is the one.

Time buildings belong to the 19th century. On the side of a building applied Arabic record, perfect in its beauty.

But the churches in town is full. Popular the Church of St. Nicholas, Church of St. Prcc. The latter, incidentally, is Armenian.

The gaze of the tourist will certainly attract the Gonio fortress. Here was the center of the Roman Empire, later Byzantium. A total of 18 towers of the fortress have survived relatively intact. There is a legend that at the construction site rests the Apostle Matthew.

The Spa town of Borjomi

Nice Borjomi mineral waters. Probably heard about it all. Here very picturesque, so people from all over the world come to Borjomi to rest and heal.

At the time the town was visited by the last Russian Emperor, in Borjomi, he built himself a cottage, which is preserved to this day. Travelers visiting the city also visit the parks and Museum.

Among the most famous parks – Borjomi-Kharagauli. He's just immense and is more than seven and a half percent of all of Georgia!

The flora and fauna, beautiful landscapes, created by nature, Alpine meadows... even beasts of prey – all this makes the national Park unique.

Kurortnyj gorod Borzhomi

Tsinandali – a village in which there are palaces

Earlier in Tsinandali lived princes. Still preserved their rich estate, who wishes to see any tourist attractions in the village. In addition, there was launched first in the Alazani valley plant for the preparation of wine.

The Palace of the same name was erected in the village in the early 19th century. Its founder was the poet Alexander Chavchavadze. The Palace was next to the Park, which grows bamboo and palm trees.

All the "cream of society" met here until the end of the 19th century. Even Alexander Pushkin and Mikhail Lermontov was walking through the Park in Tsinandali.

Kobuleti beaches under the scorching sun

Kobuleti is famous for its Sunny beaches. All summer and half of autumn, you can not get out of the water. You can rent a big umbrella, lying on a comfortable sun lounger.

On the beach there are cafes and restaurants, dance lovers will be abledisco in the evening. The adventurers have the opportunity to ride a jet ski or a banana boat.

Despite the modern entertainment, which in Kobuleti in bulk, the city has an ancient history. Here were found various relics relating to the 5th Millennium BC.

Welcome to Georgia!

What can you say about Georgia in General? It is a country that opens doors to all – eager to get to the historic depths of the state, those who like to spend time on the warm sand or in the waters of the boisterous sea.

As well as gourmets and admirers of first-class wines, sincere believers and the eternal Wanderers, who boldly marching across the planet, exploring the beauty of the Earth.