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Whether to go to Thailand in the rainy season? Arm yourself with knowledge!

Kogda v Tajlande sezon dozhdej?

"When in Thailand the rainy season?" - ask the inexperienced tourist, intending to lie on the beach and see the sights of this exotic state and choosing the place where to do it and when.

But the answer to his question is not so simple. The rainy season is a characteristic phenomenon for countries with a monsoon-tropical climate.

If we talk about developed resorts, it is observed in India, Vietnam, Indonesia, the Maldives and Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Mexico and other countries, including in Thailand.

What is it? This is the period when precipitation in the form of rainfall exceeds the average and significantly exceeds.

A typical day during the monsoon looks like this: the bright morning sun gives way to thickening in time for lunch the clouds, and the evening is pouring down. The next day everything starts again.

The rain, though abundant, but quite short, and everything dries very quickly – also a feature of the climate.

Of course, there are whole rainy week, but it's not frequent, and where this does not happen? Of course, in some years it happens that many parts of Siam was flooded in the literal sense of the word, but that happens infrequently.

Climatic zones of Thailand: the humidity level

The opinion prevailing among travellers, is that there is rainy weather in Thailand is from June to October, and in General it is true.

However, in some months there is more precipitation in one region of the country, some in another. So, on Koh Samui the most humid in November, and Phuket in August.

The Thais are known under the commonly understood summer time, because during this period, on the ground results the annual water rate.

However, this time do not be afraid, especially since it allows you to relax no less fun but much more affordable than in high season.

You can for example choose not on the island (where precipitation is always more), and the Bangkok or Pattaya.

Interesting and quite comfortable in terms of humidity and Hua hin. What other resorts can accept tourists and in the rainy season? This:

  • Ko Tao, Ko Phangan, Ko Samui, Chumphon, Tao, Khan – from March to October;
  • Krabi, Phi Phi, Koh Lanta, Ranong, and Phuket, Phang nga, Satun, Koh Samet, Rayong, Koh Mak, Koh Chang Paradise, Koh Chang, Koh Kood, Thailand – all year round (although during may-October there are more rainy and humid than usual, this does not prevent);
  • Samui and Pattaya will also take travelers in the "low" season, delighting them is not too high waves.

The latter is so important because tourists are afraid not so much rain, how much of a stormy sea, which may prevent them swim.

I must say that it is at this time do more happy surfers and bathers can find a secluded beach, where you can dive without risking. Usually they prefer private beaches just on Samui, Krabi or elsewhere.

One word of caution: in August the maximum uncomfortable the Northern part of Thailand, so don't risk your vacation and go there, even tempted by the prices: for the same cost you can have more fun at other resorts.

But when you consider all the recommendations and even choose a conscientious operator, you can forget about the many and varied fears to rest, taking with him many pictures and warm memories about the joyful smiles of the Thai people.

I am afraid of the rainy season, how it feel?

No, not if you understand the question and prepare for the trip. For example, the rainy season in Phuket can be hold on the beach when the sun is shining, but also when visiting tours, massage parlors and shopping centers.

And there aren't that many people in "high" season, so enjoy it all you can be without interference.

Second, the air temperature is still quite high: the thermometer column hardly will show less comfortable 28⁰ Celsius (plus, of course) and this means good programsuse the water and the sand on the beach.

But if you are not afraid of the waves, the lazy off and on the Board is indeed, as mentioned above, just a heavenly time for surfers.

Beginners can choose a quiet beach, well experienced conquerors of the elements can choose the place with high and very high waves. Here is the "low" season.

Interestingly, almost the best time to ride on elephants when it is hot, the trip is not always fun.

But it was during high humidity, it not only exotic, but also pleasant. And although many say that repeating the experience would not every one needs to make every guest of Siam.

Thirdly, no one bothers (and experienced travelers do) advance to see the weather forecast for the chosen dates and to stock the right equipmentthat will make walking and recreation in General morecomfortable.

But it should be remembered that one of my favorite jokes of the local population – that they have no weather forecast.

Are there advantages of rainy season?

In the summer of Siam is as hospitable as in the winter, and the rest of the country as well comfortable. And it provided a much lower price not only on location but also on the tickets.

The infrastructure of hotels, appetizing local food and hospitality of the Thais did not decline despite the epithet, which was awarded this period. Quite the contrary – because guests less attention they paid much more, which is nice impact on everyone, especially on cost.

Paying for a great tour a much lower price, travelers also enjoying almost-solitude, so as a group they are unlikely to be many.

And visit the best restaurant is the same problem as in-season "high" when a frustrated guest of the institution may simply not be in the table.

The same goes for umbrellas and sunbeds on the beach – a deficit they clearly are not.

Shopping in Thailand in the "low" period is also very nice – you can buy high-quality and unusual local textiles, gifts and, of course, without what from Thailand you can not go – natural cosmetics for Spa treatments and just good care for themselves. And all this without the hustle and bustle of, with maximum attention to the sellers.

Another rarely considered an advantage – ability to tan, not burned. When the scorching sun is hidden behind clouds, the UV light still passes through them in sufficient quantity to obtain a great tan, which not only fits perfectly, but also lasts longer.

It is possible to enjoy a walk on the beach, without risking a sun stroke or just tired from the heat – usually air after the rain, cool and very comfortable. However, if the rain was short-lived, and dry all at a fantastic rate.

You should not be afraid and that delicious fruit at this time will not be in summer as much as winter, so the taste of the tropics tourists feel fully.

However, measures of personal hygiene at this time you need to adhere even more strictly. The only purified water is used, be sure to wash hands before eating, and contact with animals are banned.

The reason for such strictness is easy to guess: the combination of heat and high humidity level creates a nearly perfect environment for fungus. Also, definitely need to take something against mosquitoes: they are also excellent feel in wet environment, while being carriers of unpleasant diseases.

What to choose: regions, rainy and not very

If you really want to go to Pattaya, it is possible to choose for this wet period. Although it is believed that the rainy season in Pattaya is from may to Octobershould be avoided, only three months in this period: may and autumn.

The fact that in these three months it rains almost continuously. While in the other they often refresh the air at night.

Interesting place located not far from Bangkok is Cha Am. He's very romantic and very nedomlel.

If you come here in March, you can catch the season of catching shrimp – the famous tiger and the lesser known but no less delicious yellow. Because this "good" in the season quite a lot, prices in Thai restaurants are very affordable – you can try many of the Goodies and not go broke. Well, almost.

An island called Ko Lanta is almost unknown to Russian tourists, and yet it is very romantic and comfortable in the rainy season the place.

Imagine a walk through the mangrove groves . But better still come and enjoy it for real under the protection of the Andaman Gulf. But even if the rain and flood mangroves, travelers is unlikely to greatly upset – they reach for the camera to capture this matchless beauty.

Phuket cannot be called uncharted island along with Pattaya, it is the most loved by tourists from Russia. And the timing and distribution of rainfall during the rainy period here coincides with Pattison.

So to paint the rainy season in Phuket by months of not working, and to determine the dates of visit: may-July will be very comfortable even for bathing, especially if you pay attention not local "signals" when on the beach waving a red flag, it is better to stay away from the water, because soon there will be a storm.

Already mentioned Hua hin is also very good. A particularly interesting the fact that here is the residence of the Thai kings – do it in the last century ordered to build Rama VII for the rest of his family. Whether due to this, whether such an atmosphere is just inherent in the place – it is calm and leisurely.

Considering when the rainy season begins in Thailand, you can choose to relax and less "publicized" place – Chang island.

Bordering the Pacific ocean, it has retained all its naturalthe appeal, however, was able to develop the infrastructure: here you can stay in a great hotel, eat in the café. Dine in the restaurant. And in the evening to drink at the bar.

To get here is also not be a problem after 45 minutes after departure from bankovskogo airport tourists have already landed on the island.

Rainy myths: the king's orders are not discussed

For example, if the king will command the rain to fall only at night, to hear him even element. Already many tourists, who visited Siam in the "low" season convinced in the power of the monarch.

While he cares about his subjects and in the dry season, which was invented the process "Royal creation of rain" (even granted a patent, and not somewhere, and in the European patent office).

To "create" rain and defeat the drought, in the atmosphere to spray the condensed water vapor. Under the influence of low temperatures they freeze, turning into real rain clouds. In 1974 was formed the Bureau rainfall operations, which was engaged in the "Royal" rainfall.

Results and prospects

Choosing the right time and the right place to have a rest in Thailand in the rainy season can be not worsethan in the most that neither is "higher" in the winter months.

And even better – not only because of the price and the small number of tourists, but also because of the special atmosphere, the opportunity to see the country not be what it appears to travelers, especially primping before their influx.

Bloom in July are quite different plants, than in February, and the rains washed foliage particularly green. Of shrimp in March, then try will not succeed, and the July feast Asahi Puja will fill with peace and tranquility the soul of everyone who will be able to participate in one.

A refreshing breath of Thailand during the summer months, often compares favorably with the heat prevailing in winter. And though every tourist selects his favorite time, not so rarely they get it is the rainy season.