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World map: where is the Red sea, and in some countries there are resorts?

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The red sea, many associated with wonderful opportunity to relax for the best but affordable resorts with beautiful beaches, a large selection of hotels for every taste and an abundance of unforgettable entertainment.

The red sea Atlas of the world in Russian language

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The red sea has a number of features. Thanks to them, it greatly differs from other bodies of water.

In what country is?

Red sea on world map you can find where at variance the African continent and the Arabian Peninsula.

This reservoir is part of the Indian ocean and is located in a deep tectonic depression.

On the North this area has a border with the Mediterranean sea, through the Suez canal, and South through the Strait of Bab-El-Mandeb it connects with the Arabian sea, which is also a part of the Indian ocean.


Geologically, the reservoir was formed at the junction of the African and Arabian lithospheric plates and he appeared relatively recently – about 40 million years ago when earth's crust had deep crack. Over millions of years, the failure was filled with ocean water, forming its own flora and fauna. Even today, the plates continue to move, so the shores are constantly at odds, and its depth increases.

There are several versions of why the sea got its name:

  • In ancient times the South connected with red color;
  • Blooming corals in the water that change its hue;
  • The rocks red at sunset the sea give a special touch.

A more romantic legend tells that the sea began to be called red when lover boy was decorated for his beloved surface water with rose petals. And according to another version, in this sea drowned the pursuers of Moses, when the waves come back together behind the backs of the Jews.

What country is between?

First and foremost, the country that is associated with the mention of the coast of the red sea, Israel and Egypt. In addition, the sea is surrounded by six countries – Jordan, where it forms the Gulf of Aqaba and the coast of Saudi Arabia, the Sudan, Ethiopia, Eritrea and Yemen.


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Once the Red sea was only a small depression in the African-Asian continent, but over time, the plates were separated and the size of the reservoir is increased.


Today, the depth in the Central part of the sea reaches a very impressive size of 3000 meters, the basin of the fault is 1000 meters, and the coastal area up to 200 meters.

The length of the lake from North to South is 2350 km. and a width of 350 km and a water Volume of 450 thousand sq. km.

There are several features associated with the Red sea:

  1. The pond does not fall into any one river, so the water here is much clearer;
  2. Intense heat increases the rate of evaporation, increasing the salt concentration;
  3. In the southern part of the sea there are Islands, the largest archipelago Dahlig;
  4. Due to the constantly high temperature of the reservoir is considered to be the warmest.

The underwater world of the red sea is incredibly rich, so diving in these places is considered to be one of the best on the planet, second in beauty only to the Caribbean. Initially, the water existed the flora and fauna of the Indian ocean, but due to the increased salinity, there was formed new organisms. Now the pond is home to many new species of endemics – about 20% of the total.

The flora and fauna of the red sea is so picturesque that the famous Jacques-Yves Cousteau was devoted to the study of this reservoir is about 10 years, and then gave the world a series of documentariesmovies. Among the underwater creatures you can meet dolphins, sharks and morays, and clown fish, Napoleon fish and different types of coral.

Weather conditions

The red sea is in the tropical zone, so on site there is always a high solar activity.

With year-round high temperatures of air and water, and the dry and warm climate, relaxing on the red sea coast is possible in any month. These features have developed because of the location of the reservoir between two deserts.

In summer the water temperature rises to around +27 degrees, and air up to +40°C. in Winter the sea cools down to +18 degrees, but the air remains warm, +27°C.

When to go to relax?

The tourist season on the Red sea lasts all year round, but the most favorable periods for beach holidays are the spring – April and mayand the autumn months – September and October. In this period is not very hot weather, and the water remains suitable for swimming.

The map of the reservoir with the resorts

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The uniqueness of the red sea and numerous resorts attract tourists from all over the world.

The coast of this pond is quite extensive, so tourists have a large choice of countries that you can go on vacation.

Coast in Israel

Among the fans of beach tourism, demand for tourism, located in the South of Israel – in the city of Eilat. Many particularly impressive is the variety of beaches, from sandy to pebbly, and incredibly many possibilities to practice water and underwater sports.

On the coast you can find a lot of hotels and hotels for any taste and budget. The most famous in Eilat, Hilton Eilat Queen of Sheba.

Both in the city and along the coast you can find many attractions and entertainment, including the popular Dolphin reef.

The Coast Of Egypt

The greatest number of red sea resorts located at the Egyptian coast. Here you can find the famous Hurghada is the main resort in this country, Sharm El-Sheikh is the most popular in the Sinai Peninsula.

Among the resorts of Egypt's Red sea is also popular:

  • Dahab;
  • Marsa Alam;
  • El Gouna;
  • Makadi Bay;
  • Safaga.

Annual open young, but no less popular resorts. Each of them attracts the ideal conditions for leisure and the best opportunities for scuba diving.

The Territory Of Jordan

In Jordan , only one resort located on the Red sea – Aqaba – coast in the district of Tala Bay, is designed for therapeutic recreation.

Due to the fact that sea water in the region has increased the salinity here is not recommended to come to rest with children.

The beachfront is extensive, well maintained and has a well - developed infrastructure. It is home to several dive centres, offering many dive sites. Also in Aqaba, you can explore the historic tour facilities.

The coastal zones of other countries

The red sea resorts, located in other countries are less well known, but most of them is developing steadily. Already available for the rest of Massawa in Eritrea.

Due to its location on the map of the world, the Red sea has all the conditions to ensure that the rest remained intense and unforgettable.

View a video about the shores of the red sea in Jordan: