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Where better to go to Greece for a vacation with a baby and no?

Kuda luchshe ehat v Greciu?

We all work hard all year round to earn money for a good stay. Recently, a very popular trend the rest of Europe. That's why people increasingly ask the question, where better to go to Greece in order to get a lot of pleasure from the rest.

Greece is a large, Sunny European country, which is open to tourists. If You chose it for vacation, then first You should learn a little bit about this country, its customs, the culture. Besides, it is necessary to explore all the tourist places in order to choose the most appropriate for yourself.

Greece is so diverse country that the man who first time in my life is going to go there on vacation, lost at the stage of choice. This is not surprising, because only then you can get the perfect tan in the cleanest beaches in the world, taste the most delicious seafood and at the same time to deal with a long and very interesting history. Well, how not to get lost?

Only here you can find a lot of monuments and these masterpieces of architecture, which is certainly worth a look. Therefore, the choice of resort remains always the man. Here it should be guided by individual preferences. There are a few main types of holidays in Greece, namely:

  • vacation with children
  • cognitive rest
  • passive recreation on the beach

This plan depends on your personal desires. You think it through several times before you choose a tour. It depends on the success of Your holiday, as well as the emotions for a lifetime. Where better to go for a vacation to Greece – this is the question that you need to consider in advance, before the holiday. Only in this case You will have a good time and get a positive charge from the country of the Gods.

Holidays in Greece with kids

Unfortunately, the children bring the parents not only joy, but also a large number of problems. These problems can be resolved. Among them is the children. Today, it's easy enough to choose where you can go with a small child. But, it is best to think in advance this question, not to have surprises. If You intend to go abroad, for example, in Greece, the first step is to consult with the child's doctor.

Climate change may adversely affect the health of the child. And it will spoil the mood and relaxation, both to him and to You.

Where better to go to Greece with the child? To choose a suitable resort for children not so easy as it might seem at first glance. Experienced have long known the "well-trodden routes", but newcomers will be a little harder.

Many experts, doctors and tour operators suggest to go on vacation with children in Greece, namely on the island of Corfu. This place is famous for its large amount of entertainment for a child and his parents. Then he will not need to miss. Besides, the fresh air, sea water, clean beaches will do him only good.

Kuda luchshe ehat v Greciu s rebenkom?


The island of Crete is also a perfect place to stay with the child. There's lots of different entertainment areas for children. The most important is the fact that there is a huge water Park with many slides. If Your child loves extreme sports, then this place would be his Paradise. While the child is resting and sports with peers, parents can relax and sunbathe by the pool. In such moments you really feel like a real Greek God.If You want to improve yourself and your child, then you need to go to the popular Greek resort of Loutraki. This place is known worldwide for its magical and healing waters, which were discovered a few centuries ago until our time has not lost its value. This holiday will benefit all family members, as well as provide a good health for the whole year. Child healing water especially will benefit, especially if he has some health problems.

Holidays in Greece for adults

In front of older people who are going on holiday without children, better opportunities. As they say, in this respect, it is "reckless". First of all, You need to determine the purpose of the trip. This will directly depend on Your guests. A purposefully visit Greece to see all the historical monuments. Others in order to relax from all the bustle of the city and just soak up the warm Greek sunshine.

We all know that Greece is a country that ranks first in length sandy beaches. If You want to sunbathe and admire a real beauty, welcome to shipwreck beach. Translation of "shipwreck" is a shipwreck. This beach is located in Zakynthos. Here since 1980, is located one skeleton smuggling ship. This is a real business card of the place.

And if You want to meet any celebrities, You can go on Psarou beach, on Mykonos island. We must note that there are mandatory required to reserve sunbeds, but the guard could not miss you if Youlook unpresentable. However, more recently in Greece was a new law that all beaches are free and open to visitors. So, face control, this place may not prohibit You to relax on your own towel.

Kuda luchshe ehat otdyhat v Greciu?


If You find yourself in Greece, you should visit the Christian Holy places. This is where are two of the most important Orthodox place is mount Athos and the Meteora monasteries. It really is a stunning place, breathtaking. But as you know, on mount Athos women's entrance is strictly forbidden. It is believed that the place of the Holy virgin, but her and no woman has the right to set foot on this Earth. Those who penetrate the deception, God is very severely punished.

For men, too, there are certain rules. In order to get to Athos must obtain a special visa, or "diamonitirion". This needs to be taken care of in advance. But the entrance to Meteora free. This stunning monasteries that were built on the rocks is no accident. They are closer to God, and also reduced the risk of capture by Turkish soldiers in ancient times.

If You can't imagine life without quality music, then You should go to Greece in July or August. It was at this time on the Peninsula called Attica is one of the biggest music festivals. Here, visitors can enjoy jazz, classic and ethnic music. Almost at the same time on the island of Ithaca, which is the home of Odysseus, is another large-scale music festival.

The island of Samothraki is also not lagging behind the General trend. Here day and night, loud music playing, I hear it even on the mainland. Rave festival worth to visit it. You will receive unforgettable impressions, and also get the chance to meet very interesting people from different corners of our planet. Such Dating can be not only interesting but also useful. To have friends in different countries – it's cool!

A versatile country to visit

In the end I would like to say that Greece is a country of tourists. There is a place specially created to make guests feel comfortable. The Greeks are very friendly and hospitable people. You will not only get a lot of pleasure from Greece, but also positive emotions for the year ahead.

Stay in this Sunny European country is remembered for a long time. Incredible scenery, fresh air, beautiful beaches, amazing monuments and other attractionsand fabulous night entertainment is all that awaits the tourist, who went to Greece. In any case, at the end of your journey You will come to the conclusion that this is the country that is ideal for relaxed and family holidays and leisure travel in large and noisy company. Immerse yourself in the magic and feel like a second Olympic deity. It's worth it!