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Where better to go for a vacation in the Czech Republic?

Kuda poehat v CHehiu?

Invariably, when it comes to the Czech Republic, just remember Prague. How different this is called the European capital: and the mystical Prague, medieval, and Golden. So the question is where to go to Czech Republic, we can firmly answer – go to Prague. After all, the beautiful Prague has managed to preserve from destruction during various wars. The narrow cobbled streets preserve the age-old legends. You can easily feel the spirit of the middle ages.

Prague tour

Prague is so friendly and intuitive that can be infinite with a map or without a wander through the winding streets. But if you want to not just plunge into the world of the middle ages, but to hear the legends and history of the ancient capital of the Czech Republic, take one of the traditional tours of the city.

Mandatory to discover are the old town square with the amazing clock Orloj, Prague castle – the medieval residence of Czech kings and now a government complex. After seeing the St. Vitus Cathedral and unsuccessful attempts to remove this monumental structure as a whole, be sure to climb the observation tower of the Cathedral. The species that appear before you, just fascinating.

The Central part of the city is striking in its beauty and history. Here and the old Jewish quarter with its legend of the Golem. Here and hours in the Jewish synagogue, which go in the opposite direction. There is a special route through the Old town and the Jewish quarter. And legends associated with the river Devil ledent soul. They can be heard on the tour "Mystical Prague".

If you are in Prague with kids – visit the Prague zoo. The huge territory of the zoo allows the animals to be in natural conditions, and visitors to observe the life of animals.

That it is necessary to photograph in Prague?

  • Charles bridge (pictured)
  • Astronomical clock
  • The dancing house
  • Powder tower
  • The changing of the guard at Prague castle
  • The Church of Mary over the fence

Karlov most

This is only a tiny part of the objects that you want to photograph and take with you as a memory.

The medieval castles of the Czech Republic

The most interesting for curious tourists will visit medieval castles. Where to go in Czech Republic? Cesky Krumlov is the most popular and visited castle. It is included in many excursions, lovers of independent travel without difficulty reached this place by bus or train.

Karlstejn Castle

This medieval castle rises above a small town of the same name karlštejn. Once from Prague to Karlstejn ran the main Royal path. And is currently a costume bunch of actors once a year makes this way to the delight of tourists. From Prague you can reach by train, the castle formed a group to visit the interior. External and majestic views of karlštejn can shoot from any angle already at the approach to the foot of the hill.

Hluboka nad Vltavou is impossible to miss!

To visit this beautiful castle, worthwhile to take a tour, at least to an adventure to get to places. Amazing beauty, perfectly fit into the natural landscape of the Hluboka castle over 700 years is a model of exquisite taste, craftsmanship of architects and builders, who left descendants is a miracle.

Gluboka nad Vltavoj

Not only the exterior, but the interiors evoke interest and admiration. In the castle are many interesting manifestations of technological progress, for example lifts from the kitchen to the living room. The area around the castle is designed in the best traditions of English gardens. Definitely worth a visit to this medieval castle, especially because it has served as the decorations for Czech films, fairy tales, such as "Three nuts for Cinderella".

Visit the castle of Melnik

The Melnik castle, which stands on a picturesque hill at the confluence of two rivers Labe and Vltava, will satisfy lovers of Antiques and connoisseurs of good wine. Indeed, in this castle lives a real descendant of an ancient family who grows the grapes, makes the wine, leads to the castle tours and offers tastings of local wines. To reach the castle from the station Holesovice in just 40 minutes. You will enjoy beautiful views from the Windows of the castle, get acquainted with a magnificent collection of weapons, collected over the centuries and taste Czech wines.

A tour for real men – "Beer Prague"

Who has not heard about Czech beer? Beer lovers need not wait for a special holiday, such as Oktoberfest in Germany. In the Czech Republic excellent beer can be sampled at any time. For gourmets there are even special "beer" tours in the Czech Republic.

Plantations of hops scattered throughout the country. And recipes of intoxicating drink as much as the Breweries in the Czech Republic. The most famous are Plzensky Urquell, velkopopovický Kozel, Gambrinus.

If you go to Prague, you will be offered an excursion to the brewery where the tasting room will serve at least five Beers and talk about the properties of each. Having been on this tour, you will learn to distinguish between light and dark, filtered and unfiltered, density, strength, taste and aftertaste. A good mood after thisthe tour is guaranteed to all.

Curative and Wellness stays in the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic has long been renowned for its healing natural springs. There are numerous legends and stories about miraculous healings from different diseases. Know where to go on holiday to the Czech Republic? The most famous resort located in the town of Karlovy vary.

A city on the shore of the Warm - Karlovy vary

Surrounded by forests and mountains lies a small but beautiful town of Karlovy vary. He is known worldwide. Twelve hot springs are the pride of the entire Czech Republic. But no less glory Karlovy vary brought the drink, infused with 20 herbs, called Becherovka. It is only at the Karlovy vary water. Numerous health resorts are taking want to improve their health all year round.

Karlovy Vary

How to get to Karlovy vary?

  • From Prague you can book a tour to Karlovy vary
  • Bus Student Agence independently come to Karlovy vary
  • You can buy a tour with treatment or without treatment in Karlovy vary

Any of these ways will lead you not only to thermal sources, but also to the famous factory of Joseph Becher, who many centuries produces the famous liqueur Becherovka. It is not only strong drink but also a remedy for many diseases.

The Town Of Františkovy Lázně

Not as famous as Karlovy vary, but no less popular resort františkovy lázně. It draws its healing waters and natural mud. In the West the Czech Republic in a cozy picturesque town of františkovy lázně, you can also drink mineral water from different ailments. Diverse spectrum of diseases and heart problems, musculoskeletal system and gynecology.

Very good is the rehabilitation of patients after heart attacks, heart attacks. If you want to strengthen your health and visit the lovely fairytale land you in the Czech Republic, in Frantiskovy Lazne.

The Resort Marianske Lazne

The glory of this resort is only slightly behind Karlovy vary. And the waters are not thermal. But the composition and quality of water is such that treatment of different diseases is carried out successfully and with excellent results. Czech Republic have always attracted the wealthy to its unique climate and healing springs. At present, treating in a popular European resort is available to almost everyone. On the system of early booking is possible at an attractive price to buy tickets to the best Czech sanatoriums in the popular resorts.