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Where better to go for a vacation in Germany?

Kuda poehat v Germaniu?

Many feudal castles and forbidding fortresses have been preserved in Germany. Magnificent nature of Saxon and amazing thermal springs of Baden-Baden create excellent conditions for rest and recovery. Lovers of winter sports will find suitable slopes in the mountain ranges of the Alps. All this diversity entails, in Germany crowds of tourists before the trip, decide where to travel to Germany.

Cultural centers of Germany

For fans located in the cultural layers of a strange country, in Germany there are many directions. More than two thousand daily museums open their doors to tourists:

  • Dresden art gallery
  • Pinakothek in Munich
  • Germanic Museum (also in Munich)
  • Museums in Berlin

Of particular interest to lovers of Antiques evoke the medieval castles of Bavaria, open for tourists all year round.

Luxurious museums-palaces with magnificent decoration, Museum displays amaze and fascinate with its magnificence. The most visited museums palaces:

  • Sanssouci in Potsdam
  • Charlottenburg – garden and Park complex with a magnificent Palace
  • The Zwinger in Dresden

Lying on the banks of the river Elbe, which was destroyed during the war and newly restored Dresden, admire the clean streets, beautiful buildings, magnificent parks, gardens and fountains, and an immeasurable cultural heritage. In Dresden you can always come back, because one day is not enough to cover all that is possible to see and photograph.

What are you looking at in Dresden?

  • The magnificent Zwinger Palace. Still have it restored to pristine beauty. Hundreds and thousands of interiors lovingly created and installed in its place, ennobling view of the already beautiful building.
  • Kuda poehat otdyhat v Germaniu?

  • Church of Frayere – it was completely destroyed brick by brick and rebuilt. She is very beautiful. Inside need to go.
  • Gallery of Old masters. This is a great Dresden gallery. The Sistine Madonna by Raphael in one of the halls.
  • The Treasury "Green vault". This is a must see!
  • On the Theatre square of the Opera house, the Cathedral and the statue of king August
  • Wall mural "Procession of princes" on the outside wall of the building stables

A visit to Dresden it is possible to combine radial trips to East Germany. By train or a comfortable bus you can reach the following towns:

  • Meissen
  • Moritzburg
  • Leipsic
  • Freiberg

What to see in meißen, Leipzig, Freiberg?

The famous Meissen porcelain was very fond of members of the Russian Royal family. In St. Petersburg, in museums presents a lot of the German sets, which were used by the Russian tsars. The porcelain Museum in Meissen is not the only attraction in this city.

Castle Albrechtsburg towers over the city with surprising grace and beauty. Very informative and interesting tour in the castle allows you to see the medieval interiors, beautifully preserved and renovated, beautiful murals on the walls, carved wooden ceilings, a collection of Meissen porcelain.

Moritzburg is famous eponymous castle on the lake. In Sunny weather, the castle reflected in the waters of the lake, creating a mirror copy on the surface of the water.

A 30-minute train ride from Dresden, lies the city of Kassel, the centre of mining in Saxony. There is a technical University (former Academy of Mining), it produces silver, here the German chemist Winkler has discovered a new chemical element and named it germanium, there are many memorials to the miners of Saxony. And the town itself charms with its peace, the German order and cleanliness of the streets, Patriarchal way of life.

Available in Freiberg Schloss Freudenstein castle with the largest collection of minerals. Many family-run cafes on the streets of the city will not allow to die from hunger. Beautiful home with balconies, Windows and constant flowers will give a wonderful photo memory.

But in the Leipzig zoo, especially if you are traveling with children. At the entrance visitors are given a map of the zoo with the route, which is very convenient. The animals are happy living in a natural environment in indoor cages come only in rainy or cold weather. To observe the animals from different parts of the world interesting, especially because the zoo planned on the geography of residence of the beasts: Africa, America, Europe, Australia, Asia.

Tours of the castles of Bavaria

The most famous German castles are located in Bavaria. Where to go in Germany? Of course, in Bavaria. Visit the castles independently from Munich or group tour. We are talking about fairy-tale castle Neuschwanstein built by king Ludwig on a high cliff. No wonder he is called the "fairy king" he lived in their dreams and left behind a fairytale castle and a lot of debt in the budget. The view from the castle is gorgeous, it opens on a stunning lake, which became the prototype of the Swan lake by Tchaikovsky. The image of the mostcastle taken by the Disney Studio for its emblem.

At any time of the year you can visit the town of Hohenschwangau castle with the castle, and from him to climb the trail to Neuschwanstein castle. You can drive on a cart drawn by donkey or carriage with the driver. And you can take a walk, admiring the beauty of the surroundings, breathing in the air of exciting stories and legends of this fabulous region.

Kuda luchshe poehat v Germaniu?

Lovers of photography will be disappointed – inside the locks can not be surveying. But gorgeous appearances at the approach to the castle Neuschwanstein compensate for the annoyance. After all, beauty does not happen a lot!

Spa resorts Germany

You know, in Germany you can go not only to relax but also to improve their health. This has, in Baden-württemberg thermal sources beating from under the ground.

The most famous and elite resort in Europe is Baden-Baden.

No age take a rest healing baths among which there is even a Roman bath. The thermal springs of natural origin have long been used for health purposes. It is therefore in the nature reserve there are numerous medical corps Baden Baden.

Apart from health, the campers are immersed in an atmosphere of peace and comfort, walking on ROZEREM and well-tended parks, visiting the racetrack and casino luxury, play Golf and attend the evening performances of various international festivals. Variety of secular entertainment can be the envy of Vienna and Paris.

The best European clinics of doctors offer non-traditional programs of rejuvenation and healing. The resort is located close to Frankfurt and Stuttgart, hotels can arrange both group and individual transfer to the airport.

In these places, and Spa resort of Wiesbaden. The waters of the Wiesbaden springs sank the German Kaisers and Prussian kings. Hot springs have a unique effect on the body. Properties of thermal waters were discovered by the ancient Romans, but still improved methods of use and application of natural springs of Wiesbaden.

Numerous clinics develop a unique Wellness program. You can improve your health and fix problems with the gastrointestinal tract, problems vessels and joints.

Ski resorts Germany

If a visit to Germany falls in winter, you should think about a ski vacation. Where to go in Germany in winter? For example, in Garmisch-Partenkirchen.

This resort was the capital of the winter Olympic games, world Championships in Alpine skiing and figure skating. Therefore, the slopes and rinks of this resort will be happy to both professionals and beginners. Besides, along with rapid descent from the mountains, you can have fun to have fun at the youth discos, sit at the bar and enjoy the winter Alps.

The resort features a special children's ski school, children's trails, a special programme of entertainment for children, water Park and sightseeing tours.

Just an hour drive from the resort is the amazing Neuschwanstein castle. Not only can you visit the Bavarian castles, but also to see the sights of Munich.

Amusement parks in Germany

In rust in Germany built the largest family entertainment centre. Trip to Germany with children should definitely include a visit to the amusement Park Europa-Park. Traditional roller coaster, the Russian ethnographic Village, a model of the MIR space station are Russian. But in this Park you can visit Spain and Italy, Holland and France, Austria, Scandinavia, England and other European countries with their traditional entertainment. The most modern rides, designed in Europe, assembled in this Park. In the ticket price to the Park includes access to all attractions without restriction.


And 70 km from Munich in Bavaria is the famous Legoland. For your kids a colorful show, interactive games, over 40 attractions, the new scientific thought in the field of entertainment will be a pleasant pastime. Even a two year old child can lead to Legoland. All there is a lesson and game for age and skill. Only in winter Park is not working, and from April to November doors in a beautiful forest are open to children with their parents.

From Munich airport to the Park about an hour to go by car. And from the town of günzburg goes "Shuttle" to Legoland.