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Where to go on holiday to Spain?

Kuda poehat v Ispaniu?

Spanish passion, Carmen, bullfighting, bullfighter, Columbus, Salvador Dali – that's just the beginning of the associations connected with the word Spain. This amazing country attracts with its unique flavor, mixed with the history of the wars of the Spanish crown with the history of great geographical discoveries, unique architecture with music and choreography national traditions.

Want to visit a great country? I wish to combine informative trip with a relaxing holiday? Decide where to go in Spain? The answer to these questions is easy to find. So...

Conventionally, the country is divided into Northern and southern Spain, although, like any country Spain has an administrative area, such as Andalusia, Seville, Granada and others. In addition, isolated coastal regions of the Costa Brava, Costa Dorada, where you can relax on the shores of the Mediterranean sea. All the conditions for that are created by numerous hotels, private hotels and motels. Well-developed structure of cafes, restaurants, shops and grocery markets.

We can not say about the Islands of Majorca, Minorca and Ibiza, so loved by our compatriots. By the way, all of Europe spends their holidays and week end.

And the most amazing Spanish territory is the Canary Islands, where guests can relax year-round, as they are in the tropics. Gran Canaria and Tenerife – the largest and most visited tourist destinations. So, there is plenty to choose from.

Beach holidays in the Canaries

If the question of where to go on holiday to Spain, you answered – the Canary Islands, you should choose one of the Islands of this archipelago. Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote features not only a unique tropical climate, rich vegetation and diverse fauna (Canaries, by the way, comes from these Islands), but also offer comfortable accommodation in a class hotels.

Gran Canaria, Tenerife and Lanzarote are the most visited by Russian tourists of the Canary Islands.

The power supply system in hotels by type Breakfast + dinner allows you to not think about my stomach and, at the same time, provides the necessary degree of freedom for walking, sightseeing, travel around the Islands without being attached to the hotel. As a rule, the local cuisine meets the requirements of the most discerning guests.

All hotels have their pools not only for adults. Kids can swim in the "frog" to ride the water slides, have fun with the animators. That is why, increasingly, to the Canary Islands leaving family with kids.

Tenerife – island of eternal spring, attracts crowds of tourists all year round. The average annual temperature is +25°, and the water is not colder than +20°C.

What to see in Tenerife?

Kuda poehat otdyhat v Ispaniu?

On this island you will find a place for the soul and lovers of noisy parties and romantic couples seeking privacy. Tropical groves of the island that live in these unusual birds are the main wealth of the island.

Indispensable to visit can be considered natural parks of Tenerife are the Botanical garden, a zoo with exotic animals, amazing parks with Canaries and parrots, a Park with water features and Cactus Park.

Don't forget to Tenerife:

  • Visit the Guimar pyramids with mysterious;
  • To visit the island's capital, Santa Cruz de Tenerife;
  • Look in the Teide national Park;
  • Show thumbnails of the attractions in the Park Pueblo Chico;
  • Visit the Dolphin show.

Than will please the tourists in Gran Canaria?

Oh, it's an amazing island where you can completely surrender to the water element! There are magnificent Bay with luxury yachts. Here you can go Windsurfing, fly over the ocean on a parachute, to catch the fish in the ocean waters, take a cruise on a yacht around the island. The rest will be delightful and unique. And beach lovers will enjoy 5 km of Golden sand in the Dunes.

One should take the opportunity to visit the island of Lanzarote and discover its "lunar landscapes", because this unique volcanic island is famous for its Park of the volcanoes, Fiery mountains and that it had so many times been the backdrop to the sci-Fi movies about deserted planet. Unique photos are guaranteed.

Between the Canary Islands there is a ferry crossing and boat air wings so you can travel to the Islands.

Balearic Islands – a Paradise for young people

Oh, what wonderful and mysterious these Balearic Islands! Mallorca, Ibiza, Menorca is the largest, where life is boiling, bubbling and splashing as the sea surrounding them.

Kuda luchshe poehat v Ispaniu?

Ibiza – the island favorite of young people from around the world. Here you can hear different speech, but the international language is sign language, music, movement and understanding. Not only parties, but also a great beach holiday, but if you want, sightseeing attract tourists.

Visitors to the island will find numerous clubs, dance halls, cafes. Here you can spend time on the boat, enjoy the water party, to see the sunrise in an amazing place in San Antonio. The bizarre modernity mingles with antiquity Ibiza, so in the Oldthe city you can see the Gothic Cathedral, castle ruins, narrow medieval streets and a busy port with yachts, ready to go to sea.

Where to go in Spain, if you want romance? Great idea for a romantic honeymoon can be a trip to Majorca. Pretty little bays, comfortable hotels, great restaurants to have a secluded and relaxing holiday.

In addition, the rich history of this island, carved in stone, will give a lot of endorsements to someone who loves to wander through the old streets and admire the architecture, go to the cathedrals, museums, galleries. Beautiful beaches, emerald waters, rich underwater world will delight diving enthusiasts.

Almost every hotel on the island boasts of celebrity guests vacationing once within its walls. This Frederic Chopin with lover George sand, and Winston Churchill, and Charlie Chaplin, and even the Archduke Ludwig with a sweetheart. All of this adds special charm and romantic holiday in Majorca.

Rest of the Costa Brava and Costa Dorada

Along the Mediterranean coast stretches a wide strip of gorgeous sandy beaches of Spain. The most famous vacation spot located on the Costa Brava and Costa Dorada. Small coastal towns seamlessly flow into one another, forming a priceless necklace of the Spanish Mediterranean resorts.

Blanes, Tossa de Mar, Lloret de Mar, Calella – the most famous resorts of the Costa Brava. In addition to high quality holiday on the white beaches, excellent national cuisine and comfortable hotels, tourists will appreciate the close proximity of the most interesting places of Spain. Most importantly, the beauty of Barcelona is practically next door. So it is easy to combine relaxation with sightseeing.

Places to visit on the Costa Brava?

  • Sightseeing tour in Barcelona
  • Excursion to Montserrat mountain
  • Trip to France – Carcassonne
  • Trip to Andorra
  • Excursion to Girona

For active tourists and lovers of water sports on the Costa Brava, there are water parks, diving centres and Windsurfing clubs. If you like extreme sports, you will offer rafting on wild rivers in a canoe or kayak, or even raft. There are bike tours, horseback riding and Hiking. Will not be bored.

Kosta Brava

The town of Salou on the Gold coast (Costa Dorada) boils incendiary nightlife. However, this does not prevent to choose Salou for couples with children. All get along well in a democratic town.

Near to Salou is the famous Park Port Aventura. Definitely going to visit this Mall, one of the best in Europe. For antique lovers there are trips to Tarragona and Reus. The Cathedral, the Colosseum, the house of Gaudi give you the right impression.

And a flamenco show you will be able to see the famous restaurant Villa Alexander. Here to you and show and Spanish guitar, and an excellent dinner with Spanish wine.

Another great resort on the Costa Blanca town of Benidorm. The fact that Benidorm will be your love for life is not a publicity stunt. A wonderful combination of azure sea, white sand, tropical vegetation, numerous entertainment venues, and proximity to the famous Valencia, Alicante with wonderful streets, churches, medieval buildings. The rest of "100" is guaranteed.

Vacation with children in Spain

Itemized what to do with children in Spain. If your stay is not just a beach, or you are with children make the trip, then Barcelona is a must in your itinerary. Your kids will love:

  • The zoo in Barcelona
  • Amusement Park Port Aventura
  • The aquarium in Barcelona
  • The marine Park entertainment
  • Park Guell

One of the largest zoos in Europe, the Barcelona animal Park affects not only the size of the territory (it could accommodate any country), but also a variety of animals from around the world who are comfortable living in a Spanish zoo and delight visitors with their presence.

As always, the large crowds of visitors are observed in the enclosures with primates. Why we love to look at monkeys? Maybe they really our ancestors?

For those who are tired to walk through the huge area, there are local trains, automobiles. For the hungry there are cafes and other establishments where you can eat. Even the Souvenirs you can buy in the Park.

Sure to entertain children in Port Aventura, which is in many respects even better than the famous Disneyland Paris. All the latest rides collected here. The Spaniards are very fond of novelties of technical progress, so the most thrilling rides collected in Port Aventura.

If you are with kids in Barcelona, even a walk along the famous pedestrian street La Rambla will bring a lot of impressions. Along the route you can buy Souvenirs, postcards, toys, flowers for beloved, which are sold on every corner. Extraordinary living forms, of course, will make the joy of children. Buy the famous Spanish ice cream. Treat kids cakes and the famous Spanish strawberries. And a day in Barcelona will be a success.

Tours of Spain

Various tour operators offer interesting excursions. We can say unequivocally that to see in one trip allSpain impossible. And to love this warm friendly country with a first glance. So, if you want you can return again and again.

Barcelona and Madrid - two capitals in one country

Even the most modest route will allow you to feel the power of the great Kingdom of Spain. History and culture are intertwined so closely that it is difficult to understand what is primary and what is secondary. For example, the gate of Carmen, in Zaragoza. Anyone who called, now known only to the guides.

From the Catalan capital of Barcelona you can get to Zaragoza, and then to continue their journey to the capital city of Madrid. The city is the magnificent unique architecture will meet you by the figures of don Quixote and Sancho Panza, who long ago moved from the category of artistic images full of Spanish people.

The famous Prado Museum is located in Toledo, where under the same economical trips you will take tour bus. And yet Valencia and Barcelona, and palaces, museums, parks, and lots of new stories, legends and facts. The beauty of any Spanish city compose songs and poems, but a real traveler is able to witness everything.

Journey to the Basque Country

The North of Spain will want to visit only the most enthusiastic tourists, for whom the discovery of new lands is the main passion. The ancient land of the Basques, with their unique culture, originality has always attracted its mystery.
Tour operators offer a route that passes by the most famous cities of the Northern region of Spain. This is Pamplona, San Sebastian, Bilbao – Basque Country.

A must visit unique Guggenheim Museum. This tour will appeal not only to professional artists and architects, but also people with a good artistic taste. Unusual architectural decisions seem alien and unbelievable.

Strana Baskov

Visiting the cities of Vitoria-Gasteiz and Guernica. In vitória a pleasure to wander through the shady alleys of the parks, to visit various museums, including the Museum of playing cards. It is in Vitoria established the production of popular products. Well, Guernica, like the Phoenix bird rising from the ashes, symbolizes freedom and independence and recognized city in the World.

Barcelona - pearl of the Spanish crown

Even if you arrive to Barcelona for a couple of days, your voyage will be full of impressions. Such blossoms close plexus of styles and genres, eras and traditions, architectural finds and error, you will not find in other city in the world.

Definitely use the services of a tour bus. This is a very convenient excursion purchase.

There is a map of Barcelona with paved trails that run such recognizable red buses. You can hop and off at any stop, on motion to listen to the audio guide in your native language (headphones attached to the ticket and the map), you can admire the city and take pictures with the open area of the bus. This city tour is the most convenient, cheap and affordable.

The most significant stop:

  • Plaza Catalunya
  • The House Of Gaudi
  • Park Guell
  • Sagrada Familia
  • Espana
  • Seaport
  • Tibidabo
  • FC Barcelona

And finally a video review of the places you can go: