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Where better to go for a vacation to Italy?

Kuda poehat v Italiu?

This wonderful "Italian boot" on the world map does not give rest to travelers of all ages and incomes. After a trip to Italy is an endless series of new experiences and knowledge. And to visit the country can afford even the modest students. And get first class service even an experienced traveler. So, where to go in Italy?

Classic Italy – for the first acquaintance

Do not overload yourself with excitement! Do not try to grasp the immensity! In Italy you can come again and again and not see all the things once learned in history classes, read in books or heard from friends. My acquaintance start with the TRIO: Venice, Florence and Rome. It is best to take a guided tour from a tour operator. Then you will have solved the problem of flights, accommodation, meals and excursions.

Rome is the capital of the ancient Empire

Cheap trips to Italy involve the accommodation on the Adriatic in the town of Rimini, and all tours are held radially in this city. Each city is given one day. This, of course, is not enough. So if you like you can repeat the trip already on the Eurostar train or the bus tour. For these independent tourists in Rome there is a special tourist bus.

On the BUS Toyristic you can drive all the significant objects. For convenience, travelers are issued headphones, there is audio in 8-10 languages, including Russian language, all give the city map with the route. You can leave the bus to explore some more tourist object and to get back on the bus. Very convenient for further sightseeing and attractions.

What to see in Rome?

  • Via Veneto is the main street of Rome
  • Pantheon – the soul of the city the Temple of all gods
  • The Vatican and St. Peter's Cathedral on its territory
  • Colosseum
  • Espana
  • The Capitoline hill to Piazza di Campidoglio
  • Fontana di Trevi

The abundance of fountains, churches and bell-towers, marble medieval plate "Mouth of truth". Don't miss the ruins of the ancient baths, the Roman Forum, the catacombs.

This video is the TOP best resorts in Italy:

Florence – capital of Tuscany

Not on the coast and in the heart of Italy raises his fanciful domes and spires of Florence, the ancient and eternally attractive, "blooming" in Italian. This city can be called the cultural capital of Italy, because Florence gave the world Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci, the great astronomers and navigators, became the cradle of the Renaissance.

Kuda luchshe poehat v Italiu?

For curious travelers want to know what "Russian trace" is in Florence. Worked here Dostoevsky and Tchaikovsky, as evidenced by plaques on the houses. There is even an area with the name of Russian arts patron of the Demidov. The Florentines honor history.

Be sure to visit in Florence:

  • The Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore with Giotto's bell tower
  • Uffizi Gallery
  • The famous Ponte, Vacu
  • Republic Square

Florence breathes history. Numerous basilicas, cathedrals, the Piazza and Pont admired and trepidation. To be in Italy and not visit Florence is impossible. Without it your journey will be dull and incomplete.

Venice – on the water

They say that soon Venice will be under water. Hurry to visit this unique city on water, ride on a gondola on the canals-the streets, visit the most important sites of the city. The Cathedral of St. Mark, the Cathedral's bell tower, the Doge's Palace and Clock tower, Rialto Bridge and bridge of sighs, I gesuati. In the square before the Cathedral of St. Mark is always a lot of pigeons. Supplies, bread crumbs or seeds to exciting surrounded by fluttering birds make great photos.

Relax on the Adriatic in Rimini

If architectural creations and historical monuments you don't care about and only care about the question - where to go on holiday to Italy, we can say that the choice is great. After all, Italy from all sides by the seas, stretches from North to South, is located in the subtropics and is famous for its huge number of Sunny days. In principle, relax there from early spring to late autumn.

Kuda poehat otdyhat v Italiu?

The Eastern part of the Italian Peninsula is washed by the Adriatic, so it is possible in Italy to relax on the Adriatic sea. Fly to Rimini. This is the most famous city on the coast. A chain of hotels stretching along the sea, on the other hand hotels runs the route, which you can get anywhere in Italy. If you did not take the guided tour – it does not matter. In Venice, Florence and even Rome is possible without problems to arrange their own transportation from Rimini.

But if you just want to relax, swim in the sea, lie on the beach, region Emilia Romagna will take you as a family. Just a short distance from Rimini's "dwarf" the state of San Marino. It is necessary to visit. And on the way to San Mariino is many outlets where you can low prices to make purchases. Many people use a trip to Rimini for shopping. By the way, the prices of these toursthere are very attractive even in high season.

The Sicilian mafia is not an obstacle to rest

And where better to go to Italy? The answer is not straightforward. For example, not the cheapest but very tempting vacation on the island of Sicily. You can just relax on the beach, enjoying the beauty of its numerous coves, eating fresh ripe Mediterranean fruit. And you can take a pleasant fatigue of the journey on such a famous island.

What to see in Sicily?

  • First of all, mount Etna
  • To visit the capital of mafia town Corleone
  • To reach Palermo and see the Opera house "Massimo"
  • Archaeological excavations in Syracuse
  • Taormina – amazing medieval city
  • Montreal with its Cathedral

While vacationing in Sicily, you can visit numerous small Islands, as a necklace surrounding the main island. The beauty and the uniqueness of their nature is fascinating, leaves the brightest impressions and makes your holiday full of emotions and positive.


You should pay attention to Sicilian cuisine. Dishes that are traditional for Sicily, represent a cosmopolitan mix of culinary delights and Greeks, and Romans, and Arabs. We can say unequivocally that of all the dishes that you will be able to enjoy in Sicily, to taste. Pasta, seafood, meat dishes, great sweets and desserts and delicious ice cream! All you have to try!

Interestingly, from the island of Sicily you can take a tour to the island of Malta, steeped in legends and history of the mysterious Order of the knights of Malta!

A holiday in Sardinia

Sardinia is not as popular with tourists as Italy or Sicily. But, as an option of luxury vacation, this island should be considered. If you wish to visit the Paradise island, you do not need to travel to distant lands is a wonderful island is in the Mediterranean sea, and is Sardinia. Azure sea and Golden beaches is a Paradise for tourists, especially for divers. Rich underwater world and exceptional clarity of the water allows you to enjoy the beauty of the Tyrrhenian sea.

Vacationers can engage in any kind of water sports: sail, scuba dive, fly over the sea on a parachute, fly water skiing. Level of service in local hotels is consistently high, meet the requirements of sophisticated Europeans.

A national nature reserve with pink flamingos and black cormorants, the Nuragic constructions, the Archaeological Museum and the Cathedral of Saint Mary, the Roman theatre of the 20th century is a theatrical art (and today you can see the performance on the stage) is only a small part of excursion program which can be done while on the island of Sardinia.

The thermal springs of Ischia

The mild Mediterranean climate and thermal springs, which is right out of the ground, made the Italian island of Ischia a great place in ancient times. The Greeks have mastered the healing properties of thermal waters and successfully healed the wounds received in the many battles and campaigns. Even Giuseppe Garibaldi, the famous General, Ischia received treatment waters and medicinal mud.

The island of Ischia – thermal Spa, created by nature itself. In combination with modern methods of healing is the best in the world asylum on the basis of natural mineral and mud springs.

The resort receives tourists all year round. Due to the unique climate, even in winter the sea water near the shore of the island remains warm. Along with treatment one can enjoy the magnificent nature, diversity of landscapes and high service many hotels, resorts and private hotels.

Liguria and Tuscany, Liguria and Emilia Romagna Italian regions, alluring for its warm sea, beautiful bays and clean beaches, giving peace and comfort. The choice is yours, where to go in Italy.